Coach Bill Snyder’s Example Will Help You Find Sportscasting Opportunities

I love Kansas State football. I graduated from K-State and was a walk-on in the basketball program. But it’s the football program I’ve always had a deep passion about because of Bill Snyder.

One thing Coach Snyder’s teams did was enter and exit the stadium as a group. It was a show of solidarity and there is strength in numbers.

You can apply that same “strength in number approach” in the sportscasting job market using the Referral Request Email.

The Referral Request Email gives opportunity for people you know to help you in the job market. There are 3 simple steps, here’s how it works:

1. Contact someone you know

Ask someone you know for advice about how to handle your job search. At the end of the call, ask if they will refer you to two or three other people with whom you can have a similar conversation.

(If you’re struggling to get started on the Referral Request Email because you’re not sure how to ask, I have free sample emails available at the end of this post).

2. Contact your new referrals

When you contact the people to whom you were referred, say, “I’m in the job market. Our mutual friend Joe Smith suggested I contact you. Joe thought you would have some great advice.”

These people that you don’t know — the referrals — are likely to help because you come referred by somebody they know; they want to do a favor for that person.

The other reason the referrals are likely to help is because you’re not asking them for a job. You’re simply asking for their advice about the job market.

You’re validating this person and their experiences by saying you believe their wisdom can benefit you.

3. Repeat the process

Usually by the end of your third referral request call, somebody will tell you where there is a job opening.

Remember — the key is to ask each person at the end of your call to refer you to two or three other people with whom you can have a similar conversation.

In addition to finding job leads, you’ll also be building a strong network of professional relationships.

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