Top 20 sports broadcasting schools

Three of the toughest choices you’ll make in life are your spouse, your first round fantasy football pick and where you will attend college to pursue your sports broadcasting career. I can’t help you with the first two, but I certainly can with the third.

Two things to look for when choosing where to pursue your sports broadcasting career:

  • A broadcasting curriculum – even better if there is a sports broadcasting emphasis.
  • A campus radio and/or TV station. You need a place to hone your skills.

waer-syracuseThere is no arguing that Syracuse University is the crème de la crème for sports broadcasting. Just ask them! (Just kidding. The program really is that good.)

In my experience with STAA, I have seen the following schools also turn out sports broadcasters who are unusually well prepared for the job market (They are in no particular order, so don’t yell at me if your school isn’t near the top of the list.) With that in mind, here’s my list.

The Top 20 sports broadcasting schools:

  1. Syracuse
  2. Hofstra
  3. Kansas University
  4. Ohio U.
  5. Arizona State
  6. U. of Miami (The U!. They’re as good at sportscasting as they used to be at football.)
  7. Kansas State
  8. Northwestern
  9. Boston U. (especially if you want to be a hockey broadcaster)
  10. Northeastern
  11. North Texas (Granted, things have dropped off since Bill Mercer retired)
  12. Penn State
  13. USC (Trojans, not Gamecocks)
  14. U. of Florida
  15. Missouri
  16. Indiana
  17. Ohio State
  18. Fordham
  19. TCU

And the underdog of all schools that offer sports broadcasting? Tiny Emerson College in Boston.

Emerson lacks the national reputation of Syracuse but is just as good. The students that come out of here are studs, as is the guy who teaches them, John Rooke.

If you believe your school is worthy of being on my list of the top sports broadcasting schools, send me an email at I’ll evaluate your recommendation and consider adding it to a future list.


  1. SCSU Grad:

    Was St. Cloud State University (St Cloud, MN) even considered? Only a mulitimillion dollar Television facility run by students (endless opportunities) and SCSU only wins national “Best Live Sports Broadcast” awards from all over the country. Just saying, you really missed a gem on this list.

    • PSU Grad

      I agree this list just seems like universities with $$$. Coming from a similar institution as St. Cloud. Pittsburg St Univ. (Kansas) has all the equipment to run fully HD productions, live sports broadcasts and students are all responsible for whats on the largest jumbotron in Division 2 athletics. Students set up all the equipment with no help of an engineer. They also just recently got the same replay system used by NBC in the Winter Olympics. …and like St. Cloud, have won national awards in live sports production in recent years.

  2. Wayne Larrivee

    Thanks for including Emerson College in Boston, Ma. my alma mater! A great experience to study and work in the Boston market.

  3. Clay

    Is Western Kentucky or Ball State valuable options?

  4. Tim

    Where does Temple and Univ of Maryland at College Park stand?

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  7. Jim Robinson

    Connecticut School of Broadcasting is the perfect place to get the skills needed to start a career in the sports industry. Here’s a student testimonial that really explains why Connecticut School of Broadcasting should be your first step towards a rewarding broadcasting career

  8. DPS

    What about Casey School at University of Georgia?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Certainly a good school but it is very rare that I come across the work of anyone from the Casey School. I don’t think we’ve had any UGA students apply for our Jim Nantz Award and All-America program since 2013 and maybe only 2 or 3 have applied all-time.

      • DPS

        Thanks for the quick reply. I noticed that there is no reply to the question about Maryland. Any thoughts on that program?

        • Jon Chelesnik

          I want to be careful not to comment on schools about which I don’t know very much. My Top 20 is based upon the number of students I see getting jobs from a given school and upon the work I hear from the students. U of Maryland crosses my radar infrequently on both fronts.

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  11. Mitch

    I’m 40 and looking to career change into broadcasting (preferably baseball play by play). I have a bachelors and masters already in my previous career (business and accounting). Should I still plan on needing to enroll into a broadcasting college program in order to start obtaining experience in the industry?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      HI Mitch — yes, that would be your best bet because you are going to need instruction on the sublteties of baseball play-by-play and get some reps under your belt as well. Something else to know is that most jobs in minor league baseball include media relations duties as well — writing press releases, game recaps, game notes, etc. You will likely need those skills as well. An occasional alternative would be if you can sell advertising for the team.

  12. Don Chiodo

    Central Michigan. Lot’s of folks working in industry. Several radio stations, award winning tv station.

  13. Eric Sutera

    I would like to recommend Western Illinois University. Just graduated from there with a degree in Sports broadcasting. Their program gave me plenty of opportunities to dive straight into the industry from my first day as a freshman. The program has won numerous National Broadcasting Society awards for sports and our submissions always end up in the top 3-5 placements.

  14. Karen Hall

    How do you feel about the University of Florida as an option? Also wondering about Elon.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Karen — I love UF. They are 14th on the list and are underrated when the subject of top broadcasting schools arises.

      Not as high on Elon. I see more of their grads, at least those who pursued TV, getting jobs off-air or not working in the industry at all. I don’t know if the latter is their choice or if it is because they are unprepared. Also, the demos they have upon graduation feature a lot of studio-based discussion shows for which entry level jobs don’t exist, and little or no sports anchoring and reporting, which is where the jobs are.

      Feel free to call me if you want to discuss things further.

      • Karen Hall

        Thank you for your answer. I’ve spent my entire adult life in show business and my son (now age 15) has been saying that he wants to be a sportscaster since he was 6. I know from my own experience that it’s important for him to go to a college that will really prepare him for success. We have a home in Florida and we’re all Gator fans (not that THAT will influence us in his decision…) Syracuse is cold and a long way away!

        • Jon Chelesnik

          Hi Karen. Another university in Florida that has a terrific broadcasting school is the University of South Florida. For any school you are considering, I am glad to put you in touch with recent alumni of that school that you and your son could talk to.

  15. Greg

    What do you think of the University of Maryland’s Povich School of Sports Journalism? My son is thinking about transferring there for this specific school and program.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Greg. Thanks for your question. I only have passing familiarity with Maryland’s program. You might check to see if their Sports Journalism program is more focused on non-broadcasting media. I haven’t seen many of their grads getting sports broadcasting jobs in recent years and they haven’t distinguished themselves in STAA’s annual All-America program which highlights some of the nation’s most outstanding collegiate sports broadcasters. I don’t know that we’ve ever had more than two of their grads apply in a given year.

      The program may be great. What I write here is based exclusively on my observations.

  16. chan

    What do you think of University of Georgia my son wants to be a analyst for basketball.

  17. chan

    what is the best option for my son if uga is not.

  18. Carson

    I’m a sophomore in high school, but it is very clear to me sports communications is my passion and is what I will be focusing on in college. I’ve seen UGA high on lots of lists and because of other factors it has emerged as an early front runner for me, but you don’t seem too high on it. What are some other large schools with good football and basketball teams that you would recommend? I’m interested on getting a personal opinion as opposed to just reading off a list somewhere. Thank you very much.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Carson. Of course, the schools on this list are the ones I most see developing sportscasters who are ready for the job market. Feel free to call me to discuss.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Some more thoughts on Georgia…

      Their news broadcasting program is outstanding. They also have a sports journalism program that is very well run. However, they don’t have a specific degree program in sports broadcasting. Also, their TV sportscasting instruction is stronger than their instruction for radio sportscasting. Students on the sports radio side still have to kind of figure out things on their own.

  19. Average Joe

    My son is a freshman in high school and is really interested in sports broadcasting. Is there anything you can suggest to prepare for that now? Do you know if local stations offer opportunities, internships any suggestions would be appreciated…

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Joe — From one dad to another, good looking out for your son.

      A few suggestions:
      1. Seek an internship in the programming department at a local station. A sports station would be great, but he will learn a ton inside any station.

      2. Try to get a job as a “board op.” That’s the guy who turns the mics off and on and plays the commercials. He’ll learn a lot and make a few bucks.

      3. Take speech, debate and acting classes. All will help tremendously with on-air performance.

      Feel free to ask additional questions. You can email and call me as well. Good luck to your son!

  20. Courtney

    I really want to be a sideline reporter do you have a recommendation on the best college to transfer to?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Courtney — to be a sideline reporter you need to learn basic TV sports reporting skills. Syracuse, Florida, USC, Arizona State and Missouri are among many schools that would prepare you well.

  21. Joe Konietzko

    I really want to commantate for the nba any reccomendations for that?

  22. Kira Grant

    Hi John– what do you think about Temple University?

  23. Conner

    What do you think about North Carolina at Chapel Hill?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Conner — The school has rarely, if ever, been represented in the history of STAA’s All-America program. Other than that, though, I don’t know enough about their program to offer an education opinion.

  24. jordan kendall

    from md in junior year of high school any local reccomdation for college to major in sports broadcasting

  25. James O'Connell

    Hey Jon, I am currently a freshman at sacred heart university in Connecticut. Is the difference in the program at my school that lesser of a school such as Hofstra? I am currently thinking about transferring there.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi James — tough call. UCON certainly doesn’t have the sports broadcasting history of Hofstra. One of our former STAA members, Ryan Provencher, attended UCON as a frosh then transferred to Boston U. However, I don’t know why. One of our current members, Jeffrey Lemon, is currently a senior at UCON and has gained considerable experience. You might ask his advice.

      Wherever you go, as long as you are getting reps, you will get out of it what you put into it.

      Two questions for you:

      1. Why did you choose UCON in the first place? The reasons you had then might still apply.

      2. How much do you feel like you are receiving instruction in the art of sports broadcasting in Storrs?


  26. Caren Gallaher

    Hi Jon,
    My son is a Junior and we are on the college hunt. He has attended Play by Play broadcast camps since he was in 6th grade and is the lead analyst on his high school broadcast team. He knows what he wants to do with his life and now we are trying to help him find the best route. Syracuse is definitely his top choice and we are visiting in February. I was hoping you could tell me how you ranked your schools (or actually how they made the list)? Is it based on job placement/job readiness? Also I would be interested in your thoughts on undergraduate vs postgraduate education in sports broadcast as well. Thanks so much. Your website has been really interesting.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Caren — thank you for your question.

      Schools are chosen based upon several factors:

      1. How often I see their alums getting jobs.

      2. The quality of the work of their students based upon what I see and hear through my daily administration of STAA.

      One huge advantage for me in choosing this list is STAA’s annual All-America program where we try to identify the top collegiate sportscasters in the country. We regularly receive quality submissions from students who attend schools on this list.

      Postgraduate education is always helpful for making a person exceptionally well-rounded. However, a Masters is totally unnecessary for on-air sports broadcasting pursuits. If your son might one day aspire to a management position in our industry, then the postgraduate degree could be helpful.

      If you and you son ever want to call me, feel free. 949-648-7822. That offer is open to everyone who posts on this page. I’m always glad to answer questions

  27. Wendy E


    My son is awaiting a decision from Syracuse and has an acceptance from Hofstra, Western Illinois, Alabama and Kent State (great scholarship offer from here). He wants to do play by play and has already has called some games for our local high school, as well as attended Penn State’s broadcasting camp. We want him to have the best opportunity and cost is somewhat of a consideration. It will be his decision, but of course we want to give him good guidance. What thoughts do you have on best opportunity for play by play education in college and quick career placement after graduation considering these schools? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Wendy,

      Thank you for your note.

      Syracuse and Hofstra are easily the two best schools on your list for instruction, on-air opportunities and a history of success for grads in the job market.

      Penn State has a fabulous program, as well. If your son enjoyed their camp, the school might be worth considering.

  28. Julie B.

    HI Jon,
    Your website is so helpful! My son is a junior, and we’re deep in the college search. He wants to go into sports broadcasting. He’d love to apply to Syracuse, but it is SO difficult to get into Newhouse. Do you know anything about Webster University and Bradley University? Thank you so much!

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Julie — one of our STAA members, Scott Lunte, is a 2016 Webster U. grad. He was prepared well enough to land a radio job immediately upon graduation. However, he is the only graduate of the school that I know personally.

      Bradley U. certainly has the longer track record. They are also building their program even more with support, financial and otherwise, from graduate Charlie Steiner who broadcasts Dodgers games. One of Bradley’s instructors, Dave Snell, is a friend of mine and I have great confidence in him.

      • Julie B.

        Hi again Jon,
        Thank you so much for your reply, and for the very helpful service you provide!! I have one more ?. My son is all over the place with where he wants to go. He wants to go as far away from home as possible, while we’re trying to balance affordability and the best program with the best chances of landing a job. I know you say Emerson is the underdog of the group, and ASU is on the list, and they’re not in any order, but would you have a preference between those two schools? I keep on going back to your list, and using it as our guide. Thank you very much!

        • Jon Chelesnik

          Hi Julie — glad the website is helpful.

          Today, I would choose ASU over Emerson. Emerson used to have one of the top sports broadcasting instructors in the country, John Rooke. He left last January. I’m not saying that Emerson doesn’t still have great instructors — I don’t know if they do or they don’t. However, John was the common denominator in all the great applicants I received from Emerson for STAA’s annual All-America program over the years. Last Spring, the first without John at Emerson, the school was not represented in our ranking of the Top 20 most outstanding collegiate sportscasters in the country.

  29. Logan M.

    Hi Jon, your website has guided me through the beginning steps of choosing a college, I would like to be a sports broadcaster but also want to stay close to home (southeast Pennsylvania), what would you say is the best school for me balancing those two factors?

  30. Doug Rowand

    Hello Jon,

    Great list, good to know Hofstra is a top school for a field I’m so interested in. Further more, was wondering if you had any other input on schools on Long Island that offer similar programs. Any insight on the Connecticut school of broadcasting? Really appreciate it!

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Doug — glad the list has been helpful. Thanks for letting me know.

      Fordham isn’t on Long Island but it’s in the region and is worth a look. CSB has been around forever. In my observation, though, their gradates are best prepared for working behind the scenes — even those who entered the program with on-air sports broadcasting aspirations. It is rare that I come across a sports broadcaster who graduated from CSB. One who did, though, is Philly sports talk host Eytan Shander.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Doug — glad the list has been helpful. Thanks for letting me know.

      Fordham isn’t on Long Island but it’s in the region and is worth a look. CSB has been around forever. In my observation, though, their gradates are best prepared for working behind the scenes — even those who entered the program with on-air sports broadcasting aspirations. It is rare that I come across a sports broadcaster who graduated from CSB. One who did, though, is Philly sports talk host Eytan Shander.

  31. Josie Dunlap-Smith

    Hello, our son is not only interested in sports broadcasting, but would like to play golf at the D3 level. He has looked at Bellarmine University which has a sports broadcasting degree. Do you have any thoughts? Or ideas for schools that aren’t D1? Thank you.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Josie. Thanks for your question.

      While I don’t have specific knowledge about Bellarmine, the fact that they have a sports broadcasting degree is SUPER cool. While some schools have added a sports broadcasting-specific degree in recent years, the total number is still quite few.

      Another small school to consider is Dean College in New England. Their program is too new to have a track record. I recommend looking into it, though, because their sports broadcasting program is being built from the ground up by someone for whom I have tremendous respect, John Rooke.

      I don’t know off-hand of any other smaller schools to recommend. Your question has made me realize that my knowledge is mostly rooted in the larger schools.

      The alumni networks are one of the greatest values of the larger schools. When considering smaller schools, I strongly suggest being sure that the people doing the teaching have worked as sports broadcasters themselves.

  32. Zepenguino 1

    Hello, I am in High school and I was wondering how good of a school is Miami university for broadcasting. I was also wondering, when I look at these schools and search for there major some didn’t have it. Is there different name for sports broadcasting if, so can you name them.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi — thanks for your question.

      I don’t know much about the program at Miami U. (I’m assuming you are referring to the school in Oxford, OH. As I’ve touched upon in other parts of this comments section, if I don’t know anything about a particular program, it’s because I rarely, if ever, see their grads getting sports broadcasting jobs.

      I know an aspiring sportscaster who is currently a student at Miami U. If you would like me to put you in contact with him, send me an email,

      Most schools don’t have a sports broadcasting major. Instead, look for a major in Radio-Television or broadcasting.

  33. JJ

    Hi Jon, Thanks so much for this list and your shared insights. Very helpful to base a search. Our son is wondering your thoughts on the programs at U of Oregon, Washington State, San Jose State in addition to ASU & TCU. And, are there any others in CA besides USC that you might suggest? He’s most interested in play-by-play announcing. We’re wondering also if going to an undergrad program in for example history or poli sci, followed by a grad program at one of these schools you recommend would be a route you’d suggest? Money is a consideration so am not asking that lightly – just trying to help him gather info so he can narrow his list. Thanks in advance!

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi JJ — great questions.

      You’ve done your homework well.

      USC, ASU and WSU are tops on your list. USC doesn’t have a sports broadcasting major yet I keep encountering their graduates who are VERY well prepared for the sports broadcasting job market. Same with ASU, and they continue to build their program.

      Oregon was not on my map until the past two years. I have since encountered two very well prepared graduates of the Ducks program.

      San Jose State is at the next level down, but still solid.

      In Cali, Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College (don’t confuse the two) are both worth a look.

      • JJ

        Thanks Jon! Gives us a few more to look into. Another question: At what point would you suggest an aspiring broadcast announcer get in touch with you/join the STAA program? Jr. year in college? Or before?

  34. jordan kendall

    Opinion of temple?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Jordan — thank you for your question. I don’t know a ton about Temple’s program. However, I have seen enough of their guys in recent years to encourage you to take a close look at the school.

      Please let me know if you have additional questions.

  35. Josie Dunlap-Smith

    Hello Jon, I contacted you a little bit ago about smaller schools for sports broadcasting. My son, Gabe, has looked at Baldwin Wallace, which has a broadcasting degree, but not a sports broadcasting degree. Their broadcasting facility is not much better than he’s had in high school, but to be fair, his high school facility is terrific. He has been assured he can do PBP for almost everything there since no one else really does it. It is very close to the Cleveland market and has been told he will be considered for internships by the major sports teams there. He is also interested in Bellarmine in Louisville. They have a sports broadcasting degree headed by former broadcaster Gary Fogle. Not nearly as big a market, but also a chance to broadcast regularly for the school. We all know how important networking in this field can be. Do you think being close to the Cleveland area will afford him more opportunities for job connections due to their varied pro sports or would you put more emphasis on working within a sports broadcasting program? Thanks for any opinions you have!

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Josie — tough call. It matters less whether the degree is in broadcasting or sports broadcasting and MORE about the teacher. Having an instructor who has BEEN a sports broadcaster AND who knows how to teach is a home run. I’m not familiar with Gary, so I have no additional insight there.

      If Gabe hustles, he can get internships and make life-long contacts from anywhere, especially with social media. I give more weight to getting instruction from someone who knows the industry over market size.

      One big thing in favor of Baldwin Wallace is that he’ll get a ton of reps. The catch is that those reps will be of minimal value if he doesn’t have someone telling him what he needs to be working on.

      I have an idea for Gabe that I prefer not to mention here. Feel free to email me at or call me at 949-648-7822 if you’d like to hear about it.

  36. Connor Clark

    Hi Mr. Chelesnik, I am a freshman in high school that is wanting to be a play by play announcer for preferably basketball or baseball. I also want to go to a bigger school with some national relevance, do you have any suggestions?

  37. Kelly

    Hello Jon,

    My son and I stumbled across your list while researching top sports broadcasting schools. Chase is a high school Junior in Houston, TX and is certain that this will be his career path. He is currently doing PBP and color commentary for a live-streaming sports channel in the area featuring all 4, 5, and 6A events across the region. He also does voice-over work for the high school and is the “head anchor” for their high school news program. This summer he was selected to attend a summer Journalism program at George Mason University and is very much looking forward to this experience. Finally, he has made several legitimate connections “in the business” and is currently pursuing internships in the area. From what we’ve researched, it appears he is doing many of the right things, but we are torn regarding the next steps. I feel it is important for him to get experience in a quality/reputable program but don’t want him to risk losing some of this momentum. We have visited and have been considering the University of Houston, which would allow him to stay involved in the things he is doing now. And while the school itself is fantastic in many areas, they are not recognized for their journalism/communications/broadcasting program and is quite frankly, somewhat underwhelming in this area. What would you recommend as a best option for success – maintain the course locally with hands-on reps, internships and a mediocre broadcasting program or balance his current experience with a recognized program emphasizing Sports Broadcasting and continue with local PBP and internships over the summer and breaks? We are interested in and are planning visits to: AZ State, Northwestern IL, North Texas, Syracuse, MU and KU. (We are originally from the Kansas City area and have ties to St.Louis, so MU and KU are top choices, as well). I realize there isn’t one right answer, but I appreciate and look forward to your insight.

  38. Amelia

    Thanks for the list. I’m interested in sports media but more focused on digital content. Which of these schools have the best programs for digital sports media? Are there schools not listed with string digital sports media programs?

  39. Zepenguino 1

    Hello, I wanted to know your thoughts on the university of Oregon

  40. Mazmuzhik

    Hi, I was wondering if this list applied at the masters degree level, or does it change slightly?

  41. Kim Berlin

    Can you tell me what you know about Western Illinois and their Sport Broadcasting program. We did a school visit today and not knowing what to compare it to we came away impressed with the head of the department and with what some of the students had to say.

  42. Rebecca Fletcher

    Is the only way to get into sports communication and broadcasting is by attending a four-year university? Or are there Tech / Vocational schools that offer good programs?

  43. Zepenguino 1

    Which schools from this list have a sports broadcasting specialty or do they all have it as a specialty.

  44. Jacob Clendenny

    I am currently a junior in high school, and am very interested about looking into the possibility of going to college for sports broadcasting/sports journalism. I see this list has colleges for sports broadcasting, but do you have any suggestions on schools for sports journalism? I’m looking forward to potentially maintaining a job in the future such as the one Colin Cowherd has today, that’s what I’m specifically interested in. Do you have any suggestions?

  45. Steven Michael

    Looking for a Sports Broadcasting Masters program with a school that has a Baseball program?

  46. Luke Audus

    How about Kansas University. Is there program basketball?

  47. Ismeal


  48. Pam Harborth Weatherman

    What are your top recommendations for schools in Texas? Thanks in advance!

  49. David Whaley

    Hello John, What do you know about Catawba in North Carolina, or Newberry also in North Carolina, Barry in Florida. My son is looking at playing college basketball and these school have invited him to their Elite Camp. He is tempted to go to Emerson because he love their Sports Broadcasting program…but I feel he can play at a higher level… Is the Emerson program really that strong?

  50. Daniel McGuire

    i am going into senior year of high school with a gpa barely under 3. I plan on majoring in sports broadcasting however all the schools listed above would be reach schools for sure? do you have any suggestions of colleges with a respectable program that’s a bit easier to get into? my sat score is around 1110. thanks

  51. Carson

    Hi Jon, I’ve reached out to you to ask a question before. I’m going to be a junior and I think Syracuse seems to be a great option for college, but I was wondering what you know about their undergrad options there? Essentially, if the school looks good to me overall but the sports broadcasting is what really puts it over the top, is it worth me going there for undergrad based off of that aspect or should I wait to go there for grad school? Generally, any more information you have on the opportunities there in grad vs. undergrad would be very helpful. Thanks

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Carson. It is definitely worth attending Syracuse for your undergrad. You’ll receive four years of elite instruction, you’ll get a ton of reps in a competitive environment (which will help you grow even more) and you’ll build lifelong relationships that will benefit your career for the rest of your life.

  52. Anthony

    Hi Jon, I am going into my junior year in high school and I am starting to look at colleges. I want to pursue sports broadcasting as my career most but even sports psychology or sports management would be anither option. My guidance counselor told me that Temple was a great school for sports broadcasting. Is that true? Thank you.

  53. Amy

    Hello, Jon
    Are there colleges where you can major in sports broadcasting (undergrad)?

  54. Daniel McGuire

    Jon, out of these schools, of which would you recommend attending for sports broadcasting?
    virginia tech
    university of south carolina
    ole miss
    arizona state
    kansas state
    thank you

  55. James Scotti

    Hi Jon does URI have a strong broadcasting program?

  56. Sam

    Hi Jon, what is there at Wichita State, do you know what they may have?

  57. Carly K

    Hi Jon,

    I just applied to Northwestern’s communications (MSC) program. I am interested in pursuing a career in sports broadcasting. I’m currently working as a teacher and can only do online classes. Is communications a field that would still provide opportunities in sports broadcasting careers?

  58. Justin

    Hi Jon,

    Out of these 3 colleges which one would you recommend?

    University of Maine
    St Cloud State University
    University of Ohio
    Quinnipiac University


  59. Ruby

    Hi Jon, Are there any schools in the PNW (Oregon, Washington, N. Idaho, W. Montana) that have a strong sports broadcasting program?

  60. Ethan

    Hi Jon, I’m a freshman at a high school in Louisiana and I want to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. I know it’s a while until I make my decision for the future, but what schools would you recommend I look into that are in the SEC.

  61. Josh

    Hello , my name is Josh, and I am a rising junior and are starting to look at colleges for the sports broadcasting field. This list really helps, but was made in 2013. Has any of theses schools fallen off the map for this field and what new schools would enter the list. For example I heard Clemson has an intriguing program.
    Thanks for all your help,

  62. kwebster

    Hi Jon,
    My son is a high school senior and we visited Emerson today. He was very excited about their new Sports Communication program, but it’s not clear whether he should apply to that or to the journalism program, since he’s more interested in doing sports broadcasting than more behind-the-scenes stuff. Any advice? Thanks.

  63. Jackson McCarty

    Hi Jon,
    I am a junior in high school, and I do play by play for my high school football team. I’m trying to find the most affordable colleges that still give me a great education and will see a higher possibility of me getting jobs in the industry. Any help making a list of colleges that are affordable and give great educations? Thank you so much

  64. Connor Hall

    Hey Jon,

    I’m a senior in high school and I write for multiple websites. I’m looking for a college with a good sports journalism and/or communications program in the NY/New England area. I visited Marist and Syracuse. Any other schools I should look into around me?

  65. Daniel McGuire

    Hello Jon,
    I spoke with you a few months ago. Do you know anything about acceptance chances? My SAT score is a 1160 and my two top schools are Hofstra and Arizona State. Do you think I would get accepted into either of those schools or am I being too hopeful?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Daniel — thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I have zero insight into the various factors that schools weight when considering admission applications. I do wish you the best of luck, though. Hofstra and ASU are both terrific schools. Please let me know if you end up attending either of them. Good luck!

  66. Khalb Mesfin

    What would you say are the top 5-10 PUBLIC schools for sports broadcasting

  67. Trey Furnas

    Senior in high school, looking for a college/university that will fit my needs as a player and a broadcasting major. My sport of play is soccer, GK position, my love of sports ALL. Any suggestions?

  68. Daniel McGuire

    I am applying to hofstra, ASU and WVU very soon thank you for helping me throughout the way of selecting good colleges to look at. Also do you have any familiarity with Clemson and any programs they offer relating to sports broadcasting

  69. Carson

    Hi Jon,
    Could you give me a little more insight into Penn State, Florida and Northwestern’s programs? I’d like to gather as much info as possible on all of these schools so I can know which ones to truly consider.

  70. Jeff

    Good morning Jon, My son is a junior and has always wanted to sports broadcast. He currently does some (over the past 3 years) for the high school and local teams. I was hoping to get some insight on some schools in Michigan by chance. Do you know of any? He also plays baseball and trying to incorporate both… I appreciate your time.

  71. Erick Ubaldo Flores

    Good afternoon Jeff, I am currently at a community college but my studies is towards broadcast journalism. I am studying in Northern Virginia and I wanted to know which schools in Virginia could offer that major or a program similar to it.

  72. Ryan Kronlage

    Hi Jon,

    I just graduated with a Sports Administration degree from LSU in May and am now in full swing into finding a school offering a sports media or broadcasting program. I just finished applying to Northwestern and have also scheduled an interview with them on top of that. Which other schools or programs have an excellent history of TV broadcasters or personalities? Northwestern’s alumni blew me away, so that’s always something I’m looking for.


  73. Joseph

    Hi Jon,

    I am a sophomore in high school, my grades are all right I have 3.23 GPA. I am in no AP classes and one lower class that is really easy, what should I do to try to get my chances of getting a scholarship? Also, do have any other recommendations?

  74. Zach Gordy

    What’s up Jon?

    I’m a sophomore in high school, and am starting to look at colleges. I’d like to go to a division I school, for football, but some of the schools that I’m looking at don’t have a stellar broadcasting program. Broadcasting is technically my plan B, behind football, but I don’t know how to find schools with a good program. How would you go about finding this information out?

  75. Daniel McGuire

    I got accepted into Hofstra and saw it’s very high on your list. What about their program stands out?

  76. Winlevim

    I’m a Freshman in high school but I am already starting to look at colleges. I want to follow a sports broadcasting career, and I have looked into Western Illinois University, as sports broadcasting is one of their key majors (and I have a parent as an alumnus). Which colleges above don’t cost too much but still offer high quality? I’m from Illinois.
    My grades are expected to be fine, all honors classes, near top of class through this semester, and I am still going to work hard to keep it up throughout high school. Would any colleges offer scholarships for this such major?

  77. Chloe

    I was recently accepted to Elon University in North Carolina. Is there communications program a good choice? I have already commited and understand that Elon does not have a broadcasting major but are very well known for their program.
    Let me know what you think.

  78. Carson

    Hi Jon,
    Do you by any chance know anything about a sports broadcasting program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill? Good sports broadcasting is a must have for me and UNC has some other desirable aspects, so I was wondering if you had any information on the existence/quality of such a program; I’ve also seen some information about a camp that indicated that there’s at last something going on in the field.
    Thank you so much,

  79. Caleb

    Hi Jon,
    I’m a sophomore in high school, and I’m a huge fan of your website. If my dream is to become the radio or TV play-by-play voice for a Major League Baseball team, what schools should be on the top of my list? I have a 4.1 gpa and I’m working really hard to create opportunities for myself. If you have any other advice on reaching my dream job, I’d love to hear it! Thanks

    -Caleb Nice

  80. Kayla Ellis

    Hello Jon,
    I am currently a freshman at UW-Madison, looking to pursue a career in sportscasting. UW has a communications program, do you have an opinion on how successful someone with a communications degree from here would be in the industry? Thank you!

    -Kayla Ellis

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Thanks for your question, Kayla. UW has a terrific program. Ultimately, though, anyone’s chances for success overwhelmingly depend more upon their work ethic than their school.

      There are folks from relatively obscure colleges who are thriving across the sports broadcasting industry.

      Work hard and go out of your way to develop relationships in the industry while you’re still in school and you will thrive in Madison.

  81. Josh Berg

    Hi Jon,

    I live in Missouri and want to go into a sports broadcasting or sports journalism major and career for a company like ESPN or FS1 when I graduate. Does the University of Missouri have programs available for that specific career path?

  82. Jason Bryson

    Hi Jon..I’m a 43 year old man with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance looking for a career change into Sports Broadcasting. What’s your suggestions for me as far as getting a degree and into broadcasting fast?

  83. Michael Beeson

    Hi, I am currently in community college. I am working toward a Broadcast Journalism degree, and I know CSUN has a good program, however I am wondering about UCLA does it have a good Broadcast Journalism program?

  84. Nora Burke

    My son wants to go to Full Sail where,Dan Patrick started a new accelerated program. You get your bachelors in two years. I would think it should be excellent, but am nervous with it being so new. Any input, or news on anything you have heard about it? Ide hate to send him a thousand miles away, when there some so much closer?

  85. Michele Torres

    Can you tell me some good options in within driving distance to NJ? Maybe within 300 miles?

  86. J.B.

    Hi Jon, I’m a freshman at a community college. I already have a year of local sports under my belt, along with an upcoming season of minor league baseball. Should I just stick with what I’m doing, or leave that all behind for a college radio program.

  87. Ethan Schultz

    I am an 18 year old with my whole life ahead of me and i want it to have something to do with on-air sports broadcasting. What is the first step I should be taking.

  88. Matt

    Hey, what’s up? Do you know anything about Hofstra University’s sports broadcasting that makes it stand out compared to other schools? I would really appreciate if you could help me out. Thanks! I appreciate your help!

  89. Lorna

    Hi, I just ran across your site and appreciate all of your thoughtful insights about the various programs. Would you please share your opinions about the sports broadcasting programs at University of Alabama, University of Nebraska and University of Kansas? I have a student looking to prepare for a career in on-air broadcasting and reporting as well as play-by-play commentary. Thanks in advance.

  90. Jason Breese

    HI Jon, I keep reading all of the comments and reviews and we just got back to NJ from visiting Arizona State and it seems like that they have a top notch program for sports broadcasting and are more affordable than Syracuse. My son is graduating and we have to decide soon as he has some merit scholarships. Also looked at Marshalls program but didnt visit. It seem like ASU has alot of potential with all of their internships etc. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  91. ami

    Is Uconn good?

  92. Dylan

    I am a junior in high school and I was just wondering what kind of majors I should look for to be a sports broadcaster. I know broadcasting but I don’t know if I should look for something else too.

  93. Anon

    Is UMASS or UNH good?

  94. Nat

    Hello Jon, thank you for providing information. My son is currently in a community college for sports broadcasting in Texas. He is wanting to transfer to either University of North Texas and he has been accepted to University of Bridgeport in CT. CT is so far away but was wondering if it is worth the sacrifice. Thanks for your help.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Nat. I know nothing about the sportscasting program at Bridgeport. Their lack of renown would be of concern to me. UNT has traditionally had a fabulous program. For many years they employed one of the best sports broadcasting teachers of all-time, Bill Mercer. He retired roughly 8 years ago. The guy there now, Hank Dickenson, seems to be doing a good job. Their students have lots of opportunity.

  95. Dawn McHale

    Question – what univrsities offer the best internships in the midwest and which companies are they partnered with?

  96. Ellen Castaneda

    Hello, any opinions about Montclair (NJ), New Haven (CT) or Rowan (NJ)? I think Montclair is the only one of the 3 that have a concentration in Sports Media though.

  97. Adam H


    Do you have any opinion on Lasell College’s program?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Adam. I’m not familiar with Lasell’s program. Doesn’t mean it’s not good, though.

      I am most knowledgeable with the programs I believe are the absolute best. It doesn’t mean, though, that there aren’t many schools of less renown that will prepare you well for a sportscasting career. There especially seem to be a lot of smaller schools who prepare folks well for TV sportscasting careers.

      What are some of the things that have grabbed your attention about the program at Lasell?

  98. Carson

    Hi Jon,
    I was wondering if you had any insight on TCU’s program because I believe I saw you say they wouldn’t be in your top 20 anymore. The reason I ask is because I just visited and through online research found that they have a sports broadcasting major and extensive classes, so I was wondering if something else is falling short that you know of (alumni network, instruction, opportunity etc.) that I couldn’t find.
    Thank you again,


    what are the best schools in south east for sports broadcasting


    Thanks any other schools where he can play baseball DIV 2 or 3 and get a good sports broadcasting education studying tv production now in high school and plays baseball

  101. Noah White

    Hello Jon,
    Are you familiar with any good DII or DIII schools with sportscasting programs a long the east coast or midwest?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Noah. You might look at Wisconsin-Oshkosh, St. Cloud State, Delta State and Wheaton College. There’s a school called Millersville that might even be worth a peek. I don’t know enough about any of these programs to endorse them, but they are worth investigating.

      If you do look into them, I would be grateful if you will please share what you find. You can post it here or email me,

      Thank you, Noah!

  102. Jesse Brawders

    Hi Jon,
    I live in Wisconsin, and was wondering if the experience at Arizona State University is what it is cracked up to be. I was browsing on their website and they said they are involved in internships with many programs. Also, I was wondering if would be worth going there, or if there was any other schools with good hand on learning? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

  103. Dirk Pruitt

    Hi Jon, Your article was exactly what I was looking for. I have a sophomore son who is looking VERY seriously at sports broadcasting. My wife works for a Tuition Exchange participating school, so if my son is accepted he can go tuition free to a number of schools across the country. He’s also hoping to play baseball, and at this point I think he has the skill to play, although maybe not at a DI program. We are in the Midwest, and hoping he stays close to home, but Syracuse IS on the TE list and #1 on your list so who knows???. Anyhow, I know it’s a lot to ask, but if you have time would you please peruse the TE list and let me know if any great (smaller) schools in the Midwest jump out at you that would be a good choice for SB? TE list link:

  104. Frank

    Do you know anything about High Point University in North Carolina and their program?

  105. Tim Webb

    Hi Jon,
    Oklahoma state has a sports media program I’ve been looking more and more into. Do you know if there program is good?

  106. Lezlie Stevenson O'Connor

    Hi Jon. I am reading all of these comments and they sound very familiar. I have a son who wants to go into sports broadcasting, but we live in Denver. Any suggestions on good schools nearby or even in a western state that participates in the Wue? Thanks Lezlie

  107. Chris Davis

    Jon, what about the program at Texas Tech? I toured the campus and sat down with the Dean of the grad dept. He said (of course he is going to brag/stretch the truth) that TTU is #2 behind the ‘Cuse. Is this true for the grad level?

  108. Vazelle

    How about in Michigan? Our son is interested in sports commentating. Any suggestions from our state? We are about 40 minutes North of Detroit. Thanks in advance! Kimberly

  109. Debbie Riordan Wright

    Hi, we are looking for a school in the mid-Atlantic, preferable Virginia that would have a sports broadcasting program. Any suggestions?

  110. Grady Lacher

    Hello. My high school senior son is very interested in sports broadcasting. What do you think about the program at the University of Alabama?

  111. Taylor

    Would you say Arizona State is good for sports journalism?? Like one of the top?

  112. Karla

    Hello Jon, any recommendations for sports broadcasting schools in California?


    Hi Jon! I have a question. I was looking online and came across this school: College of Sports Media in Toronto Canada. I know this is the US, but have you ever heard of them or know of anyone who has attended? They seem to have a real nice program there. They have a full news room and radio station that is run by students hands on from day one. We currently live in PA, and looking are your list, we will also look at those near by as well. Let me know!

  114. Jay Sutton

    Hi Jon! I live about an hour and a half from FSU. I will have my bachelors in Sports Management in about 2 months from Grand Canyon University online. I want to do sports broadcasting and I don’t feel that my SM degree really prepared me for that. I’m considering going back to get my Master’s at FSU, Miami, or Northwestern. I would like to stay in Florida but I’m willing to go else where because I want the best and I have my GI Bill to pay for it. Also, is there a way that I can make it work as far as getting reps or in the door somewhere with my SM degree? Thank you for your help!

  115. Molly Guzman

    Looking for a sports broadcasting school in Florida, VA, NJ or NC(east coast but not NYC). We currently live in NJ and every research we do bring ups different schools, some don’t even have the program. Thank you.

  116. Rahul Dev Gangele

    Hi, I am from India and looking for the institute/college, to learn sports broadcasting. Currently I am pursuing BA(JMC)….and it will be helpful if you can tell me whether the institute/college offers scholarship for international students.
    Thank You .

  117. Pam

    Hi Jon: my daughter just received her associates degree in communications from Joliet Junior College, the closest thing to sport broadcasting the school had. Now she would like to transfer to a college somewhat close. Any suggestions for an Illinois School or nearby state school that has a good program? Thanks!

  118. Jay Sutton

    Hi Jon, me again, lol. Quick question: what are the best cities for securing jobs in the sports industry and in sports broadcasting if there is a difference? We live in Florida and would like to stay in Florida but it doesn’t seem to be many jobs and the ones that are here offer low wages. We are also strongly considering Charlotte or Dallas. Any suggestions? Thoughts?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Jay. Good to hear from you again.

      Most sportscasters must start in small markets where they polish their skills. As you alluded to, the pay is poor but the value is in the opportunity.

      There aren’t many entry level radio or TV markets in Florida. Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi have many more. If you go North, Pennsylvania and Ohio are especially plentiful.

  119. James Rossetti

    Hi, I am a senior in high school, but I’m an intern at a local radio station doing halftime reports for the high school football broadcast. I’ve also done play by play for basketball and color commentary for football. My question is how do I need to be looking for colleges and with my test scores being low. Just what do I need to do.

  120. Liam Cooney

    I am currently a junior in high school and am still narrowing down majors. What are some good sports broadcasting schools in New England?

  121. Teresa T

    Hi , this question is for my son please. He is a high school senior and is trying to narrow down majors. The one sure thing is his love for sports. He has done some research in the sports medicine and athletic training fields. But he is a huge extrovert and loves to be on stage and work a crowd. What advice can you share that could help him discover if this career path is for him. Looking at sports marketing as well. Appreciate your time!

  122. Mike Berlin

    Good morning John. My son is interested in Sports Broadcasting, or some form of radio/TV that allows him to continue his desire to still be involved in sports. He has been accepted to UW-Oshkosh, Western Illinois and Illinois State. We have toured each school and radio/tv department, and there are things we like about each. Western concerns us due to the budget issues here in Illinois. He is leaning toward Oshkosh. What are your thoughts on these 3 and how would you rank them?

  123. Bonnie Dee

    Hi John, We are in a bind here. My son wants this major more than anything, but the prices of these schools are just impossible. We make too much for decent Fin Aid and too little to afford them. His dream is Hofstra which we are close to, but the tuition is what is holding us back. Do you have any suggestions on how to get him into a Sports Broadcasting Program (he wants to go away now, he’d be a Sophomore) without breaking the bank? Thanks so much.

  124. Cynthia Isioma Nwosa

    Is UNT still good for Sports Broadcasting because my son might go there and I want to be sure they still one of the top sportcasting schools

  125. Edward Cejudo

    What about Dan Patrick’s School of Sportscasting at Full Sail University?

  126. Judy

    We live in Omaha, what would be the best college for a Sports Broadcasting career in this area. We are open to schools in Nebraska if you feel there is one or something in the Midwest. Doesn’t matter private or Public. Thanks for your help

  127. Hyrum

    What about collages in utah? What ones have a good course?

  128. Keith Dottley

    I’m a Junior in high school in Pennsylvania and am extremely passionate about sports broadcasting. I have dreamed of going to Syracuse or Northwestern but just looked into Cronkite at ASU the other day. By chance a speaker at my school’s alumni panel is a senior in Sports Journalism at the school. He raved about the program and all the experience he’s gained and the involvement with the sports teams that he has had access to. I know ASU is about half the cost of the other 2 but they are considered the top 2 by many for a reason. Is the dropoff from Syracuse and Northwestern to ASU large enough to warrant paying that higher price? Just trying to get some thoughts from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Thanks!

  129. Hyrum

    As far as sports broadcasting goes, what colleges would you recommend for a football based emphasis. My dream is to make it to NFL studios in New York, and I want to get a good education. I’m looking for a place that’s affordable, has a decent campus life and an excellent program. What are your thoughts?

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Hi Hyrum. Colleges don’t have sport-specific emphasis for sports broadcasting. To get yourself on the road to being a studio host, simply be sure to choose a school that has a student TV station so you can get the necessary reps.

  130. Lisa Mueller Ash

    What is your opinion of ASU vs. Missouri (Columbia) for sports broadcasting? My son has been accepted to both programs – but the aid from MIZ is better. He’s worried its not as good for sports. Do you agree?

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