Szadok leaving city for Woodward, OK

Joe Szadok(July 3, 2012) STAA client Joe Szadok is trading his city life for small town charms – and the ideal job to begin his sportscasting career. Szadok is joining K101/Z92 Radio in Woodward, OK.

“This opportunity is perfect for me because it will let me get a lot of experience in a wide array of broadcasting areas. I love play-by-play but this lets me get more experienced in sports reporting as well as news, which can only help.”

Szadok will be working alongside fellow STAA client Pete Mundo.

A 2012 graduate of CW Post in Brookville, NY and an STAA client since May, Szadok grins when he says, “I’m not going to lie. I’ve read all the other [STAA client success stories] and have been wanting to see a story about me getting a job on STAA ever since I signed up.”

Szadok’s opportunity to score a job and a headline story came from an STAA job lead email.

“I applied for every single radio position that I thought would be good for me. I didn’t care if I thought I was qualified or not, I just applied for it all.”

After reading the K101/Z92 opening, Szadok called in a little extra help for his application.

“I sent [STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik] my cover letter for this job before I sent it in, and he made corrections that obviously helped me get this job.”

Szadok joined STAA upon the recommendation of friend and fellow client Patrick Creighton. Since then, Szadok has referred others to STAA. “There are others at my college radio station who have asked me about STAA and I gave great recommendations. I’m pretty sure there will be more CW Post radio guys coming your way,” Szadok smiles.

“STAA has been incredibly helpful to me over the last couple months. There are so many job lead emails about jobs I’d never know about. Also, STAA’s One Day Ticket to Sportscasting Success seminar where I learned incredible information from so many different broadcasting minds.”

“Thanks again [to STAA]. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.”

(Visit Joe’s STAA Talent Page).

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