STAA unveils new Members Site

Imagine this. It’s a Saturday. You’ve just learned that a play-by-play job with the Pawtucket Red Sox has suddenly opened. Or a sports anchor/reporter job at The Ticket in Dallas needs to be filled immediately. You need to get your application out first thing Monday morning, but you want help with your demo, resume, and cover letter so that you put your best foot forward. Who can you reach on the weekend?

Maybe you aspire to higher goals in your sportscasting career but you don’t know what you need to be doing to improve. How will you learn what you need to climb upward?

STAA’s new Members Site is your solution.

We take great pride in consistently improving the benefits that come with an STAA membership. However, never have we been more excited to share a new benefit with you than we are today.

STAA just launched a website that is exclusively for Members.

Think of the new site as your on-call, 24/7 sports broadcasting career consultant. And the advice comes from the top executives and talent in the industry.

The resources will help you accomplish many things:

  • Nail your next job interview
  • Write cover letters that get you noticed
  • Improve your play-by-play skills this season so you advance to the next level next season
  • Learn sports talk techniques that differentiate major market stars from weekend hosts and podcasting hopefuls
  • And SO much more

You’ll also get the contacts to help you breakthrough in your sportscasting career:

  • Sports Radio Directory
  • Sports TV Directory Directory
  • STAA Member Directory

When the future of your career and the viability of your next job application are keeping you up at night, you can take action immediately — simply log in to the Members Site and let the experiences of top sportscasting employers and talent guide your next steps.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether you can benefit by joining STAA, reviewing the new Members Site should be the confirmation that — yes — your career will benefit from becoming an STAA Member.

Click HERE to Check Out the New Members Site »

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