This is the moment that changed my sportscasting career. What’s yours?

What is the moment that changed your sportscasting career?

Mine was a call I received at home from my program director in 1999. I was working at XTRA Sports 690 in San Diego. Our PD was Bill Pugh.

At that time, I was a glass half empty guy – somewhat of a pessimist – so the boss calling me at home felt like getting called to the principal’s office. I thought, ‘Oh boy, what have I done now?’ Instead, Bill said, “ESPN Radio is looking for a sports talk show host. Call Len Weiner, their PD. Here is his phone number.”

I called Len. They brought me out to interview and I ended up hosting Weekend AllNight for four years. It was one of the highlights of my sportscasting career.

That single phone call paid dividends for years to come

Besides the job, it led to many relationships that I still have today. One of the most prominent is Bruce Gilbert. Bruce replaced Len Weiner after I had been at ESPN for three years. After I started my own business helping other sportscasters, Bruce was a great supporter. As so many people in the industry know, Bruce is accessible and eager to help folks who are trying to help themselves. Bruce spoke at my seminars, was an ear I could bounce things off, and helped me understand what goes into great sports talk radio. To this day, the things Bruce taught me help me help others.

All of the above came from Bill Pugh referring me to ESPN Radio in 1999. It was the moment that changed my career.

What was your career changing moment?

Please share it in the comments section below. Share details and the after effects that continued to pay dividends as you moved forward. The folks who helped you will appreciate the shout out.

I’m eager to read your comments.

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  1. Kyle LaBoria

    I haven’t had that phone call yet, which is why I come to work everyday and do the best job I can. I ask questions and put bugs in everyone’s ear that I possibly can.

    That phone call only happens when the work has been put in before it, i’m proud to be at that step in the process =)


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