The best way to tell your boss that you are leaving

The next time you resign from a sports broadcasting job, how are you going to do it?

You can burn a bridge or build a relationship.


Understand this fact about submitting a resignation that is unique to broadcasters: When you give your notice, expect that your boss might tell you that you are immediately off the air.

Some bosses are paranoid about a departing talent saying bad things about the station on the air. Sounds unreasonable, I know, but it happens.

There IS a wrong way to resign…

The wrong way to tell your boss you are leaving is to not give at least two weeks notice. Without it, you are putting your boss on the spot to quickly find your replacement.

Also be sure not to express any frustration that you have felt in the position, nor any unusual joy that you are finally getting out. It makes you look immature and unprofessional – neither of which are desirable traits.

Plus, sportscasting is a small industry. Stories of unprofessional behavior have an uncanny knack for traveling. Expressing your frustration or joy at leaving might feel good in the moment, but you may unknowingly be removing yourself consideration for a future job opportunity elsewhere.

And there’s the right way

Here are three things you can do that your boss will appreciate:

1. Give at least two weeks notice
You leaving is likely going to create some stress for your boss. He is going to have to write a position description, publicize it, review dozens of demos and resumes and interview several candidates before hiring your replacement.

2. Suggest candidates to replace you
Again, help relieve some of the stress you just placed on your boss when you told him you are leaving.

3. Say thank you
When you were hired in this position, you were fired up about it because it was a great opportunity at that point in your career. Let your boss know that you appreciate being given that opportunity.

It is best to put your resignation in writing and personally hand it to your boss. That way there will be no question about when you gave notice and what your last day of availability is going to be. If you want to really show appreciation, write your resignation letter on a cake like this guy did.

The bottom line is to be classy, even if you didn’t truly like the place you will be leaving. It is the professional thing to do and, if done with compassion and appreciation, can ensure that your former boss is a friend instead of a foe.

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