Rodgers brings experience to Trenton Thunder

“John(April 28, 2014) Minor league baseball broadcasting is a young man’s game. Most new openings go to guys who are closer to 20 than 40. Those facts, though, didn’t deter John Rodgers. The 56 year old is joining the Trenton Thunder (AA Yankees) as home game broadcaster and account executive.

“At age 56, I believed that my experience in sales and broadcasting might be appealing to the right organization,” says Rodgers.

Rodgers, who spent 1996 through 2010 as the voice of the Class-A Cedar Rapids Kernels, is as passionate as anyone about minor league baseball. “I believe so very strongly in what minor league baseball represents to the quality of life and fabric of a community; wholesome, fun, affordable, memorable entertainment for all. There aren’t too many places in our modern day society and culture that can match what we strive to provide.”

Since first joining STAA in July 2012, Rogers has shared several in-depth conversations with CEO Jon Chelesnik about where Rogers might still fit in the industry. STAA also built Rodgers’ demo and resume.

“STAA’s services gave me hope and inspiration,” says Rodgers. “The driving force behind my getting this new opportunity in professional baseball was Jon Chelesnik. He provided me with encouragement, support, advice, and help. He always believed that a guy with a combination of sales and broadcasting experience would be an attractive fit for some organization. He is a true professional who believed in me.”

Rodgers also offers a big tip of the cap to one of his friends in minor league baseball. “I believe my friendship with Scott Hunsicker, General Manager of the Reading Phillies, helped me tremendously in opening the door of the Thunder for me.”

A resident of the Midwest for most of his life, Rogers has no trepidation about moving East. “My 4-day visit to the Trenton region this spring reassured me that there are great people in every community.

“Broadcasting a baseball game is like getting to go to live theater every day or night without scripted lines or a predictable conclusion. Getting to paint a picture with words while connecting with listeners as their friend on the radio is all that I could ever hope to do.”

(Visit John’s STAA Talent Page).

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