13th Annual STAA All-America Program

The STAA All-America competition recognizes the most outstanding collegiate radio and TV sports broadcasters. Our mission is to encourage every collegiate sportscaster to strive to achieve their best. The Jim Nantz Award is presented every spring to the nation’s most outstanding collegiate sportscaster. The award is named in honor of the award winning CBS sports broadcaster who exemplifies the best of our industry on and off the air.

Jim Nantz Award Winner

Evan Hughes, Sr, Virginia Tech The nation’s most outstanding collegiate sports broadcaster for 2021.

2021 Jim Nantz Award Announcement

STAA All-Americans

Cooper Boardman Sr, Syracuse
Corey Spector Sr, Syracuse
Parker Thune grad student, Oklahoma
Emmanuel Berbari Sr, Fordham
Griffin Gonzalez Jr, Indiana

Top 21

  1. Evan Hughes (Virginia Tech, Sr)
  2. Cooper Boardman (Syracuse, Sr)
  3. Corey Spector (Syracuse, Sr)
  4. Parker Thune (Oklahoma, grad student)
  5. Emmanuel Berbari (Fordham, Sr)
  6. Griffin Gonzalez (Indiana, Jr)
  7. Brendan Hartlove (Maryland, Sr)
  8. Zealand Shannon (Syracuse, Grad student)
  9. Peyton Monnell (Ball State, So)
  10. Jenna Fink (Syracuse, Sr)
  11. Corey Berberian (Syracuse, Sr)
  12. Jordan Spurgeon (Arizona State, Sr)
  13. Brandon Ross (Syracuse, Sr)
  14. Nick DeLuca (Fordham, Jr)
  15. Sam Oppenheim (Syracuse, Sr)
  16. Tommy Valentine (St. Bonaventure, Sr — tied for 15th)
  17. Derek Decker (Indiana, Jr)
  18. Mason Kern (Arizona State, Sr)
  19. David Korzeniowski (Northwestern Grad student)
  20. Matt Venezia (Arizona State, Fr)
  21. Zach Keenan (Arizona State, Sr)

Jim Nantz Award Judges

Josh Appel, 2016 Jim Nantz Award Winner

Adam Cavalier, 2009 Jim Nantz Award Winner

Katie Emmer, 2018 Jim Nantz Award Winner

Alex Faust, 2011 Jim Nantz Award Winner

Eric Gallanty, 2015 Jim Nantz Award Winner

Nate Gatter, 2017 Jim Nantz Award Winner

Ross Lippman, 2013 Jim Nantz Award Winner

Bill Spaulding, 2012 Jim Nantz Award Winner