Veteran sportscasters: evolve or die

peyton-manningPeyton Manning played 17 seasons in the NFL. At age 39, he had to work even harder than when he was 29 just to stay in the league. No detail was too small for Manning to overlook.

Experience didn’t guarantee him employment.

As a veteran sportscaster, you have to take the Peyton Manning approach to your sportscasting career.

Having considerable experience doesn’t mean you no longer have to work hard in the job market.

We have an STAA member who has enjoyed a highly successful career. While he is closing in on the end of it, he is still employable. However, he refuses to do the things that are necessary to give himself a chance. He won’t take the time to write a compelling cover letter, his resume is bloated, he refuses to follow-up his applications, he won’t learn audio and video editing software, he refuses to embrace social media and he won’t write a blog.

He also probably won’t ever work again.

The variables that a 20-year sportscasting veteran must address when searching for more work are exactly the same as for someone who is just graduating college:

  1. Make sure your demo is giving employers enough of what they are looking for
  2. Be sure that your resume is formatted effectively
  3. Write a cover letter that enhances your candidacy
  4. Present your application in a clean, professional manner
  5. Follow up your application with polite persistence

Many veteran sportscasters think they are above having to pay attention to such details. They believe that their name, reputation and accomplishments should speak for themselves. “If this employer can’t see my greatness on my resume, then screw ‘em.” I hear different variations of that theme every…single…week.

I wonder — do those veteran sportscasters ever stop to think that maybe the reason they are no longer getting what they want from their career isn’t because they are always getting screwed, but maybe because they aren’t doing things the right way?

Work is not guaranteed because of seniority. Evolve or die.

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