Advice for overcoming job market frustration

Each time an STAA client gets a job, we post their success story on our homepage. The stories serve as motivation to others, and often provide keys for how you can win in the sportscasting job market. One of my all-time favorite success stories is that of Delaney Brey.

Delany went to work for The Media Gateway in Little Rock. What makes her story worth mentioning is that it is a typical story of job market frustration. What sets Delaney apart is that, instead of stubbornly doing the same thing, she made changes.

Here is her story in her words:

“The first month after graduating, I was super discouraged when I would send in an application and hear absolutely nothing. That’s when I decided to sign up for STAA. I really paid attention to the resources given for applications and follow-ups. It’s amazing how simple changes make all the difference. Even if it was a no, I was at least getting a response, which to me is so much better then silence.”

While I certainly appreciate Delaney touting the benefits of STAA, that isn’t my purpose for sharing this. Instead, it is her observation that, “It’s amazing how simple changes make all the difference.”

It is so true.

The reality is that the small, overlooked details are application killers.

There are five variables in the sportscasting job market, besides talent – demo, resume, cover letter, presentation and follow up. If you are good enough for the jobs for which you are applying but aren’t hearing back from employers, look for places where you can make changes in your approach.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

If using the same material and strategy isn’t working, it is time for you to start making some simple changes.

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