What’s the coolest place your sportscasting mike has taken you?

This month, a friend of mine emailed me from Hawaii. He had just broadcast three basketball games, his team won the tournament and he got to hang out at the beach. In December. It was a pretty awesome work trip.

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His story started me reminiscing about the best places my sports broadcasting career took me. Places like Pocatello and Des Moines were interesting because they were so different from my home turf in San Diego. However, Idaho’s snow and Iowa’s mosquitos that were the size of small Volkswagens were ultimately forgettable.

The best place I traveled was Orlando, FL when I was doing Arena Football play-by-play for the Anaheim Piranhas. I’ve written about this experience before – Disney World; Running the stairs in the Orlando Arena with one of the assistant coaches; Hitting the town with other members of the traveling party.

I’m told there were also beautiful women in Orlando but I was too busy building my spotting boards to notice.

Traveling with the Piranhas was even more fun than doing the games. Visiting new places was one of the outstanding aspects of my sportscasting career.

Where is a cool place your sports broadcasting career has taken you?

I’m eager to read about it. Please share your memories in the comments below.


  1. Nick Gosnell

    The best was LA when McPherson College visited Azusa Pacific. The sunset on the San Gabriel Mountains will forever be etched in my memory. The game was forgettable. The trip was priceless.

  2. Don Chiodo

    Bahamas, Miami, Malibu (Pepperdine).

  3. Lonnie King

    I stumbled into a mid-major D1 play-by-play job five years ago…and my very first basketball trip was to the Outrigger Classic in Honolulu. The second trip was to Charleston, IL (Eastern Illinois). Talk about sharp contrasts…

    Since then, I’ve gotten to go to places like San Francisco, LA/Malibu, Portland, Chicago/Evanston, Newark/NYC, New Orleans, Ann Arbor. Last year, we played in the Cancun Classic at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. I ‘had to’ spend Thanksgiving staring at the Caribbean.

    And, as a basketball junkie, I’ve been blessed. Just this year, within the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to go to Marquette and Indiana. Not necessarily exotic locales but hoops Meccas! And as Nick Gosnell points out, while the games are usually forgettable, the experiences are memorable.

    I think I’ve grown to love the smaller college towns as much or more than the bright lights of the big cities. In that regard, Bowling Green KY may be one of the neatest places I’ve been.

    Still, perhaps the most sobering and awe-inspiring for me personally was a trip to West Point a couple of years ago. Got to stay at the Thayer and tour the grounds. Much more than hoops history there…

    To borrow from Dr. Seuss, “Oh the places you’ll go.” Next to the people you meet, it’s the second best thing about the job.

    • Jon Chelesnik

      Wow — great stories. I would love to go to West Point. In addition to seeing Michie Stadium, I would like to see the house where Vince Lombardi lived when he was an assistant there.

      You’re married, if I recall correctly. Does your wife ever get to accompany you to any of the exotic locales?

      • Lonnie King

        Jon, I highly recommend West Point. I didn’t get to see Lombardi’s house, but some of the US history is impressive. And it’s a very picturesque place. Not to mention, we got a nice little road win out of it that weekend. :)

        Yes, my wife does get to travel to some of the locales, but not necessarily the most exotic ones. My travel expenses are covered by the university, but hers come out of my pocket, so we pick and choose. And, we aren’t complicated people so simple, out-of-the-way places intrigue us both. Plus, we are kind of ‘explorers’ so we get just as excited about going to play an opponent like Central Arkansas in Conway, AR and then staying over an extra day or two to explore Little Rock, Hot Springs, etc. We spent last New Year’s Eve in Natchitoches, LA (Northwestern State), which she enjoyed because it’s where ‘Steel Magnolias’ was filmed.

        On top of that, or maybe because of it, she’s become a bit of a broadcast engineer when I really need one…so there’s that bonus. :)

  4. Logan Anderson

    I got to spend four nights in the Monte Carlo on the Vegas Strip. Games were all at 7 or 8 pm so lots of time to explore and enjoy the nightlife! A side story to this. I went out to dinner the night before our flight with a friend and the waitress mixed up our identical debit cards. I did not find this out until I tried to get money from a Vegas ATM.

  5. Paul Fritschner

    Actually on the plane to Las Vegas as I type this on my first broadcasting trip of my career – covering Xavier University Women’s hoops

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