Serendipity leads Bryant home to Arkansas

Bryant-Carter(July 10, 2013) Thanks in part to a crazy coincidence, Carter Bryant is returning home. An STAA client, Bryant is joining Noalmark Broadcasting in his hometown of El Dorado, AR.

“I grew up in El Dorado, where I played football, soccer and basketball competitively in high school,” Bryant says. “I am thrilled at the opportunity to do play-by-play for my alma mater. I owe it to Noalmark, as they gave me my first radio internship in 2008.”

Bryant moves to El Dorado from Baton Rouge, LA where he has hosted freelance radio and TV shows for Pelican Broadcasting/WUBR Fox Sports since 2009. His new job allows Bryant to do a little bit of everything. “I will eventually have my own morning radio program, do sports updates for the family of stations, and do play-by-play for multiple high school sporting events.

It was a serendipitous twist that has led Bryant back home. “It might sound cheesy, but this wouldn’t have been possible if not for STAA. I happened to be in El Dorado when the email for this opportunity beeped in on my phone. Within two hours, I was at the station with resume’ in hand and demos ready to download from my [STAA] profile. They loved my sound, plus the connections I already had in South Arkansas.”

Bryant advises other sportscasting job seekers to always want more and to humble themselves. “I graduated from LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication in May of 2012 with four years of experience at my student station, 91.1 KLSU FM, and two internships at Sirius/XM in Washington, DC. I thought getting a full-time gig would be easy for me. Turned out I am one of many young personalities trying to make it. I listened to at least 50 profile tapes of random people, all of which were and probably still are, better than mine. It made me work harder. My tape still needs plenty of work now.”

Bryant also suggests staying positive, remaining patient, and surrounding yourself with positive people. He cites four fellow STAA clients who have been particularly supportive. “Marc Ryan, Patrick Creigton and TJ Carpenter all gave me great pointers. I owe probably the most to Craig Hoffman, who is the most passionate radio host I know. He has reviewed numerous tapes of mine, but has remained an even better friend in the process.

“None of it would have been possible if it were not for STAA and your service,” says Bryant. “Words cannot express how grateful I am for [STAA’s] emails. I read all of them and will continue to do.”

(Visit Carter’s STAA Talent Page).

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