Redesigning the STAA site and logo

Stronger, faster, better — words to describe what elite athletes work towards daily, or the motivation behind the new look STAA is sporting?

Hint: the correct answer is C) Both of the above.

staa redesign

STAA has grown and evolved since our last redesign. Next year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. We knew it was time refine the branding to better serve our members and readers.

From the founding of the company in 2006, the appearance and layout of the website had always been handled by either Jon or myself (or as a superhero team-up). This time, upping our game meant bringing in outside assistance.

Thai Yin and the team at Gaslamp Media created the site design and did the coding — they are awesome. The new logo was done by a designer in Indonesia.

How you helped

One of the neatest things we’ve implemented in the last year and a half is surveying STAA members and readers, separately. Your responses have been tremendous in helping us help you. In this instance, the direction of the rebrand was guided by the many comments we have collected.

The end result is a new logo that better represents the variety of sportscasters we serve. To ensure the final logo was something that STAA could wear proudly for the next ten years and beyond, we included STAA members in the final stages of the design process. Member feedback was vital in helping us make some final decisions.

In terms of features and core functionality, things are mostly the same. One notable change: the STAAtv archives have been merged into the blog.

We are stoked to have the rebrand up and running. Here’s to all of the cool things that are still ahead!

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