Schroeder embracing opportunity to learn in Great Falls

Kurt Schroeder(July 19, 2016) Many college graduates have the misconception that they will be able to launch their careers at ESPN or at a major market station. Kurt Schroeder, though, understands that there is a lot to learn before getting to that stage. With that in mind, Schroeder is embracing his new position as a sports anchor/reporter at ABC/Fox in Great Falls, MT.

For Schroeder, Great Falls is the perfect market in which to build a strong foundation for his career. “This job includes shooting video, writing, editing, producing, and getting in front of the camera on a regular basis,” he says. “The smaller the market, the better chance I have to get consistent repetitions. The ability to get involved in a number of different areas will also make me more attractive to future employers [in larger markets] because I will be a ‘swiss army knife,’ so to speak.”

As a student at Washington State University, Schroeder gained considerable experience anchoring, reporting, shooting, editing and producing for the campus TV station. He graduated in December 2014. For the past 11 months, Schroeder has worked as a writer and associate producer for KIRO-TV in Seattle.

Schroeder learned about the Great Falls opportunity through STAA. He also used STAA’s member resources to improve his job market approach. “Whether it’s through emails, Member Makeovers, videos and posts through the STAA site — there was always something I didn’t know before,” he says. “I then took that information and applied it to my credentials to make what I was sending to employers cleaner, tighter, presentable, and as a result, more professional.”

Schroeder also made use of his STAA Talent Page for distributing his demo and resume. “Having a professional website to send to employers looks much better than sending a bunch of attachments in emails,” he says.

When asked his advice for other sportscasting job seekers, Schroeder answers emphatically, “Be patient! This is a tough and competitive business. Most people will not get responses from every position they apply for. It’s discouraging, but at the same time it only takes one person and place to take a chance on you. Stay patient and positive.”

(Visit Kurt’s STAA Talent Page).

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