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Radio Interviews

Crossroads with Korbid Thompson

Chelesnik appeared with host Korbid Thompson to discuss Chelesnik’s own sports broadcasting career and how his career challenges led to the creation of STAA. Chelesnik calls it “the most insightful interview anyone has ever conducted with me.” 03/11/2013.

Sports Radio AM 830 Los Angeles

Chelesnik appeared with host Jeff Biggs to discuss Chelesnik’s own sports broadcasting career, and the founding and success of Sportscasters Talent Agency of America. 01/13/2009.


Chelesnik visits with The Coach Jon Cohn and The Big Dogg Joel Radwanski about how to create a career in sports broadcasting. 12/06/2008.

ESPN 1600, Martinsville, VA

Chelesnik chats with Gary Ayd about how STAA helps sports broadcasters advance their careers and how sportscasters can help themselves. 12/27/2011

1490 The Game, Virginia Beach

Chelesnik appeared with Greg Bicouvaris and Keith Bennett to discuss women in sportscasting, the new Monday Night Football broadcast team and how Sportscasters Talent Agency of America helps professionals transition into sports broadcasting careers from other fields. 6/27/2009.

WIUX, Bloomington, IN

Chelesnik appeared with Ben Heisler to discuss the impetus for the founding of Sportscasters Talent Agency of America and how STAA works to help its clients get jobs. 12/08/2008.