STAA Clients Get Sportscasting Jobs

Past Success Stories:

Lasky earns first taste of affiliated baseball

(December 28, 2007) Bret Lasky has always wondered about the differences between calling affiliated and unaffiliated minor league baseball games. He is about to find out.

Lasky, an STAA client, has been hired as Assistant Director of Broadcasting & Communications for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. The Pelicans are the Advanced Class-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.

“I’m looking forward to satisfying my curiosity about affiliated baseball,” Lasky says. “The Pelicans have a top notch organization. I’m also looking forward to moving into pro baseball and working under a parent club like the Braves.”

In his new role, Lasky will call play-by-play for three innings on all 71 Pelicans home games and will participate in the pre and post game shows. He will also assist in writing media guides, game day programs and daily media notes.

“I saw the job information on the STAA job board,” Lasky says. “I applied for the position and sent my STAA Talent Page and a hard copy of my demo and resume. Eventually I received a call from (Pelicans Director of Broadcasting) John Laaser.”

Bret moves to Myrtle Beach from the Fayetteville SwampDogs of the Coastal Plains League, where he served as the lead broadcaster and Director of Media Relations for the past two seasons. He also serves as the voice of Fayetteville State University basketball and plans to continue in that position. Originally from New York City, Lasky graduated from the University of Maryland.

“The past two and a half summers while I was in college I was working in summer collegiate baseball and had opportunity to have a lot of responsibility there,” Lasky says. “Now I just want to learn what affiliated baseball is all about.”

Washington glad to be calling play-by-play again

(December 24, 2007) Alvin Washington is thrilled to be calling play-by-play again on the radio. An STAA client, Washington has been named Sports Director for KATE-AM in Cape Girardeau, MO

Washington moves to The Show Me State from KCII in Washington, IA where he worked as an announcer and production assistant. For the past 11 years, he has also served as CDO for an Internet sports broadcasting company in Chicago. In that capacity, he has called play-by-play for many games on the Web.

“Cape Girardeau was the right move because I have been wanting to do play-by-play on terrestrial radio for a long time, not just some games here and there,” Washington says.

Washington shares credit with STAA for helping him land his new opportunity.

“The key to all of this was actually getting the Talent Page right before November started,” Washington says. “Early this month the spot came up for the Cape Girardeau opportunity on the STAA job board. I immediately sent my demo tape and my Talent Page.”

In addition to calling games, Washington will also work as a news anchor/reporter, and will manage three other play-by-play teams that work within the same group of stations. KATE is owned by Withers Broadcasting and is part of a six-station cluster in Cape Girardeau.

“This wouldn’t have happened it I weren’t part of the (STAA) service,” Washington says.

Randazzo gambles and wins with Bay Bears

(December 18, 2007) Wayne Randazzo gambled in the job market and came up big. After declining four job offers in the past five months, Randazzo is joining the Mobile Bay Bears (Arizona Diamondbacks AA Southern League affiliate) as Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations.

Just 23 and less than seven months removed from college, Randazzo replaces Tim Hagerty, who recently accepted a No. 2 broadcast position with the Triple-A Portland Beavers.

Mobile’s was the second minor league baseball job that Randazzo, an STAA client, has accepted in the past week. Last Friday he was hired as the No.2 broadcaster for the Class-A Hickory Crawdads. Four days later and with the Crawdad’s blessing, the Bay Bears offered their job.

“The Southern League is a prominent league in baseball,” Randazzo says. “They play in Hank Aaron Stadium. Hank Aaron played there. Jake Peavey is from there. There is a lot of baseball history in Mobile.”

Randazzo says that Crawdads Director of Broadcasting Landon Sears understood Randazzo’s change of plans. “Landon said ‘Go for it, I don’t blame you. That sounds like a good opportunity to be a No. 1 in Double –A.’

“It is kind of a bummer, Randazzo says. “I was looking forward to working with Landon. I think he and I would make a good team.”

Since July, Randazzo has been offered jobs in the Midwest as a Sports Director and as a news and sports announcer. Last week, he was offered another minor league baseball job before accepting the Hickory job.

Attending baseball’s Winter Meetings in Nashville played an important part in Randazzo landing his new gig. He distributed nearly 20 of his STAA demo and resume portfolios at the meetings and met as many people as he could. He also learned of the Bay Bears opportunity.

The Bears knew that Tim Hagerty was considering the move to Portland, so they posted a job for a broadcasting assistant just to see who might be available. Randazzo responded. He heard nothing until he was leaving Nashville and the Bay Bears’ John Hilliard called. Randazzo a pulled u-turn, interviewed and was eventually offered the job.

Turning down job offers is risky. For Randazzo though, the gambles paid off.

No joke: Chapman joins Daytona Cubs

(December 15, 2007) The telephone call Brian Chapman hoped to receive from the Daytona Cubs when he applied for one of their broadcasting position didn’t go as he might have imagined.

“Unfortunately there’s a time when you have to tell people that they didn’t get the job,” Cubs Director of Broadcasting Derek Ingram deadpanned. “With that said, you are our number one choice.”

An STAA client, Chapman is now a member of the Daytona Cubs broadcast team.

Chapman wasn’t caught totally off guard by Ingram’s spoof. “Since I talked to Derek at the Winter Meetings I knew he liked to joke,” Chapman says.

The Cubs employ two No. 2 radio play-by-play announcers. Both broadcast 70 games, splitting contests home and away. When not broadcasting, they host a two-hour post game show. Both No. 2s also participate as anchors and reporters on a Cubs TV show that airs twice weekly.

“I’m doing almost everything I can think of in journalism—TV, radio and print,” Chapman says excitedly. He is thrilled to be broadcasting professional baseball.

Chapman applied for the job at baseball’s Winter Meetings in Nashville. He was among more than 100 applicants. He interviewed with Ingram, and then while still in Nashville, was invited to a second interview with Ingram and Cubs General Manager Bill Papierniak. One week later, he received the tongue-in-cheek call from Ingram.

Chapman’s advice to other aspiring minor league baseball announcers is to attend the Winter Meetings.

“It always helps to meet with the people face-to-face,” Chapman says. “It is easier to show them that you are committed and can do a good job and are willing to learn face-to-face as opposed to an email.

“This past summer I was broadcasting State College Spikes games for free for the student radio station and I thought it was great,” Chapman says. “Now I get to do the same thing and I get paid (through sales commissions).”

Little joins Asheville Tourists baseball booth

(December 13, 2007) Eric Little believes that achieving success in the sportscasting job market is like falling in love with a girl, “If you want her bad enough, you have to go out and get her.”

Little very much wanted a minor league baseball play-by-play job so he went out and got it. An STAA client, Little has been named Communications Coordinator for the Asheville Tourists Baseball Club for the 2008 season.

“They‘re a fist class organization,” Little says. “I met a lot of them down at (the Winter Meetings in) Nashville. I’m really looking forward to working with their front office.”

Little will be working with Brandon Chapman as the Tourist’s No. 2 broadcaster for 70 home games. He will also fulfill many of the typical duties of a No. 2 broadcaster, including sales, game notes, stat packs, other media relations duties and taking care of the press box.

The sales responsibilities will be new for Little, but he is looking forward to it. “It’s a very necessary thing you have to do in this business,” Little says. “That is how you fund yourself, by selling to the community. Everyone has to do it. It also helps pay rent.”

The circumstances under which Little met Chapman are rather unique. Chapman saw Little’s picture on Little’s STAA Talent Page. Chapman thought Little looked much like someone Chapman had seen at last year’s winter meetings—someone who didn’t make a very good impression.

“Brandon must have taken some pity on me. He called me to ask if I had been at the meetings last year,” Little says.

After learning of the Tourist’s opening, Little sent a hard copy of his demo and resume to Chapman, as well as emailing a link to his STAA Talent Page to Chapman. STAA also sent Little’s Talent Page link to Chapman.

To be he covered his bases, Little again dropped off demo and resume to Chapman at this year’s Winter Meetings.

A graduate of West Virginia University, Little served as play-by-play announcer and sideline reporter WVU women’s basketball on WVU’s student station WWVU-FM. He was also Executive Producer for two seasons for “Mountaineer Baseball on U92.” Last summer, Little interned with the Hagerstown Suns.

Little’s primary advice to others in the job market is to meet as many people as possible.

“The people you meet as job seekers may end up in positions of hiring down the road. You might also be in a position where someone you are applying with today might one day be interviewing with you for a job. Networking is essential.”

Hollander returns to sports radio at ESPN 1300

(December 12, 2007) Brett Hollander is glad to be back in sports radio. An STAA client, Hollander has been hired by ESPN Radio 1300 in Baltimore as a SportsCenter anchor.

A 2007 graduate of Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, Hollander called football, basketball, baseball and lacrosse play-by-play on campus radio station WDCV 88.3. Since graduating he has been a news and traffic reporter for Metro Networks in Baltimore. He is keeping that job, but is now adding some sports to the mix.

“It’s definitely good to get back into sports,” Hollander says. “Plus, ESPN is the flagship for the Orioles and Maryland Terrapins.”

Hollander served internships at WJFK and WBAL in Baltimore, and broadcast the 2003 Cal Ripken Little League World Series on the Internet.

Hunsicker named ASD at ESPN 1430

(December 7, 2007) Getting turned down for a job couldn’t have worked out better for George Hunsicker. An STAA client, Hunsicker has been named Assistant Sports Director at ESPN 1430 in Blacksburg, VA.

It wasn’t the job he applied for but it was the job he got.

“I applied for another job on the STAA job board,” Hunsicker says. “I didn’t get that job but the guy I was talking to (Positive Radio Group Corporate Manager Aaron Marks) liked my stuff. He said he would email me if something came up. He emailed me about a week later and we went from there.”

In his new job, Hunsicker will host a nightly half-show geared towards local high school sports. He’ll also call high school football, basketball and baseball play-by-play and will be a part of ESPN 1430’s sales staff.

“The thing I’m probably looking forward to most is the sales part,” Hunsicker says. “I’m going to sell the show and other things that we’re doing. It’s going to be my first taste of sales, so I’m excited about that and the chance to show what I can do.”

Hunsicker’s STAA Talent Page played a key role in his application.

“I submitted my Talent Page for my original application,” Hunsicker says. “After that they used it to listen to my play-by-play. The Talent Page got me in there.”

A native of Collegeville, PA, Hunsicker is a 2007 graduate of Rowan College in New Jersey. He served as Sports Director at the campus radio station and has called baseball play-by-play for the Batavia Muckdogs and the Lancaster Barnstormers.

Hunsicker’s advice to other sportscasters in the job market is to stay positive and be patient.

“If it takes more time than you thought it would, continue to plug away. Sooner or later you are going to get the job. You don’t have to take the first job that comes along. Make sure it’s the right job.

“I didn’t have enough credentials for the original job (I applied for) but it was enough to get the secondary.”

Washington takes charge at WRHI/WRHM

(December 5, 2007) Mario Washington has always wanted to be in charge. Now he is.

An STAA client, Washington has been promoted to Program Director at News-Talk-Sports WRHI 1340 AM and Interstate 107 WRHM FM, Today’s Best Country in Rock Hill, SC.

Washington, 28, has slowly worked his way up since joining the stations in 2001 as a part-time employee in the traffic department. In 2004 he was promoted to assistant Operations Manager. As he says, “I continued to climb the ladder as guys left.”

“I’m looking forward to learning the challenges of being more in a management role now, Washington says. “As an Assistant Operations Manager you don’t get to have final say on decisions. You just make suggestions. Now I’m the guy that makes all the programming decisions. That is something I always wanted to do—to put my imprint on a station.”

Both WRHI and WRHM are heavy in sports programming. WRHI carries high school football and basketball and is a member of the Clemson Tigers Radio Network. Interstate 107 airs Carolina Panthers football, University of South Carolina football and basketball and NASCAR.

While Washington kept his eyes open for other opportunities in recent months, he always hoped things would work out just as they have in Rock Hill. “Through the process I saw several positions on the STAA job board that interested me,” Washington says, “but I didn’t want to put myself in a tough situation in case things worked out here.”

Maun feels a mile high about new job

(November 29, 2007) In September, Tyler Maun was looking for an edge in the sportscasting job market. He was referred to STAA. Two months later, Maun has joined Mile High Sports Radio 1510 in Denver as a sports update anchor, reporter and producer.

“This is a dream come true for someone who grew up here and is a Broncos freak,” Maun says.

A May 2007 graduate of the University of Nebraska, Maun interned for a year on the Average Joe Sports Show at 1480 ESPN in Lincoln. At the time, the show was co-hosted by STAA client Seth Harp. Harp suggested to Maun that STAA would be a valuable resource in the job market. Harp’s suggestion paid off.

When Mile High Sports had an opening, they posted the job with STAA. As part of the standard service to clients of its Talent Search, STAA sent links to several demo and resume Talent Pages to Mile High’s Tim Neverett. Among the Talent Page links was Maun’s, who also sent his link to Neverett.

Two weeks later, Neverett called STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik to learn more about Maun, then called Maun to schedule an interview. Now, just six months after graduating from college, Maun is working in the country’s 22nd largest market.

“There is no doubt in my mind that STAA was the difference between me being the person hired for this position and just another strong candidate or also-ran,” Maun says. “Tim said as much to me in the interview, saying, ‘When Jon Chelesnik sends a guy to you, you take a really serious look at him.’ At that minute, I knew that I had made the best choice possible by going with STAA. It helped me to find the job the day it was posted, get my résumé along with on-air clips to Tim that day, and be hired just two weeks later.”

Baumhor, Leahy earn shots at DI basketball

(November 21, 2007) When Learfield Communications needed two play-by-play announcers on short notice, they called STAA. That call paid off for STAA clients Andrew Baumhor and John Leahy.

Baumhor filled-in last night on the University of Maine men’s basketball broadcast versus Quinnipiac in Hamden, CT. Leahy (left) will be calling the Black Bears game Tuesday November 27 at Providence.

Coincidentally, the voice of Providence basketball, John Rooke, is another STAA client.

The University of Maine is one of nearly 50 Division I colleges for which Learfield Sports owns broadcasting rights. The events leading to these opportunities for Baumhor and Leahy began Monday when Learfield Broadcast Manager Tom Boman learned that Maine’s regular play-by-play announcer wasn’t going to be able to make the trips. Boman reviewed several demo and resume pages in the STAA Talent Search, and then called STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik for additional input.

“recommendation to Tom Boman at Learfield got me this great opportunity,” Baumhor says. “Being part of STAA definitely helped get my name out in the industry.”

Baumhor, a 2007 graduate of American University in Washington D.C., is several months into a Production Assistant job at ESPN in Bristol, CT, roughly 30 miles from Hamden. He spent this past summer as Play-by-Play Announcer/Media Relations Director for the Thomasville HiToms baseball club.

Leahy is the basketball and hockey voice for Merrimack College in North Andover. MA. He also spent the last three summers calling games for the North Shore Spirit of the Can-Am baseball league.

This is the largest stage for basketball that I have ever had, so that excites me,” Leahy says.

“Any time I can broadcast a D-1 men’s basketball game is a great feeling,” Baumhor says, “but to get under the radar of Learfield Sports is priceless. It will be a big step in my career.”

Turpack earns opportunity at Fox Sports Radio

(November 15, 2007) It is never too late to start a second career. Mike Turpack proves that. An STAA client, Turpack has been hired as a part-time sports update anchor at Fox Sports Radio Network in Los Angeles.

Turpack makes his Fox debut Sunday morning from 6-9 am EDT. His is also scheduled to work Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving from 7-10 pm EDT.

Turpack, 42, is a career sales rep in the transportation industry. A former basketball coach, he started in radio in 2004 as an analyst on Bucknell University basketball broadcasts. Now, just three years later, he is joining a national network.

“With all the time and effort I’ve put in, to get the opportunity to be on national radio is exciting. I have kind of paid my dues. Just the opportunity is exciting because not everyone gets the chance.”

It wasn’t random chance, though, that earned Turpack the opportunity. It was hard work. In addition to his chores with Bucknell basketball, Turpack has also worked as a sideline reporter on Bisons football, served as a Bisons locker room reporter, hosted a Bucknell University athletics show, and worked as an NCAA Basketball Tournament stringer for WFAN in New York. He has also done some games as a basketball analyst on SIrius Radio.

In addition to hard work, networking also played a role in Turpack’s new opportunity.

“When I first introduced myself (to Fox Sports Radio Network Operations Manager Annie Zidarevich in 2006) it was a cold call, ” Turpack says. “(STAA CEO) Jon Chelesnik told me to use his name as a reference. In this business a lot of people wont see you. The first day I went into Annie’s office she made time to see me. I took the demo and resume that STAA made for me. The portfolio is the first impression. Its so nice to have those.”

Zidarevich told Turpack that Fox didn’t have any job opportunities at the time, nor did she ever promise anything. Zidarevich added that Fox couldn’t pay to relocate Turpack even if there were a full-time opportunity. Turpack would have to find a full-time job in the Los Angeles area to pay his bills. That is exactly what he did.

After talking it over at length with his wife and his daughter, a high school senior, Turpack’s family decided he should make the move. They would join him on the West Coast after his daughter’s graduation.

“That has been the hardest part,” Turpack says. “We’re a close family. It has been really hard. I’ve gone back a couple weekends and they just came out for a week so that has helped. Thank goodness for cell phones because we use them daily.

“They’re probably even more excited for me than I am. They have been very supportive. If it were not for their support I would never have done it. My family comes first. If it was too much on them I would have never made it.”

Turpack’s advice to sportscasters already working in the field, or to anyone considering transitioning from another industry, is to follow you dream.

“If its something you really want to do, don’t take no for an answer,” Turpack says. “It is in your hands. You can do whatever you want to. Don’t let people tell you no.”

Del Barrio stays home to call NBDL games

(November 5, 2007) When Alex Del Barrio learned the NBA Development League was putting an expansion team in his own backyard, he immediately realized the potential for opportunity. An STAA client, Del Barrio has been named Director of Broadcasting for the NBDL’s Rio Grande Valley Vipers.

The Vipers will play their home games in Hidalgo, Texas, very close to Del Barrio’s home in Mission.

Del Barrio originally contacted the Vipers immediately after the league announced their formation last spring. The team had a lot to do before hiring a broadcaster but Del Barrio stayed in touch. When the club was finally ready to move, Del Barrio was already on their radar.

“This job allows me to still do all the other things that I do,” Del Barrio says. “I will also be one of the few announcers in the league that will be traveling with the team. That means that my broadcasts will be heard in several other markets.”

The new job is the latest step for Del Barrio in a career that is already on the fast track. Still a senior at the University of Texas-Pan American (he will graduate in May), Del Barrio has already served as Director of Player Personnel & Media Relations for United League Baseball, Director of Media Relations & Broadcasting, for the UBL’s Edinburg Coyotes, and men’s and women’s basketball play-by-play announcer for UTPA.

He has also called minor league baseball and hockey, and has hosted a sports talk show at ESPN 120 in McAllen, TX.

Del Barrio hopes the Vipers job will move him closer to his eventual goal of the NBA. “Now I am in the circle,” Del Barrio says. “It is all about connections. Hopefully this will lead to an NBA pre and post game hosting job, a WNBA job or even an NBA job one day.”

Levine joins WQAM Miami

(November 1, 2007) Mike Levine is going to need to buy a new wardrobe. After spending the last two years in Kalamazoo, MI, Levine is moving to Miami. A Miami native and an STAA client, Levine was been hired by WQAM as a sports update anchor and reporter.

Levine will handle a sports update shift from 7 pm to midnight Mondays through Fridays as well as one weekend shift. He will also work as a reporter covering the Dolphins, Heat, Panthers and the University of Miami Hurricanes.

“The ability to be on a station of that size and to be able to give sports updates and reporting is flattering and humbling,” Levine says.

Levine already knows many WQAM staff members. He interned at the station during summers while a student at Penn State University.

“A bunch of people are still there,” Levine says. “Hank Goldberg, Jim Mandich. (Program Director) Josh Darrow was my internship coordinator.”

“It is almost a dream come true to be working at my hometown station that I grew up listening to.”

Kolker to pilot Portland basketball broadcasts

(October 25, 2007) Tom Kolker was in the right place at the right time. An STAA client, Kolker has been named the radio play-by-play voice for University of Portland PIlots men’s basketball.

The Pilots are members of the West Coast Conference, a conference dominated by Gonzaga for more than a decade.

“I’m excited for the chance to get back into Division I basketball like when I was back at George Washington,” Kolker says. “We get to go to Gonzaga and San Diego and they have a good non-conference schedule. They play the Oregon Ducks and the Washington Huskies, so we get to see some pretty good teams.”

Kolker joined the University of Portland earlier this year as a graduate assistant in the Sports Information department. A short time later, the school signed a contract moving the team’s basketball broadcasts to a new station and creating an opening behind the mike. The school conducted a wide search for their new play-by-play announcer before realizing the best man for the job was already working for them.

“D-I jobs rarely come available, Kolker says. “I was amazed they picked me. The guys I was up against had much more experience but I guess they liked the tape that STAA made for me.”

Kolker also handles webcasts for University of Portland women’s soccer and will be helping on baseball broadcasts in the spring. In addition, he will continue to call high school football and basketball for KUIK radio in Portland, where he has served as Sports Director since 2006.

Prior to moving to Portland, Kolker spent two years at ESPN 1230 in Astoria, OR.

A graduate of George Washington University in Washington D.C., Kolker called GW football and basketball and Bowie Baysox minor league baseball while still in school.

“The timing couldn’t have been better,” Kolker says. “This is just a huge step for my career being the voice of a D-I school.”

Zydlo chooses hoops over hockey

(October 20, 2007) Joe Zydlo faced a dilemma that some people would find enviable: simultaneous job offers in two different states. Ultimately, his love for his family told Zydlo which opportunity was right for him.

An STAA client, Zydlo has accepted a job as radio play-by-play voice for University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) basketball. An NCAA Division II program, the Tritons play in the Great Lakes Valley Conference.

“I’m excited to work in the St. Louis market and excited to get back on the air,” Zydlo says. “I’ve been off the air for four years now. To return and get the opportunity to do it after the sabbatical of doing strictly public relations work is special. To do it here and not have to move is very special too.”

The offer from UMSL came simultaneously with an offer from Northern Star Broadcasting in Marquette, MI. NSB was offering the chance to work as a sports anchor and talk show host while handling play-by-play for University of Northern Michigan hockey. For a veteran hockey announcer and puck aficionado like Zydlo, it was difficult to turn down the opportunity. For family reasons, though, it was the right thing to do.

“My wife has a great job here (in St. Louis). I could not justify moving her to the Upper Peninsula, away from friends and family, and then being gone every weekend to do games. If I were single and 26, I would have taken it in a heartbeat.“

In 2002, Zydlo was the East Coast Hockey League’s Broadcaster of the Year as the voice of the Trenton Titans. He has also worked for the Jacksonville Lizard Kings hockey club. Zydlo has spent most of the past four years as Director of Public Relations for Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis.

Being offered two jobs is flattering, but choosing between them can be difficult. All things considered – family, friends and career – Zydlo’s choice has turned out perfectly.

Focke joins Timberwolves Radio Network

(October 17, 2007) John Focke has not only accepted a job in the NBA, but he’s doing it in his hometown. An STAA client, Focke is going to work as Executive Producer for the Minnesota Timberwolves Radio Network.

In addition, Focke will serve as producer for Minnesota Lynx WNBA broadcasts. He also expects the job will eventually also include some on-air work. Focke replaces Bill Hohenecker who held the position for 17 years. Hohenecker has moved onto a job in the NBA league office.

Focke has spent the past two years as radio play-by-play announcer for the University of Northern Michigan hockey.

In Minneapolis, Focke joins play-by-play voice Alan Horton as a new member of the Timberwolves broadcast team.

“They’re starting from scratch,” Focke says. “There is no real form they have to follow so it is something we’ll create on our own. The team wants to build their broadcast into something different. They don’t want it to sound like everyone else’s. I will have the chance to bring in some new ideas.”

Producing is something that has always interested Focke.

“I love to formulate stories and come up with different angles on things. I have always thought of my self as part journalists.”

Focke, a former intern at KFAN sports radio in Minneapolis, learned of the Timberwolves job through a friend who still works at the station. As it turns out, the contact at the Timberwolves was also someone Focke formerly worked with. The familiarity made the interview process much for comfortable.

Growing up in St. Paul, Focke is a lifelong Timberwolves fan.

“I’ve been a Timberwolves fans since I was 10,” Focke says. “I went to their first camp — Pooh Richardson and Tony Campbell were there. It is so exciting to be part of the team—a small part, but part of the team.”

Pauley to call Juco hoops in Iowa

(October 15, 2007) Matt Pauley will go wherever the jobs are. His newest address is Burlington, Iowa, where Pauley has accepted a job as radio play-by-play voice for the highly regarded Southeastern Community College men’s basketball program.

This will be Pauley’s third address of 2007. He opened the year doing high school basketball in his hometown of St. Louis. He then spent the summer in Albany, GA as Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations for minor league baseball’s South Georgia Peanuts.

“I’m excited to do some big-time junior college basketball,” Pauley says. “The team has won three national championships in the recent past. Just the opportunity to do basketball at this level is pretty exciting for me. Plus it is only three from St. Louis, which is nice. I’ll be close to my home.”

In Burlington Pauley will be employed by Pritchard Broadcasting. The company owns a cluster of four stations. Southeastern’s games air on Big Country 103.1 KDMG. Pauley will also help at the station in other capacities.

Pauley was chosen from approximately 60 applicants.

“I found the job opening at STAA website,” Pauley says. “It actually took me a couple days to decide to pursue it. I sent email along with my resume and mp3 clip of basketball. My email also included the link to my (STAA) Talent Page.”

Landing the job represents somewhat of a milestone for Pauley. Every other broadcasting job he has gained has been the result of knowing somebody or learning of unadvertised openings.

“This is the first time I’ve got a job after applying to a job posting,” Pauley says.

The job is a seasonal one. Pauley hopes to return to minor league baseball in spring.

The Blackhawks open their season the first weekend of November.

Walsh joins Clear Channel Dickinson

(October 9, 2007) As a lifelong Midwesterner, Sean Walsh should be more than comfortable in his new job. Walsh has been hired as Operations Manager/Sports Director at Clear Channel Radio in Dickinson, ND.

An STAA client, Walsh will be responsible for the overall sound of three stations — one rock, one hot country, and one classic country. He will also handle daily sports reports and play-by-play. Walsh is embracing the challenge.

“I like that I am going to be major part of three radio stations and have a major role in the sports department,” Walsh says. “I also look forward to getting back into play-by-play.”

In addition, Walsh is looking forward to working with his new boss.

“(Station GM) Steve Stroud is one of the reasons I am taking the job,” Walsh says. “He and I see eye to eye on so many different things.”

When asked to describe how he got the job, Walsh replied, “I used STAA. I sent my cover letter and my Talent Page. Probably five days later I got call from General Manager Steve Stroud. It happened to be on a Sunday. We spoke for two hours about ideas we had for the station. The offer came from that conversation.”

Walsh never did send a hard copy of his demo and resume. “It was all from my STAA Talent Page,” he says. “STAA is such a great network. So many people can see your information so quickly that it really shortens the job hunt process. It is helpful too, the way the Talent Page is set up. This is the day of email. The Talent Page saves money on postage and you can get it to a potential employer within a few seconds. It is a great thing.”

The job in Dickson took awhile to materialize. Walsh was offered the job on August 23 but couldn’t commit to it at the time. The offer remained on the table. Six weeks later, he accepted.

Walsh moves to Dickinson from Denver, CO. He spent the past three years in the Mile High City, first at the former ESPN Radio Denver and most recently at The Fan. He has experience as a sports talk host, anchor, reporter and producer.

Walsh starts his new job November 5th.

Jackson to host PM drive at The Fan

(October 4, 2007) Scott Jackson believes he has found the perfect situation — co-hosting a drive time talk show in a market that is crazy about sports. Jackson is joining Raleigh, North Carolina’s new sports station, 99.9 FM The Fan.

An STAA client, Jackson spent the past seven years at WTEM in Washington, D.C. Jackson co-hosted the Brian Mitchell show, as well as pre and post game shows on the Washington Wizards Radio Network.

Jackson is the second STAA client to join The Fan. Tim Hall has been hired as a Producer/Sports Update Anchor.

In Raleigh, Jackson will co-host the afternoon drive show with former Jacksonville Jaguar Mark Thomas. Jackson and Thomas got to know each other during Jackson’s four-year stint at WBWL in Jacksonville during the late 1990s.

Working for a new station in a sports-crazed community is a perfect situation for Jackson.

“They have a good FM signal in a great market,” Jackson says. “The college basketball world is centered around there. There is also great support for the Hurricanes. I think it will be a good market to talk NFL, too.”

The Fan’s Program Director Dave Shore says Jackson is just what he was looking for.

“Scott is smooth,” Shore says. “The large market experience really, really helped him develop into a guy that would be a great lead. I knew early on I wanted to match him with a former athlete. Scott is just a consistent, well-educated talk show host and knows how to do his prep. And he understands entertainment.”

Scott had his demo and resume constructed by STAA).

Hall networks for new job

(September 28, 3007) STAA client Tim Hall knows the value of networking, especially after it helped him land his new job. Hall has joined Raleigh, NC’s new sports station, WCMC FM 99.9 as an Producer/Anchor/Reporter.

“I am going to produce the Morning Drive 6-9 AM show and then be on the updates every 20 minutes until noon every day,” Hall says.

Employment consultants preach the value of networking. Success in the job market is as much about who you know as what you know. That was certainly the case for Hall. Hall’s boss in KC, Allan Davis, knew WCMC-FM PD Dave Shore from their days together in Portland. An endorsement from Davis helped open the door for Hall.

“I was out there in Raleigh visiting my sister and I was able to land an interview with (Shore) while I was there,” Hall says.

Hall is one of two STAA clients joining the station. Another client has been hired to host Afternoon Drive. An announcement is pending.

Duvall gets CHL job in Amarillo

(September 25, 2007) Jordan Duvall has always wanted to be a hockey play-by-play announcer. Now he is taking the next step in his career. An STAA client, Duvall has been named Broadcaster/Director of Media Relations for the Central Hockey League’s Amarillo Gorillas.

Duvall comes to the Gorillas from Helena, Montana where he served as Broadcaster/Account Executive for the Helena Bighorns junior hockey team.

“This is what I have always wanted to do – broadcast hockey games, for as long as I can remember” Duvall says. “I am thrilled about the opportunity to come into Amarillo, get involved with the wonderful community and become a part of this great organization.”

Duvall says his STAA demo and resume and STAA Talent page was a big help in the application process.

“I actually signed up for the (STAA Talent Page) service and talked with the Amarillo GM the next day, so having my talent page ready and available was a huge help,” Duvall says. “It paid immediate dividends. ”

Prior to his year long stint in Helena, Duvall attended Colorado State University where he broadcast play-by-play for the university’s club hockey team. His first experience with the Central Hockey League came during his collegiate days when he worked as a Media Relations intern with the Colorado Eagles in Loveland, CO.

Duvall is looking forward to interacting with the Gorilla faithful. “I prefer a very interactive broadcast format, where fans have an opportunity to get in contact with me – they can ask questions, give comments or whatever they like. It makes my job much more enjoyable when the fans can be involved. I have a number of fun things in store for Gorillas fans this year, and am looking forward to an exciting, successful season.”

In addition to game broadcasts, Duvall will be responsible for all Media Relations efforts, including posting all the latest news on the Gorillas website. Gorillas fans will be able to listen in to all home and away games this year on 1010 AM as well as streaming live over the internet. (Courtesy Gorillas Press Release).

Anastos lands UMES job on second try

(September 21, 2007) Nick Anastos is looking forward to traveling again. Anastos, who is represented by Sportscasters Talent Agency of America, is the new basketball play-by-play voice for Division I University of Maryland-Eastern Shore.

Members of the MEAC, the Hawks non-conference schedule includes games at the Iowa, Nebraska and West Virginia, in addition to the South Padre Island Invitation in Corpus Christi, Texas.

“(In college) at Hofstra I had a chance to get up and down the East Coast,” Anastos says. “Now I’ll have a chance to go as far away as Iowa, Florida and Texas.

For the past year, Anastos has been the football and basketball voice of Bentley College, a Division II school in Waltham, MA. Although he has already relocated to Maryland, Anastos will continue to broadcast Bentley football through the end of this season.

Anastos is also part of the radio play-by-play team for minor league baseball’s Nashua Pride. It is possible he will still call Pride games during the summer.

Getting the UMES job is a study in perseverance for Anastos. He was runner-up to Ben Wagner for the Hawks job last year but he made a good impression on UMES Assistant Athletic Director Stan Bradley. When Wagner left this spring to accept a baseball job with the Triple-A Buffalo Bison, Anastos’ agent at STAA, Jon Chelesnik, immediately called Bradley to let him know Anastos was still interested in the job.

“I felt like it was the perfect match at this point in my career,” Anastos says.

In addition to calling UMES basketball, Anastos will also serve as a graduate assistant in the UMES athletic department while pursuing his Masters Degree at the school.

“The more education the better in terms of down the road, so this was a good opportunity,” Anastos says. “Just the D-I atmosphere, calling a game in an arena where this is D-I basketball adds a whole new level do the broadcast. I’m looking forward to it.”

Montesano joins Clear Channel Eau Claire

(September 17, 2007) After several years of relocating with the seasons, Scott Montesano is glad to be staying in one place. An STAA client, Montesano has been hired as Assistant Sports Director at Clear Channel’s seven station cluster in Eau Claire, WI.

“It was nice to find an opportunity that allowed me to stay in one community for an entire year instead of bouncing back and forth which is what I’ve been doing for awhile,” Montesano says.

Montesano’s new job is heavy on play-by-play. He is calling football, basketball, baseball and hockey for local high schools and two area colleges — University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and UW-Stout.

Eau Claire isn’t a new locale for Montesano. He has spent the past two summers there calling baseball games for the Eau Claire Express of the Northwoods League. The past three winters have been spent as the play-by-play voice for minor league hockey’s Fargo-Moorhead Jets.

The job market is frequently as much about who you know as what you know. Montesano says having connections is how he attained his new job.

“Working with the Northwest League, our baseball team broadcast on one of the Clear Channel stations,” Montesano says. “I knew the sports director. He had some broadcast opportunities over the summer (that I accepted). I got this job through those connections.”

Montesano had other options but Eau Claire is where he wants to be.

“I turned down some hockey opportunities but none of them were better than the opportunity I have here.”

Golder joins Detroit Lions Radio Network

(September 13, 2007) Moving to Michigan has been a boon to Brad Golder’s career. In January, Golder accepted as job as the radio voice for minor league baseball’s Great Lakes Loons. Now Golder, an STAA client, has added another job to his Michigan resume: Scoreboard anchor and halftime host on the Detroit Lions Radio Network.

In his new role, Golder will have a presence in the pregame, postgame and in-game portions of each Lions broadcast. He’ll be employed by the Lions flagship, WKRK in Southfield, MI.

“I’m extremely excited about the position,” Golder says. “I feel it’s another great step in my career.”

Golder will remain with the Loons as the play-by-play broadcaster and Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations. He moved to Michigan from Atlanta where he has spent two years as the fill-in Post-Game Host and Executive Producer for the Atlanta Braves Radio Network.

Greenwald to broadcast Iona football

(September 11, 2007) David Greenwald has found a great off-season job. The voice of minor league baseball’s Charlotte County Redfish, Greenwald has accepted a job as Assistant Sports Information Director at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY.

Greenwald, an STAA client, is handling play-by-play for Gaels football and women’s basketball. He is also responsible for updating the Iona sports website and writing recaps for golf, softball, women’s soccer, swimming and diving, and water polo,

“The rest of my job the job is anything the SID needs me to do around the office or at various sporting events including some PA announcing and scorekeeping,” Greenwald says.

The new gig will allow Greenwald to continue to call minor league baseball. He learned a lot in his first season of minor league baseball.

“I logged some great innings as well as got involved with entry level sales and side projects, including being the designer and point person for our team’s baseball cards, updating the roster and website, writing game wrap-ups and other press releases, and maintaining contacts with the local media,” Greenwald says.

Greenwald feels fortunate to have landed two great jobs in the past six months.

“Hopefully the good news and jobs will keep on rolling,” he says.

Beal joins CBA’s Pittsburgh Xplosion

(September 8, 2007) Barry Beal has turned an internship into a full-time job. An STAA client, Beal has been named Director of Public Relations for the Continental Basketball Association’s Pittsburgh Xplosion.

Beal interned for the team from December through March.

As part of his new position, Beal likely will be handling play-by-play for the video webcast that the Xplosion started last season. Beal might also co-host a weekly CBA weekly video webcast talk show that includes news, analysis and player interviews.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Beal has play-by-play experience with PIT Panthers football, basketball and baseball. He has also done free-lance radio play-by-play for the CBA’s Yakima Sun Kings and Indiana Alley Cats.

Beal has been with STAA since spring of 2007. He has an STAA Talent Page and also had his demo and resume constructed by STAA.

“The guy I sent my resume to (at the Xplosion) said that I had the most professional-looking resume he’s seen,” Beal says.

10 STAA clients accept sportscasting jobs in August

(September 5, 2007) August was an outstanding month for STAA as ten clients accepted sportscasting positions. The jobs ranged from a pair of Division I college play-by-play opportunities to smaller market positions throughout the country.

It was second most productive month of 2007. In March, 12 STAA clients accepted jobs.

One sportscaster who has benefited from services is Casey Ford. Ford took over in August as the News and Sports Director at ESPN 970 and Q-107 WMQT in Marquette, MI. It was the third job Ford has landed since joining STAA.

“Pretty much everything that is on the STAA website (the job posting and the Talent Page) is how I got the job,” Ford says. “If it weren’t for the website, (WMQT GM) Tom Mogush probably never would have heard of me.”

As productive as August was, STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik expects more of the same in the coming months.

“We have clients who are currently finalists for jobs in the NBA, NHL and Division I college basketball,” Chelesnik says. “Decisions on all three are expected this month.”

Chelesnik anticipates STAA clients will fill more than one dozen minor league baseball play-by-play jobs this coming off-season.

“Last off-season, 12 STAA clients accepted minor league baseball jobs. Now that more teams are familiar with STAA and more minor league baseball broadcasters are working with us, we expect even better results this off-season, Chelesnik says.”

One team that used the STAA Talent Search to find a play-by-play announcer was the Missoula Osprey.

“We had a last minute opening for our play-by-play position,” says Osprey GM Matt Ellis. “STAA provided us a short list of quality candidates very quickly. We had resumes and demo tapes online in minutes. We found the new play-by-play voice of the Osprey in very short time without many of the headaches associated with a National search. I would recommend STAA as a source for anyone looking for a sportscaster.”

Scroll down to read more about August success stories.

Jones new Guilford Director of Sports Marketing

(August 31, 2007) Loyalty and hard work has brought STAA client Bryan Jones a new position at Guilford College. The Division III school is bringing Jones on board as their new Coordinator of Sports Marketing.

Jones has been working at Guilford since 2004, helping launch the college’s basketball and lacrosse webcasts, as well as doing play-by-play for the college’s basketball and lacrosse programs. The new position offers a variety of opportunities, something Jones is excited about.

“From an on-air standpoint, I have a wide range of options. We do football, men’s and women’s basketball, and men’s and women’s lacrosse. We’re looking into adding volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, and baseball.

In expanded football broadcasts, Jones will serve as the network host and add baseball to his list of play-by-play duties, which already include basketball and lacrosse. The marketing side of the job will give Jones a chance to explore new territory in sales.

“Guilford hasn’t really had any marketing especially since it went Division III, so this is a new venture,” Jones says. “I will be selling ads for programs, banners, and radio (still internet only) while calling games and being in charge of game day ops (music, public address, tickets, etc.).”

In the job market, Jones learned it is especially helpful to be able to wear multiple hats. “You have to take extra responsibilities in this business to get an on-air job and be successful,” Jones said. “All the jobs I applied to were either looking for sales, board ops, or public relations. You have to know it all to be in it full-time.

In addition to his Talent Page, STAA built Jones demo and resume.

“When I needed to get a resume off, I could send it with a cover letter and its off in the mail or I could email my (demo and) cover letter to an employer,” Jones said. “The process was easy.”

Recent grad Bales gets first job

(August 28, 1007) – A wide variety of experience has helped David Bales get his first post-college job. Bales, an STAA client, will be moving to Rogers, Arkansas to join KURM as a news reporter and sportscaster.

Bales pursued the opening at KURM after seeing the job posting on STAA. There is a good chance the position will extend beyond news to include coach’s shows, and football, basketball and baseball play-by-play.

While attending Northwest Missouri State, Bales built his resume by doing everything from answering phones, to working as a producer, reporter and announcer at several different radio stations.

KURM is Bales’ first job since graduating from NWMSU in April, and he is anxious to get started. “I am excited about the opportunity to be in the business and being a part of coaches shows and doing play-by-play for football.”

Bales is the third STAA client to gain employment at KURM, following Joe Sanders and Jonathan Hays. Bales is also the 10th STAA client to gain employment this month.

Ford utilizes STAA to snag sports director job

(August 27, 1007) – Three short months can bring big changes. Casey Ford, an STAA client, is moving to Marquette, Michigan to take over as News and Sports Director at ESPN 970 and Q-107 WMQT.

In May, Ford joined WTKA-AM in Ann Arbor, MI as morning sports talk co-host and producer. He was also the voice for University of Michigan women’s basketball. He left two weeks ago to pursue new opportunities. Now Ford is looking forward to being Sports Director in Marquette and interacting with the local community – an experience he says he would not have if it weren’t for STAA.

Applications for the position were being screened on behalf of the station by STAA. When Ford saw the posting on the STAA job board he emailed his Talent Page link directly to station GM Tom Mogush.

After interviewing on a Friday night and much of the day Saturday, Ford was eventually offered the job, all without ever mailing a hard copy of his tape and resume.

“Pretty much everything that is on the STAA website (the job posting and the Talent Page) is how I got the job,” Ford says. “If it weren’t for the website, Tom Mogush probably never would have heard of me.”

This is the third job Ford has attained since joining the STAA Talent Search.

“I want to thank STAA for the job board and for their services,” Ford says. “If it wasn’t for STAA I wouldn’t be going to Marquette right now.”

Patience pays for Braverman

(August 22, 2007) – You never know when sending out that demo will pay off. STAA client Andrew Braverman is starting a new job this week, working in production and as a board op at 104.5 The Zone in Nashville.

The job comes two months after Braverman sent his demo to The Zone. Braverman’s advice for others on the job hunt:

“Listen to those who have gone though the job process and understand that you need to put in your dues but keep on shooting for the stars. If someone tells you to start small, take that for what its worth but don’t stop applying for the larger markets.”

Braverman has been consistently building up his network, travelling to ESPN headquarters in Connecticut and WFAN-AM in New York to meet with others in the industry. One person he met is Jimmy DeCastro, who lured Dan Patrick from ESPN to DeCastro’s Content Factory. DeCastro encouraged Braverman to keep networking.

“Be prepared to start small,” DeCastro advised Braverman. “Network. Send out as many tapes as you can. Constantly improve.”

At The Zone in Nashville, Braverman is hopeful of eventually earning some on-air opportunities.

“Nothing has been guaranteed to be on air but that is my aspiration,” Braverman says.

Having worked in TV and radio sportscasting at Ohio University, Braverman is excited to begin working his way up and hoping for some on-air opportunities.

“It’s a great place to get a start. I don’t know what’s going to happen on the on-air side. All I know is I’m paying my dues.”

Tiemann joins Sports Animal-Tulsa

(August 24, 2007) One of STAA’s first portfolio clients has accepted a job offer at the Sports Animal-Tulsa. When he begins his new position, Shawn Tiemann will serve as a play-by-play talent, show producer, and fill-in host at the three-station network.

Along with engineering and producing local talk shows, and covering Sapulpa High School football and basketball, Tiemann will co-host a University of Tulsa Preview football show on home game dates at Skelly Stadium. He’ll also co-host a College Hoops Night Preview show during the basketball season at select TU and ORU home basketball games.

Sports Animal-Tulsa recently signed a 2-year broadcast agreement to carry Oral Roberts University men’s and women’s basketball and baseball. The stations are also home to Kansas City Chiefs football and Kansas City Royals baseball. “The Sports Morning” airs weekdays on the Sports Animal from 9-11 a.m., and features host Geoff Haxton with co-hosts Bob Carpenter and John Holcomb. “The Middle of the Day Show” runs from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and is hosted by Big Al Jerkins.

Tiemann’s currently employed as the assistant news/sports director at Eagle Radio in Hays, Kansas. He relinquishes his position in Hays after two years on the job.

“This is an opportunity to advance my career in so many ways, it really was a position I couldn’t pass on,” Tiemann says. “Because of the Sports Animal’s growing presence in Tulsa, there really could be opportunities there down the road that aren’t in the position I’ve accepted. So, in that sense, it makes this move a no-brainer. I loved my time in Hays and it’s a great place to live and work, but Tulsa affords my family opportunities we wouldn’t have had by staying in Kansas at this time.”

Prior to moving to Kansas, the 29-year-old St. Louis, Missouri native worked as the news/sports director for four years at Omni Media Group in Woodward, Oklahoma.

(Sean had his demo and resume constructed by STAA).

Pair of STAA clients hired at West Liberty Radio

(August 23, 2007) After working together in college, STAA clients Paul Teeple (left) and Dan Griffin (right) are moving to West Liberty, Kentucky. Both Teeple and Griffin have been hired to work DJ airshifts and high school play-by-play for West Liberty Radio stations WLKS, WCVJ and WQXX.

Teeple and Griffin met as students at Ohio University, working on OU hockey broadcasts together.

STAA sent Talent Pages for both Griffin and Teeple, but Griffin landed his job first.

“Dan called me and said they were looking for someone else,” said Teeple, who contacted employer Kelly Howard with a follow up e-mail and additional audio.

Both Teeple and Griffin have previous high school play-by-play experience and a variety of other sportscasting experience.

In addition to sharing a workplace, Teeple and Griffin are now roommates in their new Kentucky home.

Goldberg named voice of Texas Pan-Am Broncos

(August 21, 2007) Jonah Goldberg’s sportscasting career has changed dramatically since April. Four months after relocating from New York to Texas for a minor league baseball job, Goldberg has been named basketball play-by-play voice at Texas Pan-American University.

Texas Pan-American is a Division I basketball independent. Goldberg will call all men’s games and a handful of women’s home games.

An STAA client, Goldberg is also the Director of Media Relations and Radio Broadcasting for minor league baseball’s Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings. He is hopeful of being able to maintain both jobs.

“I’m looking forward to getting to call some D-I basketball and not really having to move,” Goldberg says. “There is a chance I can still work full-time for the WhiteWings during the off-season while getting to call basketball.”

Golberg learned of the UTPA job through another STAA client, Alex Del Barrio. Del Barrio has been the voice of the Broncos the last two seasons but is stepping down to pursue other opportunities. Golberg sent his STAA Talent Page (demo and resume) to the University, interviewed and was offered the job.

Goldberg also used his STAA Talent Page in attaining the WhiteWIngs baseball job.

“I didn’t know if I was going to have time to burn a CD and put a nice label on it,” Goldberg says. “Emailing the Talent Page is so much more convenient.”

Broncos games are heard on ESPN Radio 1240, along with Real Country 102.1 and Jammin’ 104.9.

Harp joins Huntsville college football TV show

(August 18, 2007) WUMP-AM Morning Drive sports talk host Seth Harp is breaking into television. Harp, who is represented by Sportscasters Talent Agency of America (S-T-Double-A), will be part of a weekly college football show on WHNT Channel 19 in Huntsville.

The program, called The Game, will air on Saturdays immediately following CBS’ nationally televised contest. The Game will be a half-hour look at the day in SEC football.

Harp will be one of three co-hosts. Another of the hosts will be WHNT News Anchor Greg Screws. In a market where football allegiances are split between Alabama and Auburn, Harp will be counted on to provide an unbiased perspective.

Harp, who joined WUMP-AM last month, is excited about his first professional TV opportunity.

“Its a chance to branch out and another exciting opportunity to cover college football in the best conference in the country,” Harp says. “I’ve always wanted to give TV a shot.”

The Game begins Saturday, August 25. If it goes well, television is something Harp would like to continue to combine with his radio pursuits.

“I’d love it. I’d be great,” Harp says. “I could be kind of like Doug Gottlieb or Mike Greenberg.”

Saltzman joins Rice University broadcast team

(August 7, 2007) Growing up in Houston, David Saltzman dreamed of one day calling Rice University athletics on the radio. Even after leaving full-time broadcasting in 2001, Saltzman continued to harbor the dream. His dream has finally come true. An STAA client, Saltzman has been named the men’s basketball play-by-play announcer for the Rice Owls.

He’ll also serve as the play-by-play analyst for the football and baseball teams.

“I’m ecstatic and so looking forward to doing it,” Saltzman says. “Especially in a city like Houston.

After graduating from the University of Texas, Saltzman worked in Lufkin, TX and Thibodaux, LA before leaving full-time broadcasting in 2001. Since then, he has been working as a financial planner while continuing to call games for a variety of high schools on the Texas Sports Radio Network. In fact, Saltzman has worked several TSRN games with Rice University women’s basketball announcer and fellow STAA client Clifton Morris.

Saltzman is eager to get back to covering one team and learning everything he can about it.
“High school football in Texas is fantastic and if I did that the rest of my life that would be fine because there is so much passion,” Saltzman says. “To be able to be in touch with coaches and players and other professionals at such a high level in a market like Houston is even better.”

After finding our about the Rice position from a colleague, Saltzman contacted Dale Busic, the manager of Rice Sports Properties for Host Communications. “I immediately emailed Dale and sent him a link to my STAA (demo and resume) Talent Page,” Saltzman says. “I literally met him the next day. To be able to send him the Talent Page saved me a lot of time and led me to getting the process started. STAA made my job easier.”

A variety of factors can lead any broadcaster out of the industry. For anyone who truly loves the profession, though, Saltzman advises never getting entirely out of the business. “Always do it (broadcasting) in some way, shape or form and always work to improve on your broadcast,” Saltzman says. Stick with it, love what you do and if your dream is to reach a certain level then never take your eyes off it.

“I refused to give up the business entirely and kept with it. If I had given up broadcasting fully, there is no way I would have got this position. You never know what opportunities will follow your footsteps.”

Babin hired by WOHL TV

(July 26, 2007) Jeremy Babin is a study in persistence. After more than a year in the job market, the STAA client has been hired as a sports anchor/reporter at Fox affiliate WOHL in Lima, OH.

Ironically, after contacting more than 90 radio and TV employers, Babin was offered two jobs at once. The other job was a radio opportunity in Wyoming working mostly in news. Babin, though, is from the Cleveland area, so taking the job in state was a slam-dunk.

“Being back on the air and doing sports full time — it’s my home state, so its familiar territory,” Babin says. “It seems like the ideal opportunity.”

Eichstedt lands first full-time job

(July 16, 2007) Broadcasters usually have fond memories of their first full-time job. STAA client Adam Eichstedt is ready to start building those memories. Eichstedt has accepted a full-time news and sports position with 1490 WOSH in Oshkosh, WI.

“I am very excited for this opportunity to get my career started,” Eichstedt says. “I also wanted to thank you (Jon Chelesnik) and the rest of the staff at STAA for everything you have done for me. I will continue to use you guys as an extremely valuable resource.”

A 2006 graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Eichstedt has spent the last 19 months as an Assistant Sports Editor for RotoWire in Madison, WI. Among his responsibilities were hosting a weekly hockey podcast and covering breaking sports news.

Since 2004, Eichstedt has called high school play-by-play for WFDL AM 1170 in Fond du Lac. While in college, he also worked for Clear Channel Madison.

Harp achieves morning drive goal in Huntsvile

(July 11, 2007) – Seth Harp has always wanted to host a morning drive sports talk show. Now he’s going to get to. Harp, represented by Sportscasters Talent Agency of America (S-T-Double-A ) is joining WUMP in Huntsville, AL.

Harp has spent the last 10 months co-hosting afternoon drive on ESPN 1480 in Lincoln, NE. He’ll begin work in Huntsville the second week of July.

Hosting morning drive represents the achievement of a long-time goal for Harp. “Morning drive is where you can make the biggest impact with people,” Harp says. “People just waking up want to hear the stories that have taken place overnight. You get to jump-start somebody’s day. What you talk about on your show will be what they talk about during their day.”

The move represents a jump in market size from 173 to 113. It also puts Harp at a station that has produced talents such as Doug Franz, a sports talk host at KTAR in Phoenix, and Dan Schwartzman, talk show host at ESPN 920 in Atlantic City, NJ.

“The proven track record of 730 The Ump and the quality sports journalists they have produced make this a great opportunity” Harp says.

The opportunity was unexpected by Harp. “I can’t thank my agent Jon Chelesnik enough,” Harp says. “He is the one who contacted me about Bill West’s (Market Manager, Cumulus Huntsville) interest. It was all because of the STAA Talent Search. Jon sent my Talent Page. Bill saw something he liked, contacted Jon, and that set the wheels in motion. Without that Talent Page, this probably doesn’t happen.”

While Harp is excited about the move, there is a lot he is going to miss about Lincoln. “My nine months in Lincoln–I
enjoyed every second of it.,” Harp says. “Its great people. I love the opportunity (Three Eagles Communications
Executives) Jim Keck and Roger Dodgson gave me. I enjoyed working with Chris Schmidt. I enjoyed my overall expereience there.
Great fans too. It is just time for a new challenge in my life and a new opportunity.”

Stroke of luck land Catley Osprey play-by-play job

(June 14, 2007) – Ben Catley woke up Monday morning looking for work and didn’t have a single prospect. By the time his head hit the pillow Wednesday night, Catley was the radio voice of the Missoula Osprey minor league baseball team.

For Catley, the serendipidous chain of events began with an email Monday morning to Sportscasters Talent Agency of America (S-T-Double-A) CEO Jon Chelesnik. “I was coming out of a contract and looking for an opportunity,” Catley says.

While Catley’s email was traveling through cyberspace, Osprey General Manager Matt Ellis was on the phone with Chelesnik. An unexpected turn of events left the Osprey without a play-by-play announcer. With the start of the season just eight days away, Ellis didn’t have time to advertise the opening and field the dozens of calls that would ensue. He turned to STAA.

“STAA provided us a short list of quality candidates very quickly,” Ellis says. “We had resumes and demo tapes online in minutes. We found the new play-by-play voice of the Osprey in very short time without many of the headaches associated with a national search.”

Among the sportscasters STAA introduced to Ellis was Catley, who immediately caught Elllis’ attention. Within 48 hours, Catley drove nine hours from Miles City, MT to Missoula, interviewed, and was offered the job. He didn’t hesitate to say yes.

“One of my goals in the business is to be the voice of a team,” Catley says. “To have the chance to do that at the pro level is something I could not turn away from.

“It was basically a stroke of luck. It just so happened that everything worked out in my favor. The Osprey had a job they needed fill quickly and I needed to find a job quickly.”

“STAA played a huge role,” Catley says. “Having my resume and aircheck online in the STAA Talent Search not only helped the Osprey get a chance to listen to what I had, but also to listen to other people and compare to see what they were going to get in a play-by-play guy.

“Having that contact with STAA is huge (for sportscasters).”

Osprey GM Ellis believes the STAA Talent Search is also great for employers. “I would recommend STAA as a source for anyone looking for a sportscaster,” Ellis says.

Most recently, Catley was the Sports Information DIrector at Miles Community College in Montana. However, his contract is expiring this month and the school is dissolving the position.

Catley’s job with the Osprey is seasonal. After the season, he plans to “try to land some freelance stuff and see what happens.” As Catley says, “You just never know what is going to be around the next corner.”

Evans latest STAA client to land at WTKA Ann Arbor

(June 13, 2007) – For the second time in a month, an STAA client is joining Sports Talk 1050 WTKA radio in Ann Arbor. MI. The latest is Andy Evans, who has been hired as a sports anchor. He will also help in production and imaging, and participate in the station’s coverage of University of Michigan football.

In May, STAA client Casey Ford joined WTKA as a co-host on their morning show.

One of the attractions for Evans is WTKA’s reputation for developing young talent. Among their alums is 1270 XYT Detroit sports talk host Doug Karsch and Sports Radio 1250 WSSP Milwaukee Program Director Ryan Maguire.

“There are a lot of talented guys who have come from this station, so it is an opportunity to grow my career,” says Evans.

The opportunity at WTKA actually evolved from an application Evans submitted for a different job at the station.

“I sent them the link to my STAA Talent Page,” Evans says. It was enough that he (WTKA PD Brian Cowan) could see my resume and listen to my demo and he called me back for an interview.”

Evans moves to WTKA from 106.5 The Zone in Toledo. While in Ohio, Evans also served as the play-by-play voice for Bowling Green University hockey. The toughest part of Evans decision to move to WTKA was relinquishing his BGU duties.

The commute from Toledo to Ann Arbor is just 45 minutes. For now, Evans will commute while wife looks for job in Ann Arbor. He figures the travel is a worthwhile investment to be part of a station with such a rich tradition.

Tubbs moving to 1510 ESPN Great Bend

(June 9, 2007) – Chris Tubbs didn’t click his heels, but he ended-up in Kansas anyway. Tubbs has been hired as a sportscaster at 1510 ESPN Radio in Great Bend, KS.

His new responsibilities include play-by-play, hosting various sports programs, and sales.

“This (opportunity) will help me on so many levels and enhance the abilities that I have even more.” Tubbs says.

Tubbs moves to Great Bend after serving two years as Sports Director at KXEO radio in Mexico, MO.

The new job came to Tubbs unexpectedly. Ken Schwamborn, General Manager of 1510 ESPN, called STAA to inquire about three sportscasters he found in the Talent Search. During that conversation, STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik suggested that Tubbs might also be worth consideration. After listening to the demo on Tubbs’ Talent Page, Schwamborn called Tubbs.

In a note to STAA, Tubbs also expressed appreciation for help with his portfolio. “Thank you for helping me clean up my resume and audio,” Tubbs says.

A graduate of North Dakota State University, Tubbs has also worked in Columbia, MO, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Fargo, ND.

Root joins The Radio Network in Wyoming

(June 5, 2007) – Ben Root is continuing his slow migration east. The California native and STAA client is the new News Director/Play-by-Play Announcer at The Radio Network, based in Green River, WY.

Root is looking forward to learning more about different aspects of the industry. “While I have some news experience, doing it full time can help me in the future, as many jobs are not simply play-by-play alone,” Root says.

The job market is never easy, but there are some secrets to success. Root recommends learning as many aspects as possible to make you more valuable to employers. “I’ve done radio announcing, production, voice-tracking, news, and sports,” Root says. “If all you know is sports, it’s not as economically wise to hire you if you can’t help with other things.”

Root also made good use in the job market of his STAA Talent Page. ” I sent a cover letter-type of email to potential employers, along with the direct link to my Talent Page in the email.” Root says. “Occasionally, I would also attach another copy of my resume for their convenience. Having the talent page kept me from worrying about the size of the files I would normally send out.”

Root moves to Wyoming from Live 95 FM and KCED 93.1 FM in Centralia, WA. In addition to being an on-air personality, Root has been the play-by-play announcer for Centralia College men’s and women’s basketball since 2006.

A 2006 graduate of Fullerton College in CA, Root has also called games for Fullerton College football, and Cal State San Bernardino and Biola University baseball.

Sekkas moving to Aberdeen IronBirds

(June 5, 2007) – Broadcasters usually have to find their own opportunities. Every once in awhile, though, opportunity finds you. That is what happened to Nick Sekkas, the new play-by-play voice for the Aberdeen IronBirds.

The IronBirds are the New York-Penn league affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. The team is owned by Cal Ripken Jr.

Sekkas, a client of Sportscasters Talent Agency of America was working for the Hagerstown Suns as a broadcaster and Media Relations Assistant when an official from Ripken Baseball called. Last August, Sekkas had applied for a job with Ripken Baseball calling games for the Augusta Greenjackets. He didn’t get that job, but the Ripken front office was impressed nevertheless.

“The opportunity came out of nowhere, but I am happy that it did,” Sekkas says. “I was enjoying my time as the No.2 in Hagerstown, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this one.”

In addition to Hagerstown, Sekkas has also called games for the Pittsfield Dukes of the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

“I am excited about being able to be the IronBirds number one broadcaster and get to work at Ripken Stadium. Aberdeen isn’t too far from where I went to school (at the University of Maryland) and when we travel to Brooklyn and Hudson Valley, I will be close to where I grew up in NY. It’s a n exciting opportunity and I’m looking forward to the season.”

Demos wins Lowell Spinners radio contest

(May 31, 2007) – Not many people get to work in a job they love. Even fewer ever win a nation-wide contest. Mike Demos has accomplished both in one try.

A client of Sportscasters Talent Agency of America, Demos has won the Lowell Spinners baseball play-by-play contest. The Spinners are the Class-A affiliate of Demo’s favorite team, the Boston Red Sox.

“I grew up in Canton, Massachusetts, which is about half and hour from there (Lowell),” Demos says. I’m a lifelong Red Sox die-hard. To be part of the organization is a dream come true.”

It has been said that nothing worth having comes easily. This is especially applicable to Demos winning the Spinners contest. Demos was chosen through a process similar to ESPN’s “Dream Job,” where potential announcers applied through a series of interviews and public auditions.

Early auditions were held at a variety of locations. Then the Spinners narrowed their list and invited the finalists to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Needham, MA. There, the remaining broadcasters called play-by-play from video of Game 4 of the 2004 World Series. They were given statistics, a microphone, a pat on the back and nothing else. Live judges evaluated each broadcaster’s performance.

At the Needham audition, the finalists were also interviewed. Demos battled a swollen throat during his interview, the result of a bad reaction to seafood. “I felt like I had a rock in my throat,” Demos says.

As part of his new gig, Demos will also get to broadcast a game from legendary Fenway Park. The Spinners will be playing a regular season game there later this season.

Demos shares credit with Sportscasters Talent Agency of America for helping him win the Spinners contest.

“When I went to use the STAA service, I was thinking it was what most of them are—just tapes and resumes. With the Spinners contest, I wasn’t able to submit my tape and resume (that STAA made for me). However, the advice STAA gives in the newsletters you send out, and the other advice you (STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik) shared was an added benefit.”

Demos is also the radio play-by-play voice of Siena women’s basketball and will continue in that role.

“Its hard to put together right now,” Demos says. “This is a perfect scenario.”

Fluke lands Robertson Triple-A job

(May 28, 2007) – Sean Robertson even calls it a fluke. The voice of the Petersburg Generals of the summer collegiate Coastal Plain League, Robertson has joined the radio broadcast team of the Triple-A Richmond Braves.

An STAA client, Robertson will serve as the No.2 announcer on all Braves home games.

“It basically happened on a whim. I had talked to Richmond’s media relations manager John Emmett about access to an upcoming Virginia Commonwealth baseball game that was at the Braves home facility. During our conversation, he mentioned to me that the Braves previous No.2 announcer Steve Patras passed away in April. The Braves didn’t know if or when they would fill the position.”

At about the same time, Richmond’s radio play-by-play announcer Robert Fish was surfing the Talent Search on the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America website. He found Robertson’s Talent Page, reviewed Sean’s demo and resume, and thought Sean might be a good fit on the Braves broadcasts. When Fish told Emmett and Robertson, Emmett was already familiar with Sean. After an on-air tryout, Robertson had earned the job.

Robertson, the Sports Director at WVST in Petersburg, VA and the voice of Virginia State athletics, is thrilled about his unexpected opportunity.

“One, it puts me in that next level. It’s the Triple-A affiliate of a team (the Atlanta Braves) I am a die-hard fan of,” Robertson says. “The doors for networking that will be opened are endless now.”

When people ask Robertson about how the Braves opportunity came about, he laughs “because it was so fluky.”

The Braves have made no promises that Robertson’s role will last past this season. However, Robertson is certainly hoping it does.

Ford joins WTKA morning show

(May 25, 2007) – Casey Ford bleeds Wolverine blue. That’s why his newest job is his perfect job. Ford, an STAA client, has joined the morning show at Sports Talk 1050 WTKA in Ann Arbor, MI.

Ford is co-hosting the Michigan Insider show with Sam Webb, a writer with

For Ford, the factors that make this his perfect job are simple.

“Michigan football and Michigan basketball,” Ford says emphatically with a grin. “We did an hour and a half yesterday just on Michigan football after they released their new schedule.”

The opportunity at WTKA came quickly. A friend told Ford about the opening on a Sunday. Ford immediately emailed station PD Brian Cowan the same day. Cowan called Ford on Monday, Ford interviewed Tuesday and auditioned that Friday. He was offered job the following week.

Ford is also the Voice of University of Michigan women’s basketball. He will continue in that role.

Succeeding in the job market isn’t always easy. Ford knows that first hand. “It took me six years to go from the public access TV station I was at to get a radio job,” Ford says. “You have to keep plugging away. It’s not going to come overnight.”

Baumhor joins Coastal Plain League

(March 18, 2007) – STAA client Andrew Baumhor has landed his first minor league baseball job. Baumhor has been named Media Relations Director,
Marketing Assistant and broadcaster for the Thomasville HiToms. Baumhor will handle play-by-play for all 30 of the HiToms home games.

Anastos added to Nashua Pride radio

(May 8, 2007) – Nick Anastos has joined the Nashua Pride radio team. Anastos, a resident of nearby Bedford, NH, will call all Nashua home games. The Pride play in the inedpendent Can-Am League.

Represented by STAA, Anastos is also the radio play-by-play voice of Bentley College (NCAA Division II) football and basketball.

With Nashua, Anastos will share radio the broadcast booth with longtime Pride announcer Ken Cail.

McKay joins Colorado Rockies broadcast team

(April 16, 2007) – After working in other areas of radio, J.J. McKay has landed a dream job at the Colorado Rockies flagship, NewsRadio 850 KOA. McKay, an STAA client, is a part-time anchor at the Rockies Sports Desk.

McKay has spent 30 years in radio as an Air Personality & Program Director. He’s worked in some of the largest markets in the country, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C. and Denver. However, McKay broke into radio with the hope of working in sports. He is thrilled to finally fulfill that goal.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for me. What I’m excited about is being part of a Major League broadcast team.”

Calderwood moving to Traverse City

(April 12, 2007) The Traverse City Beach Bums are pleased to announce the hiring of Tim Calderwood as Director of Media and Broadcasting.

Calderwood, an STAA client, brings a diverse baseball broadcasting and media background to the Beach Bums in 2007. For the past three years Calderwood has served as the Sports Information Director and play-by-play announcer at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. The past two summers he has worked in collegiate summer baseball, serving as the voice of the NECBL’s Sanford Mainers in 2006 and the CICL’s DuPage Dragons in 2005.

He brings a tremendous passion for the sport of baseball as well as professionalism to the Beach Bums family. “We feel we found the right person to take over where (STAA Client) Chad Cooper left off,” said John Wuerfel, Beach Bums CEO, “Tim is enthusiastic, outgoing and a true people person we believe our Beach Bums fans will enjoy listening to.”

“I am extremely excited and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to bring all the Beach Bums action to the airwaves this summer,” Calderwood said. “This is truly a dream come true. I had a tremendous visit to Northern Michigan last weekend and look forward to creating memories in the foreseeable future.”

A Chicagoland native, Calderwood graduated from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois with a degree in broadcast communications in 2003. In addition to earning several awards, during college he also served as a broadcast intern with the Schaumburg Flyers of the Northern League when Flyer games were broadcast on the North Central radio station.

In addition to his time at Loras, Calderwood has also interned with the Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) and the Chicago Rush (Arena Football). He has also written for local newspapers.

Although Calderwood assumes his new position on the first of May, he will be on hand for the 2nd Annual Beach Bums Fan Fest April 21. (Courtesy Traverse City Beach Bums)

(Tim’s demo and resume were constructed by STAA).

Larson is new voice of Madison Mallards

(March 30, 2007) – WTDY AM 1670 Sports Director Ben Larson, an STAA client, has been hired as the play-by-play voice of the Madison Mallards of the Northwoods League. The Northwoods League is a summer collegiate baseball league. The Mallards play a 68 game schedule between June and August. The games will be broadcast on Madison’s Sports Radio 100.5 FM (WTLX).

Larson has called football, basketball and baseball games at the semi-pro, college, and high school level in the past, now he is eager to return to the broadcast booth in June.

“I am just looking forward to calling baseball games and following one team through an entire season. It has been a long time since I have been able to do either. Getting to know players, coaches, and front office people, as well as call the action as a season unfolds is what I have always wanted to do.”

Larson’s summer activities won’t be exclusively at a baseball diamond.

“I will be keeping my full-time job with WTDY – Midwest Family Broadcasting has been great about letting me do both”

Beattie gets another gig, this time in Wilson

(March 27, 2007) – Charlie Beattie has landed jobs in one month. Beattie, an STAA client, is the new radio voice of the Wilson Tobs

The circumstances that led Beattie to Wilson are unique, to say the least. In early March, Beattie accepted a job with the Charlotte County Redfish of the South Coast League. Less than three weeks later, Beattie and the team agreed to part ways after determining they weren’t the best fit for each other.

As Beattie was leaving Florida for the drive back home to Minnesota, he spoke to his friend Matt Pauley (another STAA client). Pauley had been offered both the Wilson job and a job with the Georgia Peanuts. He accepted the latter, but put in a word for Beattie with the Tobs.

“Literally before I got home, I interviewed (with Wilson) in my car,” Beattie says. “I was in Illinois. It was very informal. I spoke to their General Manager Ben Jones. We seemed to get along pretty eel. He got me excited about going down there. After talking to him I thought this was probably a pretty good opportunity.”

The Tobs play in the Coast Plain League, a summer collegiate league. The league has a track record of producing great talent; including Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander, who pitched for Wilson.

The league, especially Wilson, also a track record for sending broadcasters on to affiliated leagues. For now though, Beattie is happy to be staying put.

Chad Cooper takes mike for Vero Beach D-Rays

(March 27, 2007) – Life’s a beach for Chad Cooper. Cooper has been named radio play-by-play voice of the Vero Beach Devil Rays. The Rays are the Class-A Florida State League affiliate of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Cooper, an STAA client, moves to Vero Beach from the Traverse City Beach Bums of the Frontier League. In the winter, Cooper is the voice of St. Rose College in New York. He will be keeping that job along with his new role with the Devil Rays.

“I have achieved a life long goal of being a full-time broadcaster,” Cooper says. “There is now no off-season for me as I get to go straight from baseball to basketball and back again. And now I get to start off my fifth minor league season with my first go around with a full-season team and in affiliated ball.”

Cooper’s advice to other broadcasters in the play-by-play never let self-imposed deadlines prevent you from applying for jobs.

“If you really want that opportunity to move on, never give up until the season starts,” Cooper advises. “The last two jobs I’ve gotten are perfect examples of that. I joined St. Rose a couple games into their season. There is something coming open all the time so never give up on it.”

Cooper acknowledges the assistance STAA has provided with his career.

“I cannot thank STAA enough for the work that you’ve done in giving me a more professional look for my portfolio,” Cooper says. “As I was waiting on the call yesterday, I was thinking of how my career has changed since I joined on in November of ’05. From April 2003 to November 2005, I had gotten one job and landed three interviews and that included going to a pair of Winter Meetings. Since, I have now landed four jobs in three different sports.”
“Anyone who says that their career is not worth the investment of having their portfolio professionally done should take a serious second look. It is the best investment I could have possibly made, an investment in myself.”

Goldberg takes wing to Texas

(March 26, 2007) – May is going to be a busy month for Jonah Goldberg. STAA’s Goldberg will be the Director of Media Relations and Radio Broadcasting for United League Baseball’s Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings. Goldberg will graduate from Boston University with a degree in Journalism in May, where he’ll finish classes on May 4th. before moving to Texas to join the WhiteWings for the season opener on May 8th.

Goldberg has been active member of Boston University’s student-run radio station WTBU, where he served as Sports Director, sports talk host and anchor, and Dj. An instant message informed Goldberg he had gotten the WhiteWings job while he was on the air.

“Luckily I had a song on at the time. It was funny because I have a guy who comes in in the middle of the show to do sports updates. He had just asked me how the job search was going when I got the text.”

Goldberg was the flagship voice of BU women’s basketball for two seasons. He also did play-by-play and color commentary for a variety of the University’s sports programs, including softball, soccer, and lacrosse. After spending juggling so many different sports, Goldberg is looking forward to focusing his attentions on baseball.

“I love to immerse myself in the sport. Now I get to see same team in action every day for several months and I get to cover them. It’s going to be so exciting.”

The job hunt began in November with a flood of applications, with little response at first.

“I sent out at least 50 applications—probably more. I didn’t hear a whole lot but I wouldn’t get discouraged, even as I saw jobs disappearing.”

Goldberg used his STAA Talent page and the job board to aid in his search.

“It was a lot easier just to be able to email the Talent Page and have the STAA name behind me. I also used the STAA job board. I think that thing is gold. I found at least four jobs on there that I didn’t find anywhere else.”

Veteran sportscaster Moulton takes new job

(March 26, 2007) – Steve Moulton is balancing a new job. Moulton, an STAA client, is the new morning producer and sports update anchor for Clear Channel’s Huntsville talk station, WBHP/WHOS.

The experienced producer and host has worked at WWTM in Decatur, WSTR, WQXI, and WSB in Atlanta, and with PGA Tour Radio.

Moulton is also the Network Producer for Citadel’s Tennessee Titans Radio Network, and the Arena Football broadcasts of the Nashville Kats. In addition, Moulton will continue to write a column for the alt-weekly Valley Planet in Huntsville.

If that isn’t enough for one man, Moulton will be adding “father” to his list of duties in September, when he and his wife are expecting the birth of their baby.

Perseverance, circumstance pay off for Greenwald

(March 24, 2007) An unusual turn of events has left David Greenwald as the new Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations for the Charlotte County Redfish (IND-South Coast League). Greenwald replaces Charlie Beattie, who was on the job less than three weeks. Beattie and the team agreed to part ways after determining they weren’t the best fit for each other.

Both Greenwald and Beattie are STAA clients.

This is Greenwald’s first professional baseball broadcasting job. “Its not often that you get a first chance at an opportunity like this,” Greenwald said.

A 2006 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Greenwald spent this past winter calling games for the Strong Island Sound of the ABA.

Greenwald’s procurement of the Charlotte County job is a case study in the perseverance often required in the job market. He contacted more than 200 minor league teams before finding the perfect fit.

“I have three full pages printed out with names of teams on them. I’d probably say if you go through the entire Baseball America 2006 directory—every team in there, plus every team in the South Coast League and the NECBL, I sent them a tape and resume.”

One day, Greenwald mailed 85 tape and resume packets from his local post office. He plans on sending a thank you note to the clerk who helped him that day.

“It’s going to be kind of nice not to have to go into the post-office for awhile,” Greenwald says with a smile.

Aggressiveness is the biggest lesson Greenwald says he learned about the job hunt.

“You have to be willing to create opportunity for yourself,” Greenwald says. “The jobs don’t fall into your lap.”

Mayer takes sports director job in Texas

(March 23, 2007) Frank Mayer is hitting the road. Mayer, an STAA client, is moving from Fort Worth to Uvalde, TX to take over as Sports Director at Coyote Country 104.9 FM.

Mayer’s new employer is getting a jack-of-all-trades. Mayer has excelled as an Account Executive in Miami and Lake Tahoe, DJ’d in Key West and called Division I play-by-play for Florida Atlantic University basketball.

Most recently, Mayer was as a sideline reporter for FC Dallas soccer and handled play-by-play for Coppell High School football and basketball in Texas. In his new job, he will handle local play-by-play and sports reporting.

Pauley to call game for South Georgia Peanuts

(March 21, 2007) When it rains, it pours. After spending the entire winter looking for a minor league baseball job,
STAA client Matt Pauley received two offers simultaneously. He has accepted the position of Director of Broadcasting/Media
Relations with the South Georgia Peanuts of the South Coast League.

Pauley will call all 90 Peanuts games, home and away.

For Pauley, choosing between two offers was relatively easy.

“First off this is a full-time job,” Pauley says. “There is a lot more security. Financially, it was also an easy choice.”

Pauley, a former No. 2 voice with the Evansville Otters Baseball Club, spent the last six months calling high school football and basketball in the St. Louis market. He is excited for his new opportunity.

“This is the first year for this team,” Pauley says. “I feel I have an opportunity to be part of something from the ground up. To be able to completely build a broadcast and build it from my own perspective is exciting. The GM (Keith Michlig) gave me the indication he really, really wanted me to be there. To feel wanted is a good feeling.”

Pauley used STAA to build his demo and resume. He also has an STAA Talent Page. He credits STAA  with helping him in the job hunt.

“It (the Talent Page) was really nice because I contacted these people vie email,” Pauley says. “I sent them the resume you made for me and an mp3 of my baseball play-by-play. I also a link to my talent Page. Two good things happen there. If they want to hear more than my baseball play-by-play, its there for them on the Talent Page. They don’t have to download anything. It made it all very accessible for them and helped the process move along at a fast pace.”

Pauley’s advice to anyone in the play-by-play job market is to never give up.

“Any league that is out there, go for it. Its worth the cost and the energy of going for a job that you think you have no chance it. Go for everything. You never know what might happen. Never underestimate yourself.”

The South Coast League is an independent professional baseball league. It includes six teams in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Koiki lands Delmarva internship

(March 19, 2007) Another graduate of the prestigious sportscasting program at Syracuse University is ready to launch his career. Adesina Koiki, a 2004 graduate of Syracuse and an STAA client, has accepted an internship with the Delmarva Shorebirds.

Koiki’s responsibilities will include assisting in Media Relations, Sports Information, game day operations and a minimum of three innings of play-by-play for all 70 home games. Koiki is thrilled about the opportunity.

“This is my first professional broadcast job,” Koiki says. “The whole rush of broadcasting for a pro sports team has ben excited.”

Koiki included his STAA Talent Page as part of his Shorebirds application. He says it provided him a big assist in the job market.

“I found STAA in February and not too long after that a lot of progress was made (in the job hunt).”

Currently, Koiki is working for ESPN The Magazine. Prior to that, he was employed by ESPN TV, and interned at WIXT-ABC NewsChannel 9 in Syracuse.

The Shorebirds season opener is April 13th. Koiki is looking forward to being behind the mike. Eventually, he hopes to earn his place on the long list of successful Syracuse sportscasters.

Sekkas lands first minor league baseball gig

(March 5, 2007) College counselors advise that students frequently get their first post-graduate job in the same state where they attended school. That is certainly the case for STAA client Nick Sekkas. The University of Maryland grad is going to work for the Hagerstown Suns as a broadcaster and media relations assistant.

“I went to school in Maryland and am excited about the opportunity to broadcast there,” Sekkas said.

The Suns are the Class-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

In his new role, Sekkas will broadcast 35 Suns home games and work in the media relations department.

A native of Croton, NY, Sekkas is looking forward to the opportunity to broadcast minor league ball.

“For a long time I have dreamed about being given the opportunity and am happy that I have taken the first step,” Sekkas said.

Sekkas spent last summer as a broadcaster and Media Relations Director for the Pittsfield Dukes of the New England Collegiate Baseball Leagues. He tips his cap to STAA for his latest success.

“STAA was a huge help in landing me a position,” Sekkas said. “Just days after my Talent Page was built I was getting calls and interviews. It really is a great tool for landing a broadcasting job.”

Beattie joins Redfish radio

(March 1, 2007) Charlie Beattie is getting in on the ground floor of something he thinks is going to be very good.

Beattie, an STAA client, has been named Director of Broadcasting/Media Relations for the Charlotte County Redfish. The Redfish play in minor league baseball’s new South Coast League. Beattie will call all 90 Redfish games, home and away.

The South Coast League is an independent professional baseball league. It includes sixteams in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

“I heard about the league in the fall,” Beattie says. “I sent stuff to the league office then didn’t hear anything for a long time. I re-sent my stuff last week via my STAA Talent Page. Shortly thereafter, they offered me the job.”

Beattie has received his share of attention in the job-market this off-season. Most recently, he was a finalist for the High Desert Mavericks broadcast internship. He believes that persistence is a major key for anyone in the job hunt.

“If you don’t hear anything (from the employer) for a long time, keep checking up,” Beattie advises. “I didn’t get anywhere until I started following up aggressively. I heard my fair share of ‘no’s’ and ‘you’re good but not right for this’. Persistence really matters.”

This isn’t Beattie’s first experience in minor league baseball. He is a former Sales, Marketing and Media Relations Assistant with the Class AA Bowie Baysox. His play-by-play credits include the Baysox, as well as George Washington University men’s and women’s basketball on the GWU campus station WRGW.

Christopher named voice of Orem Owlz

(February 9, 2007) In his new job, Jimmy Christopher will combine his love for the outdoors and his passion for play-by-play. Christopher, an STAA client, has been named Broadcaster/Media Relations Director for the Orem Owlz.

The Owlz are the Pioneer League affiliate of Los Angels Angels of Anaheim. Two year old Owlz Stadium provides a breathtaking view of the Wasatch Mountains. For Christopher, it is the perfect place to call baseball games.

The Pioneer League is a short-season, 76 game league. The schedule is perfect for Christopher.

“I was looking for a short season play-by-play position that would compliment my Ft. Worth Flyers D-League gig,” Christopher says. “Owlz GM Zachary Fraser was impressive, up front and thorough. He made me feel wanted. The Owlz are a successful, well-run organization with a recent winning history.”

A 23 year sportscasting veteran, Christopher is currently the play-by-play voice of the Ft. Worth Flyers of the NBDL. His minor league
baseball experience includes stops with the Frisco Roughriders (AA) and High Desert Mavericks (A). He has also served as a studio host on
the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns radio networks.

(Jimmy’s demo and resume were constructed by STAA).

Caray to call games for Rome Braves

(February 9, 2007) When the Rome Braves do open the season, a new voice will be behind the microphone, helping broadcast the games on WLAQ and WATG radio.

Josh Caray — yes, the younger son of longtime Atlanta broadcaster Skip Caray — is going to be one of the announcers, along with Randy Davis and Matt Davis.

Caray, an STAA client who has been doing on-air and promotional work for Clear Channel Radio in Atlanta, said he is excited about the chance to be part of the Rome Braves.

“Baseball is such a fun game to broadcast,” said Caray.

“I’ve loved following the game for so long. I have an opportunity now, and I want to take advantage of it. (Courtesy Rome Tribune)

Hays relocating to KURM-FM

(February 8, 2007) Jonathan Hays isn’t moving far to take the next step in his career. Hays is moving in-state from Jonesboro to Rogers, AR to join KURM-FM.

Hays, an STAA client, will work in sales, programming and production. He is especially looking forward to covering the local high school sports scene.

“I really want to help the station get more in-depth on its high school coverage,” Hays says. “They have long wanted to do it but just didn’t have the people in place.”

Hays’ pursuit of this job was unusually sweet and easy. He found the job on the STAA job board. STAA sent Hays’ Talent Page demo and resume link to KURM GM Kermit Womack. When Hays followed-up with a phone call, Womack had already reviewed Hays’ material. He invited Hays to Rogers for an interview.

Hays is a 2004 graduate of Arkansas State University. He anticipates that he will fit-in well with his new co-workers. “It’s a younger staff and they all are hungry,” Hays says.” We can all contribute and work well off each other.”

Ironically, one of Hays’ new co-workers in Rogers is fellow STAA client Joe Sanders.

Hays joins KURM from East Arkansas Broadcasters, Inc. in Jonesboro. He will begin his new duties in late February or early March.

Suchon named voice of the Nuts

(February 7, 2007) Josh Suchon is swinging a hot bat. Suchon, an STAA client, is the new radio play-by-play voice of the Modesto Nuts.

It’s the second baseball play-by-play job Suchon has landed within the last month. In January, Suchon joined the United Winter Baseball League as Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations. In that capacity, he is handling play-by-play for 24 games on the Internet.

The Modesto Nuts are the Class-A California League affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. Suchon admits he wasn’t fully expecting to get the gig, “I was very surprised by the phone call but I jumped at it.”

As Voice of the Nuts, Suchon will actually be employed by Modesto’s ESPN Radio 790. In addition to play-by-play, he will also serve as a reporter for the radio station.

Previously, Suchon called games for the Watertown Indians of the New York-Penn League. He is also the author of “This Gracious Season: Barry Bonds & The Greatest Year in Baseball.” (Story by STAA)

Nuggets Schemmel to call minor league baseball

(February 6, 2007) Jerry Schemmel has been calling Denver Nuggets games on radio for 14 years. His ultimate dream, though, has always been to call Major League Baseball. To that end, Schemmel, an STAA client, has accepted the radio play-by-play job with the Billings Mustangs.

The Billings Mustangs. Rookie league baseball, endless bus rides, minimal pay. And, as Schemmel sees it, invaluable opportunity.

“I have always wanted to do baseball,” says Schemmel. “I have come semi-close to couple major league jobs. I felt like I needed a full season of minor league baseball to really have a shot at a Major League job. I needed to home by baseball skills.”

Schemmel, who will continue in his role with the Nuggets, is a life-long baseball fan. He played and coached at Washburn University in Topeka, KS. At 47, he believes that time is becoming a factor in his pursuit of a big league job. “I figure I better make a run next two years to have a shot at a No.2 job.”

Schemmel’s move from the big time to the minors isn’t without precedent. Two years ago, Indiana Pacers announcer Mark Boyle called games for Billings simply for the experience of calling minor league ball. Los Angeles Clippers announcer Matt Pinto called games for Great Falls last season.

“Mark Boyle had a lot of influence on my decision,” Schemmel says.  “He said it was a great experience for him.”

Despite his credentials, Schemmel will still be paid like a minor leaguer. That means a minimal monthly salary plus housing.

The move also means that Schemmel will spend some time this summer away from his wife Diane and his children Maggie and Ryan. However, his family is 100% supportive of Schemmel’s pursuit. They’re also looking forward to spending part of their summer in Billings.

“My wife is up for the adventure. She’s open-minded about it,” Schemmel says. She and the kids will stay in Billings with me for a while.
She knows the motivation and knows I want to do this.” (Story by STAA)

(Jerry had his demo and resume constructed by STAA.)

Saunders part of new Milwaukee afternoon show

(January 30, 2007) Milwaukee’s Sports Radio 1250 WSSP has announced that Gary and Cliff will be the station’s new afternoon show. The program, hosted by former Packer and Badger Football Player Gary Ellerson and STAA client Cliff Saundersis heard weekday afternoons from 2p-6p.

“I’m thrilled that we were able to get this deal done with Gary and Cliff.” Said WSSP Program Director Ryan Maguire. “Since we gave them the opportunity to do afternoons, listener response has been overwhelmingly positive. Soon after, it became pretty obvious we had a hit.”

Ellerson and Saunders had been serving as interim afternoon hosts since the discontinuation of The Peter Brown Show on December 7, 2006. Prior to that, they had been hosting the weekday 9a-11a time slot.

About Cliff Saunders
A veteran of sports-talk radio, Saunders was born in New York City and is a graduate of Buffalo State College. He got his start as a producer and overnight host at WGR-AM in Buffalo. He then moved on as the producer for The Fabulous Sports Babe Show at ESPN and then ABC Radio. He had a stint at Sporting News Radio in suburban Chicago before coming to WSSP as a producer and mid-day host in 2005. Saunders, 35 resides in Brookfield with his wife, Cheryl.

About Gary Ellerson
Former Wisconsin Badger Running Back Gary Ellerson, is no stranger to sports fans in Milwaukee. Following a stellar playing career at UW-Madison, Ellerson saw time in the USFL with the Memphis Showboats. He moved on to the NFL with the Green Bay Packers from 1985-86 and then with the Detroit Lions in 1987. Following his football career, Ellerson appeared as an analyst on local TV and Radio in Milwaukee before coming to WSSP full-time in 2005 as mid-day host. Ellerson, 43, resides in Muskego with his wife Marty and their 3 children.

Makovsky joins KFNS St. Louis

(January 25, 2007) The last piece of the new morning show at KFNS in St. Louis has been put in place. STAA client Evan Makovsky has been hired as Producer and On-Air Personality on ‘The Morning Grind’ with hosts Tim Mckernan and Bob Fescoe.

Makovsky will also host a weekend show.

A native of New York, Makovsky has spent the majority of his broadcast career in Southern California. Most recently, he was an anchor, reporter and host on 1540 The Ticket in Los Angeles. He also worked at the former XTRA Sports 690 in San Diego.