Non-traditional ways to start your sportscasting career

radio studioThe traditional path to a sports broadcasting career might not be for you.

The common route is to earn a degree from a four-year school, start in a small market, and work your way up. That is certainly the most reliable path.

But it isn’t the only path.

If you don’t have the time or money for four years of school, take a sports broadcasting curriculum at a local community college. Just be sure to choose a school that has a campus radio station. You’ll want the on-air reps for your demo and resume.

Here are three additional game plans you can try:
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You must follow-up

A client recently called me to vent about the job market. He’s been a small and mid-market sportscaster for more than a decade but has struggled to earn bigger opportunities. I asked him what he was doing to follow-up his applications. His answer stunned me. In short, he said he doesn’t follow-up – that his ability should speak for itself and that he didn’t feel he should have to “brown nose” anyone for the sake of getting a job.

Wow! My jaw nearly cracked when it hit the floor.

cell phone

It’s called the job market for a reason. You have to market yourself. The top 15% of applicants for any job are all equally talented. What are you going to do to set yourself apart within that group? Many employers intentionally make the application challenging as a way to separate the industrious from the indolent.
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Grant to broadcast Bellingham baseball

“Dave(February 4, 2014) Dave Grant’s sports broadcasting career has been following a northward path, up the west coast. Next stop, Washington state. An STAA client, Grant is the new voice baseball of the Bellingham Bells.

The Bells are members of the West Coast League. “I am very grateful to be calling the action for a really reputable summer collegiate baseball team in Bellingham and look forward to the future,” says Grant.

Grant’s play-by-play career began in Southern California at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. He is currently broadcasting a variety of sports for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The opportunity to pack in more than fifty game reps over the course of the two and a half month collegiate summer season is invaluable for a young career.

“This is very similar to minor league baseball, where there is a continuous flow of broadcasts on a consistent basis,” says Grant. “It also affords me the opportunity to work in a reputable front office and grow not only my resume and experience, but the Bells broadcasting experience as well.”

Grant applied immediately after receiving notification of the Bells opening through STAA’s job emails. Vigilance and early application is a practice he highly recommends if you’re on the hunt.

“Do not wait to apply and be aggressive. The sooner the better. This was something that Jon Chelesnik stresses on a regular basis, and trust me- it works. The longer you wait, the more applicants become interested. Get your foot in the door early– it’s easy to say and even easier to do.”

Grant is also an advocate of self-critiques as a way to improve, ultimately making yourself a more marketable broadcaster.

“Listen to game tapes. Make your own critiques about your broadcasts. You will learn so much about yourself as a broadcaster this way. Plenty of fans and listeners will tell you good things about your call, but very few will be completely honest. This is where your critique comes in. Be critical of yourself. Trust me, you will have better calls down the road because of this simple, yet tricky, advice.

“I want to STAA Talent for providing this opportunity to me. I will continue to count on STAA for the future of my broadcasting career.”

(Visit Dave’s STAA Talent Page).

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Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Kansas University

“Without my STAA Premier membership, I would never have known about the job.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Montana State University

“[STAA] has coached me up through the whole process. How to design letters, emails, phone call preparation, resume design, and demo DVDs. “[STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik has given me, and continues to give me, outstanding guidance and advice as I seek each and every year to improve my skills and network as a college basketball analyst. Jon has pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and the result has been growth and confidence in my abilities. Jon always calls me coach, but Jon Chelesnik is the true coach in this relationship!”


College Basketball TV Analyst

“STAA and Jon Chelesnik provide an outstanding service to sportscasters. The audition tape is the best I’ve ever come across and the assistance with potential employment is outstanding. I would highly recommend STAA to any broadcaster looking for employment.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Colorado Rockies

“Jon called on Day 2 of my membership, we had a great convo, then about half way through Jon mentioned that he may have a perfect place for me to work. Literally the next thing I knew I was emailing, then on the phone with Craig Larson, Program Director at Yahoo! Sports Radio.”


Sports Talk Host, Yahoo! Sports Radio Network

“Having the ability to find out about jobs that are out there before the general public finds out gives you a chance to beat everyone else.”


Reporter, Atlanta Braves Radio Network

“[STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik has] been an invaluable resource to me. All the phone calls that we have had, the advice, the recommendations, settling me down when I became flustered, were so important. I cannot thank [him] enough.”


Sports Talk Host/Anchor, Sports Radio 610 KILT, Houston, TX

“This opportunity would not have been possible without my STAA Talent Page. When the job opened up, Tom Boman at Learfield used it to advise the people at Zimmer (Radio Group) of potential candidates.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, University of Missouri Women’s Basketball

“Thanks for your service STAA. It’s been a boon to me and my career.”


Sports Director, ESPN Radio, Marquette, MI

“A couple of months ago I was contemplating canceling my STAA account to save a little money. If I had done that I would not have this opportunity.”


Sports Director, KVHT Radio, Yankton, SD

“I wasn’t sure if signing up with [STAA] was the right move, but I’m pretty sure this means I was a jackass for not doing it two years ago.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, East Texas Pump Jacks Baseball

“Simply put, I would not be where I am today without STAA’s help. No other organization has the job postings that STAA has, and that doesn’t even include all of the personal critique, input and advice that [STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik] has given me over the years. It’s so nice to have someone in the industry that I can call and simply bounce ideas off of or ask for a sincere opinion on a position.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Hickory Crawdads Baseball

“The career planning and consulting is really worth being a part of something special like [STAA].”


Anchor/Host, WCBS News Radio 880, New York City

“I mean this is in all sincerity — if STAA didn’t exist I would feel overwhelmed about the job search.”


Morning Drive Co-Host, Rip City Radio, Portland, OR

“Jon and STAA have been paramount in allowing me to pursue my career and passion. The Talent Page is an incredible tool to allow potential employers to see and hear my work without jumping through a lot of hoops. I appreciate so much that Jon has always returned my calls and provided me with incredibly well intentioned advice. There is no way I could have [landed this job] without STAA, I am forever grateful.”


Sports Talk Host, News-Talk 1320, Lawrence, KS

“STAA has been incredibly helpful to me over the last couple months. There are so many job lead emails about jobs I’d never know about. Thanks again [to STAA]. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.”


Broadcaster, K101/Z92, Woodward, OK

“There’s an enormous amount of credibility with STAA in the industry as I learned along the way.”


Sports Director, KATE 1450 AM, Albert Lea, MN

“STAA seems to be constantly looking for new ways to gives clients a positive experience. I would not have achieved some of my short-term goals without [STAA’s] guidance and I will be a client for a long time to come.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Rockford Aviators Baseball

“Having STAA by my side was critical to my success. Having [STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik to guide me through the proper steps of an application was a massive help. I didn’t realize how some of the little mistakes I was making were possibly costing me jobs. I wish I had sought his advice sooner and more often.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Wenatchee AppleSox Baseball

“Since I re-entered the broadcasting field full-time a year ago August I’ve gotten both of my professional broadcasting jobs through [STAA]. How could I not be more grateful? [STAA] has changed my life.”


Sports Director, KUTT Radio, Fairbury, NE

“I have been a member of STAA since my junior year in college and it’s helped prepare me for every step of my career.”


Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations, South Carolina Stingrays

Shander second STAA’er to join NBC

Eytan Shander(August 29, 2012) Many years of hard work, odd hours and several stops has paid off big for Eytan Shander. An STAA client since 2008, Shander is joining the daily talk lineup at the new NBC/Dial Global Sports Radio Network.

Shander is the second STAA client to join NBC Sports Radio and the third to land a network sports broadcasting job since April. Karen Kay has been hired by NBC as a sports update anchor; Jimmy Chavez joined Yahoo! Sports Radio in April as an anchor and host.

At NBC, Shander will co-host weeknights from 10pm to 1am ET with former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer.

“Eytan has been ready for this job for some time now,” says STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik. “He’s worked at both the Philadelphia sports stations, he’s hosted on Mad Dog Radio and he’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve met in broadcasting. News talk stuff he did four years ago is as good as his sports.”

In addition to the quality of his work, Shander has also earned a reputation for paying great attention to detail and always striving to improve.

“STAA has built several demo and resume packages for Eytan, and he has regularly sought our coaching and critiques of his work,” says Chelesnik. “The extent to which he is motivated to succeed is truly unique.

“Eytan has genuinely applied himself over the years. He couldn’t be more deserving.”

In announcing the addition of the Shander/Toomer show on August 28th, NBC/Dial Global also announced the addition overnight host Dan Schwartzman and update anchor Kay Adams.

Executive VP/GM Chris Corcoran said, “We are collecting some excellent young talent who are ready for the big stage in their careers. Not only are we adding a second Super Bowl Champ (along with Rodney Harrison) to our roster who has been training for this big moment, but we’re selecting talent that will make a big impact on a national level for our affiliates and our advertisers.”

(Visit Eytan’s STAA Talent Page).

Godett joins Texas Rangers affiliate

Joel Godett(February 6, 2011) After two years in the sunshine state, Joel Godett is migrating back north to South Carolina to join the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. An STAA client, Godett is the new Media Relations Manager and Play-by-play Broadcaster for the Pelicans.

The Pelicans are the Class-A Advanced affiliate Carolina League affiliate of the Texas Rangers.

When it came time to find a new lead broadcaster, the Pelicans sent the job lead to STAA and requested that it be sent exclusively to STAA clients. Godett credits STAA not just for the sending him the lead, but also for helping evaluate his options.

“The biggest thing is [STAA] is a great place for getting job leads and information. I most likely wouldn’t have known about Myrtle Beach if it weren’t for STAA.

“The second thing would be the conversations I’ve had with [STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik in terms of the sounding board he provides. I trust his insight and his knowledge. He is a good person to use to try to sort things about and put yourself in the best position to get into those spots.”

Technically, this is Godett’s second opportunity with Myrtle Beach. He was offered the No. 2 position in the summer of 2009 but declined in order to accept a position with the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons.

“Myrtle Beach has always been attractive to me,” Godett says. “When I first got into pro baseball I was in Winston-Salem. Myrtle Beach was always one of my favorite road trips because the fans come out in droves to support the team and it is an unbelievable atmosphere. You also get the feeling everybody enjoys working there. You walk in the door and think ‘this place is awesome.’”

After a season with Buffalo, Godett moved south to call play-by-play for the University of South Florida. Most recently, he was the lead broadcaster for the Bradenton Marauders, Class-A Advanced affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Godett spent those years wisely, working hard to develop his skills to become capable of handling lead voice duties.

“The biggest thing just comes down to self-improvement. Work on yourself every day and work on your skills every day. If you go to the ballpark every day and put your best foot forward on every broadcast and you ask others to critique you and you critique yourself, you are going to end up someplace you want to be in the long run.”

(Visit Joel’s STAA Talent Page).

Spero's plan pays off with SJSU job

Michael Spero(June 21, 2011) In spring 2010, Michael Spero was graduating from the University of Kansas and wondering when and where his first job would be. After a whirlwind 12 months, he has landed the football play-by-play job at San Jose State University.

“This was my goal at KU,” Spero says. “I wanted to get to the Division I level as soon as possible. There are broadcasters I have kept in touch with who reached this level when they were young.”

While Spero’s ambition is admirable, the fact is only a tiny handful of sportscasters are doing Division I play-by-play within one year of graduation. Of that group, almost none are at schools with Division I, non-FCS football programs.

“Coming from KU I’ve been around major college athletics so I understand the expectations and demands,” Spero says.

As notable as the SJSU gig is for Spero, it isn’t his first Division I job since graduation. He spent this spring broadcasting Stanford University baseball, and last winter was the voice of women’s basketball at Santa Clara University.

“When I landed D-I work my goal was to keep getting DI work, which I have been able to do,” Spero smiles.

Spero learned there was an upcoming Division I play-by-play job weeks in advance of the San Jose State job being made public. “I first reached out to [STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik about something else. He mentioned there was something coming down the pipeline in which I would be interested. When I saw the San Jose State opening on the STAA job board, I asked Jon if this was the job he had alluded to and he said it was.”

An STAA client since June 2010, Spero has taken full advantage of STAA’s range services.

“STAA has been a big help,” he says. “Initially I think I reached out to [STAA] before I was a client. [Jon Chelesnik] did a critique with me. Just being able to call or email [Chelesnik] and ask about whatever I need is helpful. Through the San Jose State process, we spoke for about a half hour to prepare me for the interview process. Having Jon throw out ideas and concepts as I prepped for the interviews was a big help. I felt very good about how I presented myself.”

Spero’s game plan for putting his career on the fast track began in college. One key has been taking advantage of opportunities and utilizing all available resources.

“Get involved with student radio,” Spero recommends to college broadcasters. “Although I earned my degree in business, I took journalism courses geared towards sports and the broadcasting industry.”

Spero also got to know many broadcasters in the state of Kansas. “I went to [Kansas Association of Broadcasters] day in Kansas City. I met [KU Voice] Bob Davis and [K-State Voice] Wyatt Thompson. I took advantage of any opportunities that came my way, even if it didn’t pay. If it gave me experience and exposure I jumped on it.”

Another of Spero’s strategies is networking with broadcasters who are where he wants to be. Among his contacts are Los Angeles Clippers broadcaster and fellow KU alum and STAA client Brian Sieman, and Spero Dedes, who landed the Los Angeles Lakers job in 2005 when he was just 26.

“I’ve sat down with Brian and watched him broadcast a game. I’ve been able to learn from those guys, and to have discussions with them to find out how they got to where they are and what I need to [best] position myself.”

Spero also regularly critiques his own work and sends it to other broadcasters for their suggestions. All of the effort eventually paid of with Spero landing a job at a university that could hardly be a better fit.

“I’ve been familiar with the school for a while,” Spero says. “I’ve had family come through San Jose State. A lot of the alumni I know are excited about the school and have pride in the school. That was attractive to me.

“The Bay area is where I wanted to be, so I’m glad I get to stay put,” Spero grins.

(Visit Michael’s STAA Talent Page).


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