Tips for staying positive when hearing no in your job search

A sports talk host once called me because they were considering quitting. They had introduced themselves to the right people. They had built relationships. They had improved their craft. Yet, they were repeatedly frustrated in their attempt to move to a larger market.

During our call, I reminded the person that the people who get to the top in sports broadcasting aren’t always the most talented. They are the ones who persevered. Four months later, this person was hired in a large market as a host and programming assistant. They went from doing a daily show as a part-time employee and barely making any money to full-time host in a large market with full-time salary and benefits.

They earned their dream job because they stuck with it.

The way to stay confident in your job search is to do something everyday towards earning your next job.

Progress breeds confidence

You’ll always feel better when you feel like you’re moving forward.

One example of proactivity in the job market is the referral request. Contact someone you know. Ask their advice for how to advance in the industry. At the end of the conversation, ask for three more people they can refer you to for a similar conversation.

The point is to do something every day

Keep a calendar of things you are going to do:

Use your calendar to track what you’ve done and what you are doing to do. It will keep you on task. It will keep you moving forward.

Steady progress in your job search will increase your confidence, and ultimately, your results.

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  1. Matt Gajtka

    Thanks, John! Always good advice.


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