STAA clients to call CWL games

California Winter League(November 21, 2012) For most of the country, heading out to the baseball diamond in the dead of winter is an icy thought. Fortunately for several STAA sportscasters, the desert climate in Palm Springs, CA allows for baseball games without the frostbite. The California Winter League has hired STAA clients Matt Greenwood, Justin Antweil, Dave Sobieraj, and Jeff Bowe, for Broadcasting/Media positions.

“The California Winter League is a prestigious league and gives me a great opportunity to continue my passion for broadcasting while I wait for the Somerset Patriots (his other employer) season to begin again,” Antweil says. A 2011 graduate of the University of Miami, Antweil will travel from New York for the CWL season.

The CWL has employed several STAA each of the past two seasons. When it came time to hire for this winter, they sent the job description to STAA. STAA, in turn, shared the lead exclusively with STAA Premier members.

The season lasts through January and February, with games played 5 – 7 days a week. For a group of young broadcasters, it is the perfect opportunity to cram valuable job experience into two months. Greenwood is particularly excited to build out his post-college experience.

“Baseball is the sport I desire to broadcast the most. Not only will I be involved in daily baseball activities, but the opportunity to learn how to better connect with players through interviews and off the record discussions is something that is of great value,” Greenwood explains.

“I will be making connections with people in the broadcasting business that can maybe, somewhere down the line, be a great reference for future broadcasting positions.”

Sobieraj is already familiar with off-season college baseball leagues. He was the play-by-play announcer for the Southern California Collegiate Baseball League this year.

Southern California native Bowe must first get through his last set of finals before a December graduation from San Jose State University. “Over the past 3 years I have worked in NCAA baseball and being involved in broadcasting future stars of college baseball will be a great experience!”

It just might be that the on field exploits those future college baseball stars are being described over the air by the future stars of baseball broadcasting.

(Visit Matt , Justin , Dave and Jeff’s STAA Talent Pages.)

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