Terlop joining The Fan in Green Bay

Chris Terlop(October 11, 2012) Chris Terlop is moving to the heart of Packers territory for his first full-time job in sportscasting. An STAA client, Terlop is joining WDUZ The Fan in Green Bay as a Producer, Co-host, and Reporter.

“This is an amazing opportunity for me. It is my first full-time job, as I have been part-time at ESPN 850 WKNR Cleveland since January as a producer,” Terlop says.

“Green Bay is a smaller market than Cleveland, but it offers more opportunities to grow with more responsibility, as well as a big name professional team in the Packers to cover. I was a co-producer at WKNR for the early morning show. Now I will be the only producer for the afternoon drive show, as well as co-hosting that show three days a week. I will also be covering the Packers for WDUZ as well as assuming some assistant production duties. All of the duties will be a challenge, but ones I will gladly take on.”

Terlop learned of the opening from an STAA email at the beginning of August.

“I called and left messages to follow up afterwards and never heard back, so I assumed they were going in a different direction. Then out of the blue I received a call from the WDUZ production director saying that he wanted to talk about the position.”

After the interview, Terlop listened to the show that he would be producing and co-hosting, then emailed the production director with ideas on how his skills might benefit the show. “After two more interviews, I was offered the position and accepted.”

Terlop appreciated the simplicity of using his STAA Talent Page when it came to applying for the job.

“It makes the process so much easier. Instead of sending three different sound bites as well as attaching my resume, cover letter, and references, I just had to type up a cover letter and then put the link to my page in the e-mail and knew that anything that they wanted to hear/see was in their hands.”

Terlop is a 2012 graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College where he was active on the campus station. He also spent the summer of 2011 calling baseball play-by-play for the Lorain County Ironmen. Terlop interned for WKNR before the station hired him at the beginning of his final college semester. Now, he is eager to get started in his new home.

“Green Bay is a great city with passionate fans and I cannot wait to get started.”

(Visit Chris’ STAA Talent Page).

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