Will Scott heads home to Texas to cover NFL for Chat Sports

Will Scott’s fall weekends have consisted of football, and only football, for as long as he can remember. “That’s always been the sport I follow the most. I grew up a diehard LSU and Houston Texans fan,” he reminisces.

Now, Scott’s football passion is also his career. An STAA member, Scott has joined Chat Sports as a host and analyst for their Miami Dolphins coverage on YouTube and podcasts. “I am really pumped to cover what should be an exciting team,” Scott enthuses.

Chat Sports is a live and on-demand sports video news network based in Dallas. Coincidentally, Scott is a Texas native. “The opportunity to be back in my home state of Texas full-time is something I’ve wanted for a while now.”

Scott found the Chat Sports opportunity in an STAA job leads email. “It was about a three-week long interview process that included submitting two mock on-air segments, one of which was live over Zoom.”

Variety of Experience

Scott is a 2021 Syracuse graduate. While in upstate New York, Scott gained experience in everything from radio play-by-play and talk show hosting to TV anchoring and reporting. He spent last summer as a broadcasting and media relations assistant with Triple-A baseball’s Syracuse Mets. When he applied for the Chat Sports job, he strategically selected the contents of his reel.

“I made a reel that was separate from my play-by-play reel that featured more of my work with CitrusTV, specifically the sports betting show I hosted there called Beat the Bookie,” Scott recalls. “It also featured some pre-game videos I did for the Syracuse Mets. I was able to showcase my personality a little bit more with this reel, which was good.

“I also did my homework on the company and watched a lot of their content, which helped in the interview process.”

Sports Talk Passion

Though Scott has done considerable play-by-play, he’s long had an interest and passion for sports talk. “I always really enjoyed hosting shows for the Syracuse student TV and radio stations. And I think my personality makes me a good fit for a role like this where you need to express your opinions on sports topics.

“Plus, I am so happy to in a great city like Dallas!”

Scott has been an STAA member since 2020. His advice to new members is simple. “Take advantage of the resources on the website! I look at them all the time and they are a huge help. Also reach out to [STAA Owner] Jon Chelesnik for job advice because he’s a great resource.”

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