Walkovic delays graduation for Cubs job

Dave Walkovic(December 26, 2011) Dave Walkovic is so determined to launch a baseball play-by-play career he is delaying his college graduation six months. An STAA client, Walkovic has accepted a Broadcasting and Media Relations Assistant position with the Daytona Cubs.

Walkovic is scheduled to graduate from Penn State in May, four months after the Cubs job begins. Instead of missing out on the Cubs opportunity, Walkovic will wait until December to graduate.

“Being in affiliated baseball even before I have my degree means I’ll have more to offer once I graduate,” Walkovic says. “When I got the offer, I thought about it and talked about it with a bunch of people and decided it was just too good to pass up. The timing of the end of the [Cubs] season and the start of the fall semester just works out.”

While at Penn State, Walkovic has broadcast Nittany Lions baseball, as well as football, men’s and women’s basketball, hockey, soccer, softball and lacrosse. He is excited about watching future big leaguers play in Daytona.

“In a couple years some of these [players] are going to be playing on the [Chicago] Cubs. Then come June, some of the guys they draft in the higher rounds might be in Daytona by the end of the year.”

An STAA client since September, Walkovic appreciates the services and assistance he has received.

“STAA has been tremendous,” he says. “I’ve learned so much from [STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik] and the forums and everyone associated with STAA. Jon really helped me prep for the Winter Meetings, where this all happened. If I had gone done there not knowing what was going on, I probably wouldn’t have got the job. I went down there prepared and knowing what to expect and how to interview.”

The decision to delay graduation was difficult for Walkovic. He says what put it over the top was a last minute conversation with Cubs Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations Robbie Aaron. “Robbie called me right before I took the job and said, ‘If you need any more convincing, just tell me what the weather is like up there [in State College].’ I said, ‘its 30 and raining.’ He said, ‘its 80 and sunny [in Daytona]. I might hit the beach after work.’ The climate [in Daytona] is incredible. I’m looking forward to getting away from the deathly winter of State College at least for another year,” Walkovic grins.

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