Sportscasting Job Market Anxiety? 3 Keys to Staying Patient

Every time STAA works with Learfield Sports to fill a play-by-play opening, I invariably hear from at least three people who are stunned that they didn’t get an interview. Some of that comes from entitlement or ego but much of it is rooted in impatience.

Here are three keys to help you stay patient in the sports broadcasting job market.

1. Stay busy helping yourself

Smart activity equals energy, motivation, and confidence. One example is to stay in contact with your acquaintances in the industry. Keep them updated on your career and ask what they are hearing about possible job opportunities.

2. Always be working on your craft

Study your own work, listen to others and ask for critiques.

3. Hone your job market approach

Sharpen your demo, refine your resume, study the art of writing cover letters and how to present those items to employers. Learn how to cleverly follow up your applications.

Always be improving.

If you are an STAA member, go to the STAA Member’s site. You’ll find our best advice, spelled out in great detail, for how to best address those five job market variables.

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