STAA Aligns With The Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting

picture shows dan patrick working with full sail students

When I hosted on ESPN Radio from 1999 through 2003, there was a rule that TV talent had to make occasional appearances on the radio network. One night, the door to my studio opened shortly after midnight. In shuffled Dan Patrick. It was the end of a long evening for him hosting SportsCenter yet he went out of his way to do a segment with me.

Now, Dan and I are connected again.

Two years ago, Dan started the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting in collaboration with Full Sail University. At STAA, we are proud to announce a relationship with the Dan Patrick School. We are offering STAA services to DPS students and making occasional virtual classroom visits to help prepare them for sports broadcasting success.

The Dan Patrick School fills a huge void. For years, aspiring sportscasters who didn’t want to attend a traditional college or university didn’t have a plausible option. There was no sports broadcasting trade school and traditional broadcasting schools and mentorship programs offered insufficient instruction, repetitions or both.

Now those aspiring sportscasters have a viable option.

The Dan Patrick school currently has 200 students online and on campus in Winter Park, FL. Their first class is graduating on Friday, October 4th.

Dan will be speaking at the ceremony.

At STAA, we are eager to further the experience of Dan Patrick School students and help in their pursuit of sports broadcasting careers.

Click here to learn more about the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting.

– Jon Chelesnik
Owner, STAA

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