Second time the charm for Fowler in Aitkin, MN

(July 16, 2019) An employer to whom Matt Fowler unsuccessfully applied in April is bringing him on board just three months later. An STAA member, Fowler is joining R&J Broadcasting in Aitkin, MN as a sports and news broadcaster.

“They liked me and said they’d keep my resume on file,” Fowler recalls about his initial application. “Even though I didn’t get the first job, I made enough of an impression that I was one of their first thoughts for this opening.”

Overcoming challenges is part of what defines Fowler.

“I have cerebral palsy, which makes it difficult for me to walk, but I have never let it slow me down,” he says. “I always have confidence, no matter what anyone says. There have been plenty of people who have doubted me because of the disability.

“A lot of people say don’t take things like that personally, and I understand why they say that. However, it’s how you react to your criticism and shortcomings that define you. I say take it personally; use it as fuel to prove everyone wrong. Then you don’t have to brag, your accomplishments speak for themselves.”

Fowler has been an STAA member since 2017. “Danny Freisinger, Program Director for 95.7 the Game [in San Francisco] referred me to STAA,” he recalls.

“I like the tips I get in the emails and the job listings are great – my membership has already paid off,” Fowler grins. It was through an STAA Job Leads email that he learned of the opening in Aitkin.

“Although my ultimate goal is to do play-by-play in the NBA, the odds that I’ll get the ‘perfect job'” before the NBA, like a DI college basketball job, and not have to do any other sport, are very slim,” says Fowler. “This job gives me the opportunity to do basketball, but also other sports too.

“It allows me to get my foot in the door. Everyone should be willing to do anything to get that break,” Fowler smiles.

(Visit Matt”s STAA Talent Page).

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