4 Tips For Winning Your Job Interview

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A radio station employer in Michigan was looking for a new Sports Director. Following a phone interview with a candidate in South Dakota, the employer thought he might have found his guy. He brought him to Michigan for a second, informal interview over dinner.

That’s when things fell apart.

The individual’s table manners were so raw, the employer knew there was no way he could hire this person as a representative of his station.

Besides using your napkin if a prospective employer takes you to dinner, there are several other tips, tricks and secrets for winning your next job interview.

Here are four things to know before you interview:

1. Be genuine

Most employers evaluate the interview based upon how well they get to know you.

2. There are no wrong answers

Answer truthfully and from your heart. A sports talk candidate once told ESPN Radio in a job interview that he did not eat, live and breathe sports. He got the job.

3. Don’t try to force your answers to fit the job

If you are interviewing for the Yankees play-by-play job and they ask you about your passion in life, you don’t have to say, “sports broadcasting and play-by-play.” It might sound disingenuous and like you are trying too hard.

4. Do your homework

Research the person/people with whom you will be interviewing, research the organization and its ownership, and research the city or market. You’ll be able to answer direct questions about these topics and you’ll be able to organically drop information into the interview that will impress the employer.

Failure to prepare for your job interview is preparing to fail. Be ready.

This is part one in a four-part series covering everything you need to know to knock your next job interview out of the park.

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