Four less common ways to prep for your next play-by-play broadcast

A play-by-play broadcaster is wondering if he is doing all he can to prepare for his play-by-play broadcasts.

“What I would be really interested in knowing is different routines that guys use to prep for a game,” he says. “I’m always looking for ways to be better prepared but it’s hard to know what I’m not doing until I know I’m not doing it.”

Ahhh. If all of us only knew what we don’t know about all of life’s mysteries.

Regarding play-by-play prep, you know about conventional resources like team websites and media notes.

Here are four less common ways to prep for your next broadcast . . .

1. Flash cards

I struggled memorizing opponents rosters. One technique that helped me tremendously was flash cards. Making them was the first thing I did to prep for my next game. I would study them at the breakfast table, in the car at stoplights, and in bed before turning the light off. Worked great!

2. Watch online video

Video is the best way to familiarize yourself with upcoming opponents. Look for distinguishing characteristics like body types, wristbands, colorful shoes and hairstyles. At least some video of most teams you will be covering is online. If you can’t find full games, then watch highlights.

3. Ask questions

Solicit information from the opposing team’s broadcaster or other media members who cover the team.

4. Ask coaches

A good opportunity for gathering last minute information is when a team has exited the bus upon arriving at the stadium or arena. Many coaches will be glad to visit with you while their players are getting dressed or are otherwise getting situated.

What is an unconventional strategy you use to prepare for a broadcast? Please share your suggestion in the comments section below.

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