Thurling joins Wenatchee AppleSox

Spencer Thurling(February 19, 2013) Feelings of great frustration are common in the sportscasting job market. For some it’s reason to quit, but not for Spencer Thurling. An STAA, Thurling has overcome the frustrations and accepted a full-time position as Play-by-Play Broadcaster/Communications Director for the Wenatchee AppleSox.

The AppleSox are a summer collegiate team in the West Coast League.

In his new role, Thurling will cover more than 60 games during the summer, and produce and distribute news releases, newsletters and all team communications. He might also take on additional responsibilities in sales.

“After working in Binghamton (AA Mets) last summer I knew that I wanted to stay involved with baseball,” says Thurling. “Wenatchee provides the perfect style of market for me to lay down my professional broadcasting roots. Having grown up in a small mountain town in Colorado, I can really identify with a community like Wenatchee. I like being able to recognize people at the ballpark or out on the town.

“Working in a smaller organization will allow me to become well rounded as a professional because my duties will not be confined to the press box.”

Thurling earned the AppleSox opportunity only after experiencing considerable frustration in the job market.

“This winter I was almost starting to panic because the two-year anniversary of my college graduation was rapidly approaching,” Thurling recalls. “To me that date signified somewhat of a deadline, or at least a time to reconsider if I was going to make it in this industry or if I was wasting my time. There were so many days that I wanted nothing more than to give up and look into another career. Honestly, I can thank my friends and family for keeping me in the game. It was knowing that I had the support of those people that drove me to work harder on my job search.

“It’s not easy getting rejection letter after rejection letter when you know that you could have done the job well. It shakes your confidence in yourself being told you’re not good enough time and again. For me it was a matter of prayer and persistence.”

Thurling encourages recent college grads to stay positive and be realistic about their goals.

“Never be afraid to take an internship after you graduate. I know college grads want that big job right after they get their diplomas, but sometimes you have to humble yourself and take in internship. It shows how dedicated you truly are. I don’t think I would be where I am now with out that internship in with the B-Mets.”

A 2011 graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, Thurling has been an STAA client since June 2011.

“Having STAA by my side was critical to my success,” says Thurling. “Having [STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik to guide me through the proper steps of an application was a massive help. I didn’t realize how some of the little mistakes I was making were possibly costing me jobs. I wish I had sought his advice sooner and more often.

“STAA also cut down the time it took to find relevant job postings. It’s so difficult to find those jobs on your own, but when they get emailed to you it saves so much time.

Now that the job hunt is behind him, Thurling can focus on his career.

“When you know what your purpose in life is you have to go for it no matter what or you’re going to regret it forever. I knew from the time I was a little kid that I wanted to be that guy on the radio doing the play-by-play. All it takes is one yes, just one organization that is willing to take a chance on a young broadcaster, and I couldn’t be more happy that it was the AppleSox who said yes.

(Visit Spencer’s STAA Talent Page).

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