Three things you should do to help create your big break

An STAA follower is a rugby, cricket and soccer broadcaster in Sydney, Australia.

He’s worked hard to get his name out in the industry but wonders: what else can he do to create his big break?

Advancing your sportscasting career more often than not comes from who you know more than what you know. Introduce yourself to as many people as you can in the industry then build relationships with them.

Here are three ways to meet people:

1. Make introductions at games

Introduce yourself to the opponent’s broadcaster and/or director of media relations. Also say hi to members of the media who are covering the opponent. Get to know as many people as you can.

2. Attend industry events

Nothing beats meeting someone in person. It allows people to put a personality with your name. There are countless stories of people beginning lifelong friendships at conferences and seminars.

3. Use social media and email

If you can’t get somewhere to meet other sportscasters in person, the Internet makes it easier than ever to contact people. Reach out to folks on Twitter or Facebook. Direct message them. Send them emails. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how receptive even the biggest names in the industry will be to you contacting them for advice.

Everyone has someone who helped build their career and they are usually eager to pay it forward.

Never feel like you’re being a bother when reaching out to someone you would like to have serve as your mentor. People are usually eager to do it.

Finally, be sure to treat everyone with respect and always do your best at whatever you do. Those are the best ways to create your big break.

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