Setting yourself apart from other white male TV talent

I am proud of the advances the TV broadcasting industry has made in diversity hiring. There are countless more opportunities today for women, African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians. That is a great thing.

Interestingly, the diversification of our industry has prompted a challenge that didn’t used to exist.

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A white male TV sportscaster I know is looking for an agent. He is supremely talented, yet the agents keep telling him the same thing, “I’ve already got five guys just like you.” He asked me how he can set himself apart from other white male sports anchor/reporters.

This is not the first time I’ve heard such a conundrum.

Warmth and personality are key on TV

On the air, emphasize your most outstanding attributes, whether it is likability, approachability, sense of humor, quick wit or something else. Don’t dial back because you think it is more “professional.”

I told my friend, “You are different from anyone else. Showcase it. Don’t hold back. Put the best you out there for everyone to enjoy.”

While these suggestions were prompted by a question from a white guy, the advice is applicable to all sportscasters.

There are a lot more job seekers than job openings. Showcasing the best parts of your personality is a great way to separate yourself no matter what your background is.

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