Schneider staying in Kansas as host/play-by-play broadcaster

(August 13, 2019) Kansas native and KU grad Jackson Schneider is staying home for his first job. An STAA member, Schneider has joined Rocking M Radio in Colby, KS as a morning sports talk host and play-by-play broadcaster

“The opportunity to step in and be on-air right away, and in a great community, was a big plus,” says Schneider, who learned of the job through a lead that was exclusive to STAA members.

The new co-host of Morning Blitz is set to work with fellow STAA member, Ross Volkmer. Schenider’s move is a career step forward and brings him closer to home.

“Staying in Kansas was big for me. Most of my family lives in western Kansas now, so Colby was a great chance for me to learn and move even closer to my family. It was really just the perfect spot,” Schneider says.

Schenider is prepared for the move because he made good use of his time at Kansas University.

“During my senior year, I worked under [Jayhawks radio voice] Brian Hanni as the Voice of Kansas volleyball and softball. That year of experience and large amount of air-time really helped develop me and set me apart from others,” said Schenider.

It takes time, and a few rejections, before a majority of broadcasters find a job like this. Schneider faced similar challenges.

“Being still so fresh in the job market, I was having a really tough time with rejection after the first several jobs I applied for, but one of my mentors, Soren Petro, of Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City gave me great advice. He told me to stay patient, and to constantly apply, even if I didn’t think I would get the job, and that the right opportunity would come along.”

Schneider has been an STAA member since April.

“STAA was about more than job postings. The tutorials about demo reels, resume development, and even interview tips really seemed like a great chance to continue to grow while applying for jobs. My good friend Brendan Dzwierzynski told me about STAA and the opportunity that it brought him in Topeka (at 580 WIBW), so I decided to give it a shot. It worked out great and I owe him big time.”

(Visit Jackson’s STAA Talent Page).

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