Next stop for Robyn Hearn: 5News in Fayetteville

Robyn Hearn is young but her suitcase already has many stickers: Stillwater, OK, Binghamton, NY, Wichita Falls, TX. And now, Fayetteville, AR. Hearn is moving to The Land of Opportunity to join 5News as a sports anchor/reporter. Among other things, she’ll contribute to coverage of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“The great thing about this area is how much they love their college and love college sports,” she enthuses. “I’m excited to be joining just in time for SEC play in basketball and the baseball/softball seasons. I know how much Razorback fans love their baseball!”

Hearn first learned of the opportunity in an STAA Job Leads+ email. “It was in the back of my mine to apply,” she recalls. Before she did, though, the station found Hearn’s website and contacted her. Things fell into place after that.

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On the move

There is a saying in sportscasting, “Go where the jobs are.” Hearn has always been willing to do exactly that. The Dallas native attended college at Oklahoma State University. She launched her career in Binghamton, NY before moving back to her home state for a job in Wichita Falls. Have suitcase, will travel. “I’m willing to go wherever because that’s when you grow the most,” she states. “Being uncomfortable in a city where you know no one is when you learn the most about yourself. From the start of my career, I’ve learned the importance of getting to know the people and sports in my new community. It’s been difficult but I’ve enjoyed getting to experience life outside of my hometown.

“Do I miss being near family? Of course! However, I love being able to make my own home in the areas that I get to live in. Also, I enjoy getting to learn about the athletes and coaches in different areas. Even though most of the major sports are played nation wide, getting to see the talent levels in every stop I’ve been in has been awesome!”

Always learning

Hearn has been an STAA member since 2021. “I’ve continued to be a member of STAA because of the resources it has brought me. From job postings to learning how to improve as a sports reporter, in my time being a member I’ve been able to apply everything STAA has taught me to my work.”

Something that helped Hearn earn the 5News position is the variety of experience she’s gained so early in her career. “I’ve learned a lot since graduating from college almost four years ago. I’ve grown as a reporter and as a person.”

One skill Hearn hasn’t yet mastered is the Razorbacks famous “Wooo Pig Sooie” call. ” It’s coming,” she laughs. “I’ve been practicing but I know it will only get better once I’m in Fayetteville.”

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