There is danger in being too quick to look for your next job

An ambitious young sportscaster I know graduated from college and started a job at a small market radio station. The job has everything he could have asked for in a first gig – tons of play-by-play, sports updates every day and a full-time salary with benefits.

It’s the perfect situation for him to hone his craft for the next two or three years. That’s why I was stunned by the question he asked me after less than one month in the position.

don't focus on your next job

“Where do you think I should be looking for my next job?”

I almost fell out of my chair. I asked for clarification. “You’re less than one month into an awesome job and you’re already thinking about your next opportunity?”

Focus on the job at hand.

If you are focused on where you are going next, you aren’t doing your best in your current job.

There are many ways to advance your sportscasting career – things like building relationships, sending out lots of resumes and attending conferences. However, the best way to get your next job is to do your best in your current opportunity.

When David Price was traded to the Blue Jays in the summer of 2015, he didn’t worry about where he would be pitching in 2016. Instead, he focused on the job at hand. The payoff was a monstrous deal with Boston.

When you consistently do great work, you don’t have to promote yourself for greater opportunities. Others will do it for you and opportunity will find you.

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