Put ego aside and do this to boost your career

Last week, I was reading a Sports Illustrated story about Baylor’s huge defensive end, Shawn Oakman. One particular quote from Baylor’s coach Art Briles, especially stood out:

“If you let people in, then you allow yourself to be helped.”


The quote resonated with me because I encounter sports broadcasters daily who don’t allow themselves to be helped.

For example, we provide STAA members with detailed guidelines on how to write great resumes and killer cover letters. These same job seekers will ask me for advice when they aren’t hearing back from employers. A quick glance at their letters and resumes makes it clear they have ignored the advice.

This past summer, the San Diego Union-Tribune published a story about why people don’t accept advice. One point that it made was about ego. For some people, ego prevents them from accepting advice. They think they are doing everything right and refuse to consider the possibility that they’re not. I know I have been guilty of that many times throughout my life.

One common denominator among leaders in any field is that they are constantly seeking better ways to do things.

They allow themselves to be helped.

The point of the Sports Illustrated article about Shawn Oakman is that he isn’t playing to his potential. Art Briles intimates that Oakman can be an NFL star if he will allow himself to be helped.

If you feel stuck in your sports broadcasting career, maybe Briles’ advice will help you, too.

Here are three actionable steps you can take right now:

  1. Identify two or three people who are already in a place where you want to be.
  2. Share your challenges with them and ask for advice.
  3. Touch base with them periodically and share how you have implemented their advice.

What is the number one challenge in your sports broadcasting career right now? Please share it below or on Twitter using the hashtag #SportscastingChallenges.

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