Surprising twist leads Volkmer to job

Ross Volkmer(August 23, 2011) Ross Volkmer applied for one job and ended up with another. An STAA client, Volkmer is joining Rocking M Radio’s five-station cluster in Colby, KS as a play-by-play broadcaster, sports update anchor and account executive. He will also assist with other on-air duties.

A recent graduate of Northwest Missouri State University, Volkmer says, “I kind of get to do a lot of everything, which is good for someone in my position.”

The Colby opportunity came to Volkmer only after he applied for another job with a Rocking M Radio station in another city. The station ended up hiring somebody local but asked Volkmer about his interest in the Colby job.

“It’s a great opportunity because of the chance for me to learn,” Volkmer says. “They say a lot of folks who work in Colby are great teachers and show you how to do things. I believe they are more than willing to show me the way and help me become a better broadcaster.”

Volkmer says his STAA Talent Page was quite helpful during the application process.

“It brought my resume and audio together in one spot,” Volkmer says. “When I applied for another job [with Rocking M Radio] and didn’t get it, they were able to go back and review at my stuff on STAA [when the new opportunity arose].”

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