9th Annual STAA All-America Program

The STAA All-America Competition recognizes the most outstanding collegiate radio and TV sports broadcasters. Our mission is to encourage collegiate sportscasters to strive to achieve their best.

Each spring, the nation’s most outstanding collegiate sportscaster is presented the Jim Nantz Award, named in honor of the award winning CBS sports broadcaster.

2017 Jim Nantz Award Winner

Nate Gatter, Jr, University of Missouri
The nation’s most outstanding collegiate sports broadcaster for 2017.

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2017 Jim Nantz AwardAnnouncement

2016 Jim Nantz Award winner Josh Appel with a special message for the 2017 winner.

2017 STAA All-Americans

Jake Garcia
Sr, Arizona State

Michael Tricarico
Sr, Syracuse University

Evan Stockton
Jr, Syracuse University

Logan Ratick
Sr, Syracuse University

Ben Murphy
Sr, University of Florida

Top 20

  1. Nate Gatter (Missouri, Jr)
  2. Jake Garcia (Arizona State, Sr)
  3. Michael Tricarico (Syracuse, Sr)
  4. Evan Stockton (Syracuse, Jr)
  5. Logan Ratick (Syracuse Sr)
  6. Ben Murphy (Florida, Sr)
  7. Andrew Caridi (West Virginia, Sr)
  8. Connor Onion (Ball State, Sr)
  9. John Fanta (Seton Hall, Sr)
  10. Lauren Walsh (Syracuse, Sr)
  11. Troy Lynch (Arizona State, Jr)
  12. Dominic Cotroneo (Arizona State, Sr)
  13. Bailey Angle (Virginia Tech, Sr)
  14. Sam Neidermann (U. of Alabama, Fr)
  15. Zach Mackey (U. of Iowa, Jr)
  16. Jevin Redman (U. of Southern Indiana, Sr)
  17. Gabriel Genovesi (Ohio U., Fr)
  18. Alex Flum (Maryland, Jr)
  19. Petar Hood (Ball State, Sr)
  20. Cam Molina (Pittsburg State, Jr)

Honorable Mention (alphabetical): Tommy Barrett (Purdue, Sr), Jack Benjamin (U. of Santa Clara, Jr), Andrew Chapman (Arizona State, Sr), Jason Dorow (Northwestern, Sr), Jake Eisenberg (U. of Maryland, Sr), Connor Giblin (Hofstra, Sr), Conor Green (Syracuse, Sr), Tyler Paley (Arizona State, Jr), Noah Reed (Ball State, Sr), Gavin Schall (Arizona State, Sr), Amanda Smith (Ball State, Sr), Marco Socci (Syracuse, Sr), Cory Stace (Ball State, Jr), Mick Tidrow (Ball State, Jr), Bob Trosset (Loyola University MD, Sr), Trevor Williams (Washington State U., Sr)

2017 Jim Nantz Award Judges

Josh Appel, 2016 Jim Nantz Award Winner
Peter Arbogast, USC
Tom Boman, Learfield
Adam Cavalier, 2009 Jim Nantz Award Winner
Chuck Cooperstein, Dallas Mavericks
Alex Faust, 2011 Jim Nantz Award Winner
Kevin Fitzgerald, 2014 Jim Nantz Award Winner
Ross Lippman, 2013 Jim Nantz Award Winner
Bill Spaulding, 2012 Jim Nantz Award Winner