Good: Bebus Neuve, Pacifico, Bree Serif… Also Helvetica, Futura, Gill Sans, Rockwell
Bad: Arial, Times New Roman

Create a story
* Keep it simple
* Minimal text. Think “billboard”

The Process:
Choose your STORY
Choose your COLORS
Create your SLIDES Size: 1200 x 714

Great tips for slide creation:

5 easy ways to create fabulous slides from Ned Potter

Font Downloads:
* Font Squirrel
* Urban Fonts
* Google has fonts too

Color Ideas:
Color Scheme Designer
I LOVE this one. Create your own color palettes

Colour Lovers
Image Color Picker
Awesome site. Helps ID hexadecimal colors based on an image

Photos & Icons:
* Flickr Awesome photos from real people who share them. You just have to attribute them.
* Compfight Find great photos. Remember the photo credit
* Noun Project Icons for everything

Pablo by Buffer
Helpful tool for quickly creating shareable quote images