The Seismic Shift Taking Place In The Sportscasting Job Market

“They’re strong, but they all sound the same.” That’s what a network television executive told an agent who had just presented a group of sportscasters.

The sportscasting job market is undergoing a seismic shift: personality over polish.

Personality matters, both on air and off. Employers and agents want to see that you’re personable and sharing yourself on social media. They want sportscasters who are well-rounded and conversational.

Being too polished can be a negative. You don’t want to sound scripted.

The first thing many employers and agents do when considering whether to hire or sign a contract is check the candidate’s Twitter followers. How engaging and engaged is this person?

Sportscasting models of personality

Here are some great examples of on-air personality, social media personality, or both.

  • Don Orsillo of the Padres
  • Steven Nelson from Bleacher Report
  • Dianna Russini from ESPN
  • 2020 Jim Nantz Award Winner Scotty Gange of KUSA Denver
  • Noah Eagle of the Clippers
  • 2019 Jim Nantz Award Winner Drew Carter of ESPN

They’re all polished, because polish is still important.

But personality is now even more important.

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