Wise Ways to Invest Your Extra Time into Your Career

The San Diego Chargers had a player in the 1990s named Darren Carrington. His locker room nickname was Prison Body because he was so ripped and had washboard abs. He looked like he’d been in prison where he’d had nothing to do except work out.

He looked a lot like me.

Well, maybe not.

While I can’t promise you washboard abs, I can share ways for you to strengthen your career by wisely investing the extra time we all have on our hands right now.

1. Self-critique your most recent work

You are your own harshest critic. You’ll hear and see things nobody else will, and it’s going to accelerate your development.

2. Trade critiques with a friend

“You critique my work; I’ll critique yours.”

3. Study the stars in the sports broadcasting industry

How do they do it? What questions do you have that can be answered by watching them?

Take notes. Memory is not reliable. Plus, you can go back and review your notes again and again.

4. Practice your delivery

This is something you can do whether you’re a play-by-play broadcaster, a sports-talk host, or a sports anchor reporter.

5. Take the time to update your demo

Sportscasters often put it off because they don’t have time. Well, you’ve got plenty of time now.

6. Create or update your personal website

In today’s job market, if you’re a business or individual without a personal website, it’s almost as if you don’t exist. Take this extra time to provide yourself with a tool that’s going to set you apart in the job market.

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