Stetson baseball job finds Ingle

Carson Ingle(February 24, 2012) Just one week before the start of their new season, the Stetson University baseball team needed a play-by-play broadcaster. Through an intermediary, they reached out to STAA. Now, STAA client Carson Ingle is the new voice of Hatters baseball.

“I just wanted to thank [STAA] for alerting me of the Stetson baseball position,” Ingle says. “I am doing the majority of games and putting together a team for them of two other guys. Together we are covering all games, both home and road. It appears like this could lead to broadcasting work for a few of their other sports as well.”

The situation unfolded quickly the evening of Friday, February 10th. STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik was working after hours when he received an email from a friend of Stetson Assistant AD Ricky Hazel. Within the previous 24 hours, the university had learned their longtime baseball broadcaster was retiring and needed assistance filling the position on short notice. STAA called Ingle, who was attending an Orlando Magic basketball game but stepped out onto the concourse to take the call.

“Ironically, someone else had also recommended Carson for the position,” says STAA’s Chelesnik. “I imagine two recommendations from independent sources made Mr. Hazel confident that Carson was a good fit.”

Ingle’s previous baseball play-by-play experience includes the University of Central Florida, from where he graduated in 2011. The Stetson opportunity comes to him at a time when Ingle was starting to wonder if play-by-play was in his sportscasting future.

“I had just gone in a couple different directions with the goal of doing solely play-by-play, but didn’t know if play-by-play would be an opportunity for me going forward,” Ingle says.

“Everyone knows what a great baseball tradition Stetson has. They’re coming off a great season where they returned to the NCAA tournament for first time in four years. They have a great coach in Pete Dunn and it’s a baseball school.”

Ingle has been an STAA client since January 2011. “STAA has been extremely informative. There have been so many things I’ve been able to get from STAA that I’ve been able to incorporate into what I do. It’s also great to be able to keep a pulse on what’s going on around the country. It’s a great way to keep connected.”

(Visit Carson’s STAA Talent Page).

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