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Feeling stuck in your sports broadcasting career?

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  • Not getting enough interest from employers?
  • Desiring a better quality of life?

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Like you, I will always be a sportscaster. Over 18 years, I sometimes struggled to pay my bills. I fought self-doubt when my career didn’t unfold as fast as I wanted. I persevered, though, and spent four years at ESPN Radio.

You can achieve your goals, too.

Looking back, I regret that I didn’t do everything I could to go as far as I could. It wasn’t lack of desire. It was because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

You don’t have to experience those regrets. Helping you avoid them I why I started STAA in 2006.

You have ability. To take the next step, you need to know where the jobs are and how to get them. STAA will help you.

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Colin Kushner

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“I feel like Jon and I almost earned this one together. We were corresponding on an almost a daily basis with him providing the correct advice how to handle applying for the job. STAA is the best money I spend every month.”

Will Palaszczuk

Host, SB Nation Radio

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