Wilson has full-time job waiting upon graduation

Ben Wilson(February 23, 2015) Ben Wilson has a job waiting for him upon graduation in May from the University of Missouri. An STAA member, Wilson has been hired by the Digity Radio cluster in Moberly, MO as an announcer, news reporter and play-by-play broadcaster. Wilson will begin working part-time right away, beginning with calling play-by-play for the high school basketball playoffs. He’ll then transition to full-time after receiving his diploma.

“Having a job secured three months before graduation is extremely satisfying, and even more relieving,” says Wilson. “I knew the closer I got towards graduation without a job, the more nerve-racking the application process would be with thousands of seniors like myself applying for a limited number of sports broadcasting jobs. I feel very fortunate to have found a job that was both a great fit and close in proximity to my current location.”

The Moberly group of stations has employed many STAA members over the years. When the most recently opportunity arose, GM Brad Boyer called STAA yet again. STAA sent the job lead to members on February 2nd. Less than three weeks later, Wilson was offered the position.

On the advice of STAA, Wilson made one key addition to his demo before applying for the job.

“I added a minute-long news update to my radio demo,” Wilson says. “I knew that, in addition to play-by-play, there would be some news reporting elements of the job as well. Versatility is imperative, especially with entry-level positions where you are required to do other things for the station when not calling games. This addition to my demo helped sell myself as an all-around journalist, and definitely played a factor in getting hired.

“ This station is a great fit, as it will allow me to get a lot of play-by-play reps on multiple sports right away, which is exactly what I was looking for in a first job out of school. In addition, the station is a short drive north of Columbia, where I currently go to school. Being able to live in the same city where I’ve spent the past four years made this job opportunity extremely appealing.”

Wilson is also grateful for the chance to work part-time until graduation. “It will give me the opportunity to get comfortable with the staff and get my feet wet before beginning full-time.”

(Visit Ben’s STAA Talent Page).

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