Why getting fired can be great for your career

In 2003, wild fires raged throughout much of where I live in Southern California. I’ll always remember flying into the airport and seeing thousands of acres of red-orange flames and billowing black smoke stretching its fingers upwards toward the airplane. The land looked hopeless, like nothing would ever grow there again.

getting fired

Today, that same ground is full of young, strong, beautiful pine trees, colorful wild flowers and sagebrush. The land flourished following disaster.

Getting fired in sports broadcasting can be similar. I have seen countless broadcasters build their careers upon getting fired – always taking a step forward after what looked like a step back. Never despair if you lose your job.

A friend of mine had been at a radio station for more than a year. Everything was going great until all of the sudden this past July, they told him his position was being eliminated. He and his wife had just had a baby and now he was unemployed. He was beside himself with despair.

My friend allowed himself one day of pity, then he hit the job market. Six weeks later, he has been hired in a much larger market at twice his previous salary.

He flourished following disaster.

It is easy to get complacent in our careers. Losing a job, though, can help us realize how much we’ve grown, how much we have to offer a new employer and how much more our experience and ability are worth on the open market.

Nobody wants to be fired. If it happens, though, embrace the chance that it might move you forward.


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