Stu Paul back in the game

Stu Paul(May 10, 2012) The sports world is teeming with stories of the athlete who suffers some kind of set back, then rises above to make a big a comeback. It’s not often that the comeback storyline gets a sportscasting spin, but Stu Paul is glad to be the exception. Paul has been hired by SFM Sports ( as a Play-by-Play Broadcaster and Account Executive.

An NYC native, and an STAA client since the company’s inception, Paul is excited to be leaving Nashville to move closer to home.

“I’ll get to do a lot of high school and collegiate events (Division I and III) and I can’t wait for that. Not to mention that I will only be 3 1/2 hours away from my hometown of New York City.”

A veteran broadcaster who has spent much of his career working in minor league baseball, Paul most recently spent two seasons with the Nashville Sounds.

Paul has had an exceptionally challenging eight months. In July, he fell down a flight of stairs, suffering injuries that required multiple surgeries and several months of rehab. Shortly after that, he was told by the Nashville Sounds that they wouldn’t be bringing him back for a third season.

“I just wanted to get back to work and get back to the life I lived prior to my accident last year.”

The personal and professional challenges have reinforced one thing for Paul. “Perseverance always pays off,” he says.

Now that he’s headed back to the booth, Paul is hopeful that his own comeback story will continue on to another baseball job next season.

“[It’s] nice that great stories continue, especially after the frustration and disappointment over not getting a baseball gig this year,” Paul says. “Well, (fellow minor league baseball broadcasters) Brett Pollock and Alex Freedman were out of the “game” for a year and came back and I hope to still do the same next year, but this job with SFM sports is great and to do other sports with them as well is a plus.”

“To be broadcasting sporting events again and living the “dream” is what excites me.”

(Visit Stu’s STAA Talent Page).

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