STAA’s 30 Under 30

We’re so glad that everyone is enjoying the Top 30 Sportscasters Under 30! We thought it would be helpful to have the rules and some additional info in one spot for everyone to reference.

A few points of clarification. We will be publishing two lists, one will be selected by Jon, and one will be selected by the people – your colleagues, fans, friends, etc. This is all for fun, no prizes or plaques are involved (sorry).

The Rules

  1. Nomination tweets must include the #30Under30STAA hashtag.
  2. You can’t nominate yourself.


  • What if I’m exactly 30 right now?
    Sure, we’ll consider you for the list! This isn’t a scientific poll.
  • Can I vote more than once for the same person?
    Only one vote per candidate, please. However, you may vote for more than one candidate.
  • What if my birthday falls during the nomination week?
    Yep, no problem. Again, this is all for fun.

The nominations period ends January 22 at 3pm ET. Both Top 30 lists will be announced January 29.

Questions? Tweet them to @STAAtalent or leave them in the comments below. I’ll update this post if necessary.

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