Baseball play-by-play guys often tell me, “Jon – you always do STAA seminars and retreats during baseball season. Host something in our off-season so we can attend.”

I’ve taken that request to heart. The result? An STAA Play-by-Play Retreat exclusively for baseball broadcasters. The event is November 10th in San Diego.

We held two similar retreats this past summer. Both sold out. Watch the short video below for a peek at what your experience will be like:


Is this retreat right for you?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions about your baseball play-by-play career, this retreat is for you…

  1. Are you fired up about your growth potential?
  2. Do you know you’re good enough to broadcast baseball at a higher level but are confused about how to stand out?
  3. Have you been in the same job for too long?

The day-long retreat will include myself and nine other ambitious baseball play-by-play broadcasters.

Together, we’ll micro-analyze each other’s play-by-play down to the finest points possible. The suggestions from a fresh set of ears will benefit the entire group.

We will also…

  • Dig deep into how to go from where you are now to a higher level job in affiliated minor league or Major League baseball.
  • Discuss how to stay up with the times so you don’t become a dinosaur.
  • Discuss problems we face in our current jobs & ways to overcome them.

You will leave with…

  • Strong new friendships to keep you accountable, help you towards your goals and maybe lead to new opportunities.
  • Knowledge of where to improve your play-by-play.
  • New ideas for standing out.
  • Knowledge of the off-air skills that employers covet so you will be a stronger candidate.

Are you in?

The retreat will be at the Hotel Indigo Del Mar, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We’ll go from 8 am to 5 pm, followed by a cash bar Happy Hour where you can continue building relationships with your baseball broadcasting brethren.

Your investment is $365. It’s not inexpensive, but it is a huge opportunity to give your baseball play-by-play career a big jolt forward.

Plus you’ll get free continental breakfast and a full lunch — both with an ocean view.

Shoot — make a vacation of it, it’s San Diego! Visit the zoo, check out the local craft breweries or hit the beach. (Yes, the beach is beautiful even in November).

The retreat is invite-only. There is room for 10 and four positions are already filled.

Folks who are chosen to participate will be notified on Monday, September 11th.

Send me an email now if you wish to be considered:

Jon Chelesnik