How To Grow Relationships To Build Your Career

A college play-by-play job opened. A broadcaster wanting to apply told me, “I worked with a guy who is close with the hiring manager at the university.” I replied, “That’s awesome! It’s terrific to have an ‘in.'”

Then he dropped the bomb.

“I haven’t been in touch with this guy for a year and a half. Should I still ask for his help?”
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3 Tips For Video Job Interviews

photo of a man wearing a suit jacket with shorts on a video job interview

A TV sportscaster in Georgia had a Skype video job interview with an employer for whom he desperately wanted to work.

He blew the interview.

Follow these three tips for Skype job interviews so you don’t make the same mistakes our friend did.
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Questions To Ask In Your Job Interview

“Do you have any questions for me?”

Invariably, most job interviews get to the point where the employer asks you that question. The absolute worst response is…

“Nope, I think you pretty much answered everything.”
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7 Questions To Expect In Your Job Interview

The more interviews you do, the more you will realize that many employers tend to ask variations of the same handful of questions.

Knowing what is (probably) coming gives you opportunity to prepare in advance.

Here are seven common questions in job interviews.
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4 Tips For Winning Your Job Interview

man shakes hands with manager

A radio station employer in Michigan was looking for a new Sports Director. Following a phone interview with a candidate in South Dakota, the employer thought he might have found his guy. He brought him to Michigan for a second, informal interview over dinner.

That’s when things fell apart.
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Tricks For Finding Sports Broadcasting Employer Email Addresses

man writing an email

In play-by-play, the giveaway that a broadcaster is ill prepared is when they consistently hesitate to identify players. In the sportscasting job market, the giveaway that someone is insufficiently motivated is complaining that they can’t find an employers contact information.

How do you find email addresses for sports broadcasting employers and executives?
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Advice For Landing A DI Play-by-Play Job

If you were starving and needing to catch a fish, would you fish in a lake that has more than 200 fish, or would you fish in a lake with just one fish?

Unfortunately, trying to land a Division I football/basketball play-by-play job is like fishing in a lake with one fish and hundreds of people trying to catch it. One company, Learfield IMG College, manages most of the schools.

You must accept that looking for a DI play-by-play job is a process that is largely out of your control.
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