Rosehart joining NBC-TV Davenport

Ben Rosehart (July 10, 2011) Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” By that definition, Ben Rosehart was applying an insane approach to the job market. When Rosehart finally changed his methods, the result was a jump of almost 100 markets.

An STAA client, Rosehart is joining KWQC NBC-TV in Davenport, IA as a sports anchor/reporter. He is especially excited about hosting a popular weekly highlights show called the Friday Night Highlight Zone.

Rosehart makes the move after nearly four years at KGWN-TV in Cheyenne, WY.

“[KWQC] is the number one station in the market and has been for almost 40 years,” Rosehart says. “Its almost a 100 market jump for me.”

Rosehart smiles when adding that Davenport is also one time zone closer to his family roots in Pennsylvania.

Rosehart joined STAA earlier this year.

“STAA helped me with my resume and cover letter – shaping them up and cutting the fat,” Rosehart says.

Rosehart also worked with STAA to refine his application strategy.

“I became more aggressive on my own in terms of making phone calls. I was more prepared with what to say [to news directors] and how to get on their radar. I had an agent for over a year and didn’t make any progress. I realized I had to step up on my own.

“My follow up was much better, getting the news director on the phone, then sending a hand written [thank you] note — polite persistence as [STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik advocates.

“STAA was definitely a big help. I appreciate it.”

(Visit Ben’s STAA Talent Page).

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