Recent Nebraska grad Rezac earns coveted KLIN job

(June 30, 2017) Fresh off his graduate walk, STAA member Tommy Rezac is returning to familiar airwaves in a newly minted position. Rezac has been named Sports Director at KLIN Radio in Lincoln, NE.

“This is a chance to lead the sports coverage on Lincoln’s Husker radio flagship and the oldest Husker Sports Network affiliate in the state,” Rezac grins.

“This job will not only give me an increased air presence, but also gives me the chance to do a lot of good, old fashioned reporting, which I missed doing since leaving college. This job gives me a front row seat to covering one of the most highly respected collegiate programs in the nation, and that makes me very excited.”

Rezac was first employed by KLIN as a part-timer while attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was at KLIN for three years, but left to pursue other opportunities. When KLIN’s new program director Bob Shomper decided to create a Sports Director position, Rezac’s name came up. Shomper reached out.

“The more we talked on the phone, the more it pulled me in. The job sounded like everything I want to be doing in the market I want to be doing it in. After Bob posted the job publicly, we had a face-to-face interview that went very well.”

Rezac credits his work ethic for creating an impression that was worth remembering by other KLIN staff.

“I tried to make myself available as often as I could and tried to do as many tasks as I was allowed. I learned a lot from our full-time air talent, and they did everything in their power to get me on the air, get me involved and prepare me for the real world.”

Though Rezac graduated just last month, his radio experience is extensive. In addition to his prior stint with KLIN, Rezac has broadcast on the UNL campus station and called high school sports in York, NE and college baseball in the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

While he landed the KLIN job on his own, Rezac appreciates the support he received from his STAA membership.

“STAA literally hands their members fantastic job leads every week before the major job boards pick them up. It provides a gateway for the employers who post these jobs, and to the candidates who wants those jobs.

“On top of that, it’s a gold mine for helpful tips and resources, whether it’s a spotting chart or a step-by-step guide on how to perfect your next interview or your newest reel.”

Rezac is excited and focused on the future at KLIN – and he is already wise enough to reflect on his path so far.

“I like to think I’ve picked up a different skill at every place I’ve worked for that’s helped me get to this point. Whether it be KRNU (UNL radio), the Daily Nebraskan (UNL newspaper) or the various stations I’ve worked for, each stop and each person that was there to guide me have all helped me get here, and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

(Visit Tommy’s website).

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