Three tips to instantly improve your basketball play-by-play

The start of basketball season is a great time to remember three techniques that will instantly improve your basketball play-by-play.

1. Time and score

Make it a habit to give time and score each time your team gets the ball. You want to give it every 60 to 90 seconds. This will ensure you do it.

2. Clarify which team has it

There are dozens change of possessions each game. You can’t assume every listener knows which team has it based only on the names of the players.

Use city and school names two-thirds of the time. Use mascot names and team colors the rest of the time. Ex: “Jones skies for the red and black rebound,” or “Cameron dribbles out of the purple and gold backcourt.”

3. One-ear headphones

Wearing one side of your headphones behind your ear allows you to hear coaches, refs and players. What you hear will enhance your broadcast.

There are many free resources on the STAA website to help you polish your hoops calls. Included are score sheets, spotting boards, and vocabulary lists.

Check them out here.

What is one of your best tips for basketball play-by-play? Be share it in the comments sections below.

Good luck to you and your team this season!

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