Widmeier gets two offers, chooses KATE 1450

Mitch Widmeier(September 4,2015) Like many sportscasters, Mitch Widmeier was finding it difficult to get a job offer. Then all of the sudden, he had two. The one he has accepted is from KATE 1450 AM in Albert Lea, MN where he is taking over as Sports Directory.

Ironically, Widmeier is replacing fellow STAA member Jim Sannes who have moved to the East Coast.

Widmeier had interviewed for a handful of jobs when things really started heating up in August. At the same time that KATE offered him a job, Widmeier heard from another station that had interviewed him but ended up offering their job to someone else. When the other candidate changed his mind about accepting the position, the station offered it to Widmeier.

“I had some things to consider, Widmeier says. “Ultimately the job in Minnesota appealed to me more because of the vast array of things I’ll be able to do and because I was their first choice. There was something to be said for them having me as their A plan and first option that made me feel really welcomed.”

As it is for many others in the sportscasting job market, staying patient was a challenge while Widmeier was on the hunt. Instead of letting frustration derail his search, Widmeier employed a useful strategy.

“My plan was to have a full time gig when I graduated in May and things didn’t pan out that way. I remained patient. There were two situations where it came down to one other candidate and myself. In both instances, they chose the other candidate. I allowed myself one day to be angry and sulk and the next day I woke up with a fresh perspective and excitement to get back out and apply again. If you can’t handle the word ‘no’ in this industry, good luck.”

Widmeier relied on STAA to ensure that he was putting out the best possible materials when applying for job applications.

“STAA has been huge for me. First off, Jon put in a good word for me with the opening I ended up getting. There’s an enormous amount of credibility with STAA in the industry as I learned along the way. But besides the job market and the job search STAA has helped in many other ways. How to make a cover letter look, how your demos should sound, what should be on your demos, the member makeovers. Everything involved with being a member on the site should be used to a members full advantage and that’s what I tried doing.

“I came across STAA two years ago. Just about every single day I would go straight to the job forum. And very frequently I would see “FILLED BY STAA MEMBER,” Widmeier smiles. “There’s a sense of satisfaction and a sense of feeling really damn good when I go on and see “FILLED BY STAA MEMBER” and seeing that for this particular opening it was filled by me.”

(Visit Mitch’s STAA Talent Page).

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